BREAKING NEWS: Nacho Army Declares War on ACP

Fjord, Nachonnia Empire – Today the Nachos raid the Army of Club Penguin, their legendary rivals, on their home soil. The ACP did not expect this at all as the Nachos declared war upon the ACP after the battle.

The Nachos have been war hungry for the past weeks, as they entered a war with the Water Vikings on the 12th December, being victorious as the Water Vikings then surrendered to them after a week of battles. The Nachos then declared war upon the Ice Warriors army, with only having one battle before ending the war with a non aggression pact.

The Nachos claim victory in their invasion of Sub Zero.

The Nachos then faced defeat against the Light Troops at CPAC’s Christmas Chaos Semi Finals, despite putting up a great effort and maxing a huge size of 42 – a size they have not seen for months.


The Nachos then stated they would be raiding an army and that all should attend as war could break out, and that’s exactly what happened. After the Nachos raided ACP’s training session on their capital, Breeze, Nacho chancellor Shiver issued a declaration on the Nacho site, which can be seen HERE. In his post, Shiver claims the Nachos are seeking for revenge due to the embarrassing defeat in their war against the ACP last year as the ACP’s AUSIA division overpowered them in every battle. Shiver later states in his post that the ACP are ”cornered” and have no allies to bring in as the Nachos have a ”non aggression pact” with ACP’s allies, which include the Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors and Water Vikings.



Nachos battling the ACP on Breeze.

This declaration of war has sparked a lot of change within the Nachos and ACP, and even the Light Troops. Prior to the declaration of war, the Light Troops were in a locked war with the ACP since November. The Light Troops were victorious in many UK/USA battles, often questioning ACP owner’s why they’re still at war, however had a weak spot and lost servers due to ACP’s AUSIA division. The Light Troops claim that the war with ACP is still not over and they may join in the war on the Nacho’s side to ”get rid of ACP for good”.


Light Troops battling ACP in their current war.

In the ACP, retired ACP leader Flipmoo made a post addressed to the Nachos, which can be seen HERE. Flipmoo states the Nachos should have no reason to declare war as he had softened the Nachos punishment for their loss in the war that took place a year ago. He then ends the post threatening to return to ACP to lead their AUSIA if the Nachos do not call off the war. This could be a major threat to the Nachos, as the Nachos AUSIA division isn’t that well developed compared to ACP’s ausia, also including the fact Flipmoo is one of the greatest AUSIA leaders in this community.

The Nachos, however, did not call off the war. Instead, Nacho legend Puckley made a post in response to Flipmoo, saying, ”two can play at that game, Flip.” In response to this, the Light Troops reassured the Nachos that they would assist them if needed as they still haven’t finished their war with ACP. The Light Troops are currently in high tensions with the Dark Warriors army, as they have been accused of using bots and disrupting DW’s events and flame posts being written by leaders and retirees of both armies.


Light Troops raiding the Dark Warrior’s capital.

What do you think will happen? Will Puckley return to the Nachos? Will Flipmoo return to ACP? Will this turn into a world war that could save armies? Comment your thoughts!

Waterkid 101
God of Light
CPAC Reporter


20 Responses

  1. All Hail Nachonnia.


  2. Really good post, Water. Just make sure you sign off at the end of the post.


    What do YOU think? Question 1… Question 2

    CPAC Reporter


  3. Good post


  4. I was worried there would be tons of bias in WK’s posts would be biased.
    I’m incredibly happy my worries were proven wrong.


  5. ooooooo snappppp


  6. LT not joining in the war according to elm


  7. Wow. I think this war could get interesting.


  8. I made a piece of propaganda for this war against The Nachos, Its really cheesy xD (cheesy, nachos)


  9. I really would like Flipmoo to return to ACP, he was a very good leader.


  10. Fantastic Post


  11. oh my god the opening graphic had to be the most army nostalgic thing of all time.


  12. Puckley seems that comes to a few events lately so I hope that there will be a rejoin! I think nachos will win in UK and US division battles but ACP will win most AUSIA battles


  13. Honestly who didn’t see this coming.


  14. Honestly, I think the Nachos are biting off more than they can chew by declaring war with ACP and IW at the same time.


  15. you done good water, you done good


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