Fire Warriors Return; Pochoma123’s Ultimatum

ROCKY ROAD, Fire Warriors Empire – After being created in 2008, the Fire Warriors have once again found their way back in the Club Penguin Warfare community after getting permission from Pochoma123 to be recreated by Khimo, Ganger and Taco.

On February 17th, Khimo took to the Fire Warriors official website in order to announce that Pochoma123 has given Khimo, Ganger and Taco permission to remake the army under a very specific condition. Here is the full post as seen on the Fire Warriors blog.

By the way, for now only Taco, Ganger and I will be leaders. We will let others in as owners and after we’ve seen them in action we will choose one UK and on AUSIA leader other than ourselves. We will open as soon as we get a domain which won’t take long. Feel free to join right away though, while the owner spots are still available!

As you can see, the decision to remake the Fire Warriors was certainly not taken lightly by either Khimo or Pochoma123. As displayed in the picture, Pochoma123 has stated that the new leaders have got a total of 45 days to get the Fire Warriors into the March 22-28 Top Ten.

Pochoma was very clear that if this didn’t happen, there would be consequences. The consequences stated was that if the army didn’t manage to make it to the Top Ten, Fire Warriors would be closed down and never remade again.

This of cause doesn’t appear to be a worry to the new leaders. Despite not having an event yet, a lot of interest has been shown for the army as they’ve been getting full chat sizes daily, maintaining sizes of 20+.

Member uniform for the Fire Warriors.

Member uniform for the Fire Warriors.

I managed to get an interview with Khimo. I aimed to find out the exact reasoning for the recreation of the Fire Warriors, future plans for the army including the upcoming March Madness tournament.

Interview with Khimo (Fire Warriors Leader)

Why did you choose to recreate the Fire Warriors?

The Fire Warriors is an army that simply doesn’t deserve to be left for dead. The original ‘Warrior’ armies were Fire Warriors, Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors. Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors are still here, and I don’t see why Fire Warriors shouldn’t. It’s a legendary army just like the best of them, it’s about time someone did this properly.

Pochoma123 gave you an ultimatum. If you don’t get into the March 22-28 Top Ten, the army will be shut down. What are your thoughts on this?

I think it’s absolutely justified since there’s been a number of rather unsuccessful attempts to rebuild the FW lately and none of them lasted long. I know why Poch did this and I don’t blame him, I also know that he wont be disappointed, I guarantee that.

With March Madness coming up, do you think you will be able to win it?

I wouldn’t want to promise that we will win it, but it’s safe to say that we won’t upset anyone. Also, with the Ninjas having a good tournament history in the past, and since it was essentially the same army as Fire Warriors, I do believe we can get some pretty good results.

You return on Saturday 21st, what is your prediction for that event?

Anything could happen but my prediction is that we’ll have good enough of a turnout to draw in some new recruits and put our name out there again.

As you can see, confidence certainly isn’t lacking in the Fire Warriors leader, Khimo who doesn’t seem to have any worries about meeting the terms of Pochoma’s ultimatum and believes they will get into the March 22-28 Top Ten. The army will make its official return Saturday 21st, and Khimo feels good about it.

What do YOU think? Will this generation of Fire Warriors last longer then the others? What is your favourite ‘Warrior’ army in the community? 

Zing King To

CPAC Associate Producer & SMAP Executive Producer

7 Responses

  1. Glad to see FW back in the community!


  2. >2008

    for fucks sake


  3. Getting in the top 10 isn’t even that hard anymore.


  4. Burn it to the ground.


  5. I believe this army will get burned to the ground itself just like the so-called generation inaugurated by Casiusbrutus not long ago in 2014.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cas never did much as leader in any army, I know this because he was Elites leader twice. Once I hired him and saw he did nothing and the other time someone else hired him and then the Elites died because he again did nothing.


  6. Ninjas would be so good if somebody was allowed to bring them back. Always wanted to lead Ninjas


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