IW and LT Issue Warnings to UTA for Troop Stealing

SNOWFALL, UTA Empire – As of today, two major armies have published posts accusing the United Troops Army of troop stealing. They have also threatened to take action if it continues. 

On April 25, Epicmaster of the Light Troops called out UTA in a post. The post begins with labeling UTA’s owners and mods as “autistic”, then provides the following pictures as evidence of the troop stealing.

Whether or not the first picture was taken right before a UTA event, this is standard fare as far as an attempt to get help from another army’s troops goes. In the second picture, UTA Advisor Agent Ryan actually rats out “flash” for starting a private chat with a null and linking their chat. The first picture was taken by an LT moderator, so these are two separate instances of UTA trying to steal troops.

Today, the Ice Warriors announced that they have caught UTA recruiting from their chat as well. Sir Pj uploaded these pictures as evidence.

The first picture is self-explanatory, and in the second picture, Marines leader Nitrohammer confirms that Krillin tried to get him to go to UTA’s chat. Next is a snapshot of IW chat’s ban log, showing that the user banned for troop stealing was indeed Krillin, who is listed on UTA’s ranks as a Lieutenant. Sir Pj went on to say this:

UTA, in the past two days, two different mods have been caught chat recruiting on two different army chats. If there’s two mods doing it, how do we know the leaders and owners aren’t either? And even if it is just the mods – they are your responsibility.

If someone in your army is doing that, you can’t just blame it on them. You have to take full responsibility for the actions of your moderators.

If this happens again, there will be consequences.

Hee refrains from slinging mud at the United Troops, and instead, advises that the leadership gets their people under better control. These two stabs at UTA’s integrity generated a response today, written by leader Rockyiceman1.

So after having a look at what LT posted on their site about us, my message to LT is that with the evidence you’ve provided we accept the accusation however, in UTA we do not promote troop stealing at all. We teach our troops to recruit themselves but as we’ve seen now that one of our mods was in fact troop stealing, we cannot deny the accusation. But as I said we do not tell our troops to do that at all we ourselves recruit and get our own troops. We will be taking action now as we are a honest and clean army we strictly do not allow our troops to troop steal it is a crime in the laws of UTA.

Rocky honorably admits that the troop in question was trying to recruit off other army chats, and maintains that this is not the kind of recruiting UTA encourages. He also takes a shot back at the Light Troops, telling them that “for the sake of humanity, please do not insult autistic people it just shows how pathetic you people are”.

Will this be the foundation of a war between UTA and IW or LT? Or will UTA’s resolve to put an end to their troop stealing be enough to calm the waters?

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer

32 Responses

  1. how funni


  2. If anything, since the LT and IW are on the same page, so I’m calling an alliance war. I’m calling it right now.


  3. I didn’t word that right at all, allow me to rephrase: Since the LT and IW are on the same page in terms of troop stealing, it’s appropriate to predict an LT & IW vs UTA war happening in the near future. I’m calling it right now, there’s gonna be an alliance war.


  4. UTA stole WV/UMA AUSIA troops too. :/


  5. So, let me get this straight. Its confirmed that the UTA has stole UMA, LT, IW, and WV, and theres a good chance that there are other armies that now want them dead. Welcome to the major leagues – Now gtfo


    • Still your mods


      • They may be their mods, but ultimately they can do whatever they want as the leaders can not really have full control them. They most likely went behind the leader’s backs to do this. It’s like you didn’t even read the post or anything that UTA said.




  7. If your troops are so easily persuaded by a simple chat link then that sounds like your own fault. If not, then I don’t see the problem. Stop making a big fuss over stupid stuff.


  8. Last time I saw this many armies get irritated at one army was back in 2009 when Jeepkid was bragging and being a general dick. Ended with his army being shut down from the threat of everyone invading it.


  9. LT = Angry
    UTA = Boom Boom


  10. The Redemption Force and the Rebel Penguin Federation are getting their troops stolen from the UTA as well.


  11. People get banned too long for breaking rules and stupid reasons when it should be length of ban at which chat rules state depending on what rule is broke, and if its some other reason not on rules that isn’t dumb then talk about it with creator first and if they are enemy troops ban them forever, fact


  12. This is no correct proof.
    LT have showed a null private chatting a LT moderator,recruiting him/her.Then,an image was taken of Ryan saying that I stole troops from LT.But there is no image of me telling Ryan that I stole troops from LT.What proof do you have,LT?


  13. Well, the Marines made a very professional response to these accusations. That will get them out of trouble… Until they are caught again.


  14. it is sure UTA is lying i saw rishron once saying “we got most of our troops by chat recruiting lol”…….


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