Beeky128778 Retires From The Nacho Army

FJORD, Nacho Empire – After being in the community for over 6 years now and having a great influence on the Nacho army and many members of our community, long time Nacho leader, Beeky, retires from the army on New Year’s Day.

On the 1st of January, Beeky officially retired from the Nacho army. He has participated in many wars, mostly World Wars, notably the RPF/Nacho War in 2013. One of his main reasons of retirement is a loss of interest in CP armies in general and a decrease in activity. He has witnessed many rises and many falls during his time in the Nacho army, but he always remained loyal and he has worked with many great legends of the community such as Puckley. Although he isn’t that talked about in the community these days, he is still a great leader mostly know for being a very good strategist.

❗ Retirement Post ❗

➡ To begin, he briefly talked about his journey as a Nacho leader and the great times he had.


Over the past six years, I’ve had a great opportunity to serve in and lead this glorious army, but now it’s time for my career to come to a close. And while I’m no longer going to be with you, the many memories of the friends I’ve made and the experiences I’ve been a part of will remain in my heart forever. It’s difficult to express how hard it will be to leave this all behind – we’ve created a very wonderful army together – but my activity and interest just aren’t as strong as they once were. It’s my turn to move on. And at some point during your time here, no matter how engaged in this game you might be, it will be yours.

For the first year and three months of my leadership, I sat firmly under a security blanket of tremendously talented people who are considered legends not only within our army, but within the entire community. And once I became entrusted to lead without them, it wasn’t long before I could feel the walls closing in all around me. And then they did. I fell flat on my face the first time I was exposed to a difficult situation, and all I did was sit there and ask myself why, when the problem (and answer) was staring me right in the eye: I had no idea how to lead. So what exactly do you do when you don’t know how to do something? You go seek out the people thatdo. You see what they did that brought them success, and you emulate them. You learn. And once I did that, I was much better off.

Secondly, he discusses about two main things he has learned during his time in the army.

A) Quality over quantity.

B) Leave whatever you think to be a personal achievement out of a game that requires a team. As long as you are on that team, you give the credit and the glory to them, not yourself.

The latter really made me abandon the whole idea of running the show myself, which I actually did end up doing for a couple of weeks early on in the year, before remembering that two is better than one. Though there definitely are exceptions, if you’re the only one leading in this game, then you’re probably just doing it to fulfill your own personal desire for power, and not for the good of the team; selfishness just isn’t a good trait for a leader to have. The former didn’t really have its effect on me until May, when I realized that we were once again in another deep hole. That’s when the “tactical transformation” started. We figured out that if we could execute our tactics fast enough, we could beat other armies even if they outnumbered us slightly. So in a way, going through that dark time actually had some benefit for us. Overall, 2014 was a big learning year, and I certainly can’t wait to see how you guys fare moving into 2015.

Thirdly, he discusses about the Nacho army’s many ups and downs in 2014.

This year alone, we’ve nearly hit rock-bottom twice, but to be honest, I’ve never once questioned whether or not we’d be to rise above all the adversity, and you guys have never given me a good enough reason to stop thinking that way. Each time we fell, we always managed to find a way to dust ourselves off, and stand right back up; we have certainly proven ourselves to be one of the most resilient armies out there, that’s for sure. Throughout my leadership, I’ve experienced just about every situation there is to experience: the mediocre rise, the dreadful fall, the spectacular rise, the even more dreadful fall, and back again. Obviously it’s a nice luxury to always be on the “spectacular rise,” but I think going through all four of them made for a more fulfilling experience, since it made me realize just how to difficult it can be to keep an army afloat.

Finally, to end of his post, he leaves some thank yous for his fellow nacho troops. To view the full post, click here.

❗ My Opinion of Beeky ❗

➡ I know I’m not really a close friend of Beeky’s and that I almost never talk with him, but I must say, he’s a great leader. I know him since 2013, during the Nacho/RPF war, when I was in RPF. It still remains my favorite war I ever participated in and Beeky was on the opposite side. I was really proud of spying on the Nachos and gathering intel. On my spy account, I would talk to Beeky real often and he was being a pretty good friend. Whenever I asked for help, he would answer and he respects his troops a lot, I probably learned a few things from him that helped me lead the Dark Warriors. Anyway, our relation was quite weird, and I would like to wish the best of luck to Beeky and hopefully, more people like him join this community in the future.


What do YOU think? Do you believe Beeky was a good leader or not? Should he be added to the Nacho Hall of Fame? Comment what YOU think!


CPA Central Executive Producer

12 Responses

  1. Beeky will be missed.


  2. I raise a toast to Beeky. I hope you have a good retirement.


  3. rest in pizza Beeky, you were cool.


  4. I don’t really mean to be a jerk but I’m sure that Beeky much deserved more than a 50 word introduction and a copy & paste of his retirement post.
    He’s a wonderful person, and will be missed. Take care, Beeky.


  5. Beeky was one of the best leaders i know! I will miss you so much 😦


  6. *salute*


  7. Awww man Beeky, every time l get to see you, you are always in Nachos chat haha.
    Man, you did a lot for this cp armies communities, and thats good! But you know, im gonna miss you man, and stay strong to whatever you go in your future. Stay safe!
    Byeeee Beeky, you were the best Nachos leader !!!!! (;


  8. this post actually made me cry.
    Beeky was not only a great leader, he was our savior. Without him we would have never risen out of our shit hole we fell into In May and the dark age last November. Beeky stayed loyal through every up and down our army went through, he wasted his life just to keep us alive, something only a small amount of leaders have ever done and succeeded. In my opinion, he is the greatest leader to this day, never got any praise, but deserved every last drop of it. Even through all that he still managed to be the nicest person I’ve ever met in the army.

    Farewell Friend.


  9. Bye Beeky, you were a great leader!


  10. We love you beeky! You were the one that got us out of our depression. You were the one that kept on going when times were rough. You stayed with us whenever we nearly died. We will never forget you. Although I’ve only known you since July 2014, you helped me so much. Thanks for everything,



  11. Beeky, as your third in command I am proud to have served you. I remember asking you in PC, “Do you think I’ll get owner?.” You said, “One day.” When that day finally came I knew that even though we didn’t talk every day, and I wasn’t the most popular person on chat, that we would have a good friendship. That proved itself to to be true and you passed on a lot of things that I know I will use in the future.

    Thanks for everything Beeky,
    Pool Pool (Jimichimi)


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