Light Troops Accused of Foul Play

ICE BOX, LT Capital – In what was already a heated conflict, the Army of Club Penguin has accused the Light Troops of using bots on xat to raid ACP’s chat and disrupt events as well as on Club Penguin to increase their size. While the latter lacks material evidence and therefore validity, the former has some extremely compelling evidence to prove its own validity.

When this war was first reported, the entire army community expected an extremely malicious rivalry between the two. Ever since World War VI, the Army of Club Penguin and the Light Troops have constantly been fighting each other for various reasons, but none more prevalent than pure hatred. That hatred seems to be in full capacity at this point, as the Army of Club Penguin has accused the Light Troops of various actions of foul play. Yesterday, Maxy777, ACP 3ic, posted an accusation titled “LT’s Use of Bots”. The title is self explanatory. The beginning of the post states how he believes that the Light Troops were responsible for xat bot raids on ACP’s chat. That excerpt, pictures included, is below.

Firstly, during the defence of Mammoth, ACP underwent huge attacks from bots that were flooding the chat with PCs and PMs that caused severe disruption to the leadership of the event. We initially assumed that this was a troll played out by a random prankster, for I had personally received bot attacks earlier. However, we eventually gathered enough evidence to prove that LT are using bots to emerge victorious during battles.

bots 1

Bots 2

Above displays how the bot attacks were carried out. Orders could not be issued for these bots were constantly flooding and spamming the chat. Initially, we believed that this was the work of a prankster who was messing around with random chats, however, we eventually discovered that Waterkid was leading these bot attacks, as evidenced in the images below.

Bots 3

The text above Waterkid’s messages have been cut off accidentally, however, look closely and they read ‘I think LT are raiding ACP chat with bots.’ which Waterkid then replies with a taunt, asking me if ACP are enjoying the attacks, suggesting that Waterkid, or someone within the ranks of LT, was using bots to attack ACP and make it impossible for them to command the event, and Waterkid had authorised usage of bots. I managed to find Waterkid using friends list hanging around on a bot programming chat called during the event, and the bots attacked whenever he was on that chat.

Bots 4

Above shows Waterkid having a, uh, nice time on the Coding chat, presumably programming these bots.

The above evidence is very compelling. Although Waterkid never outright admits to being responsible for the bots, there is some slight evidence to prove he very well could be. Late last night, I received more evidence of this being true, as I was personally given several pictures that implied that Waterkid, as well as other people inside the Light Troops, were responsible for these raids.

Blank Space being the tactic allegedly used by the bots.

This and the following three pictures are of Billdill, the person who supposedly sold the bots.

All of the pictures shown are pretty solid, although some could be taken out of context. However, at this point, there is not much to disprove the Light Troops of committing the raids, as the Light Troops lack any tangible evidence to prove these pictures are false. Later in the post, Maxy777 accuses the Light Troops of using bots on Club Penguin as well in order to increase their sizes. This has no evidence at all so far, as it is all just theory by Maxy, but it still is worth consideration.

Although we have not yet gathered picture or video proof that bots/multilogs are being used on Club Penguin at LT’s battles, we’ve got some reports and suggestions that LT are botting or multilogging during Club Penguin too. Firstly, it’s convenient that, a few days prior to the bot attacks, the LT leadership decided to switch the uniform to a mining helmet, such an item being one of the most common items in Club Penguin. It’s highly likely that this uniform is being used to cloak multilogging or botting, making real penguins indistinguishable from bots and making it much more difficult to prove the usage of multilogging on Club Penguin. Furthermore, although we do not have picture evidence of this as of yet, the ACP leadership has received reports that many of the LT soldiers on CP have exactly ONE stamp in the stamp book, which may suggest that some are cloned penguins and multiloggers. However, we still need to gather more evidence for this.

Like I said before, this has no evidence whatsoever at this point. However, this is definitely a situation to monitor down the road if the ACP does find proof of the Light Troops using bots or multilogs.

The next day, Ahmed7569, ACP 2ic, posted a short followup to Maxy’s post, titled “Message to LT”. There isn’t much to note in that post besides him revealing that Maxy was also the victom of a DDoS attack. Elmikey, Light Troops Leader, soon posted his own response to these accusations. Albeit very short, it still shows his views on this conflict.

Lol… In my opinion ACP is chat-bot raiding itself so they can frame LT. Also LT leaders are DDoSed but ACP leaders aren’t? HMMM…

After Elmikey’s response, Waterkid, former Light Troops Leader and center of this controversy, made his own response to the accusations thrown at the Light Troops. His response is much lengthier than that of Elmikey’s, and like Elmikey’s response, calls out ACP’s lack of performance as an impetus for their accusations.

First of all, LT doesn’t use bots. The fact you say we use bots on Club Penguin just because we’re getting 25+ is laughable, considering we always have above 30 on chat and auto type 24/7. Light Troops have been getting sizes of 40+ WITHOUT using the drilling uniform, so why are you so shocked that we’re getting those sizes while in drilling uniform? Trying to make an excuse to cover up your sad sizes?

Second of all, LT doesn’t use xat bots. The reason why I was on that Coding chat is because the guy who owns those bots (Vex) used them to spam me. He usually targets LT chat since we’re always on the popular list (chat is always full with CP recruits). I followed him to his chat ( and told him to stop spamming me. He then told me Light Troops are the only ”pengfags” that use xat, so I told him multiple of army chats to prove him wrong. He targeted a lot of people, including LT, with his spams. You can ask anyone in LT, a month ago our chat would be raided daily with his spam bots.

Stop making excuses to cover up your losses. Even if you weren’t spammed with those bots, you STILL would’ve lost as you had a mere 5-10 on Club Penguin whereas we had 35.

I would also like to add that I find it extremely funny that ACP think we use bots on Club Penguin, DESPITE the fact we record our battles, have over 30+ on chat and have been big for the past months.

Waterkid states that he thinks these accusations are a result of ACP’s losses, providing reasonable evidence that the Light Troops aren’t multilogging, although without any tangible proof. He then states why he was seen on the Coding that and says that the chat raids were a result of the bot owner liking to mess with Club Penguin armies. Whether this is true or not is a completely different question.

As you can see, the tensions only seem to escalate between these two opponents. It seems like accusations like are going to become somewhat of a focal point going forward, which is somewhat of a damn shame. It’s pretty difficult to have a fair war nowadays, isn’t it? It seems like the stubbornness of both these armies is going to get them nowhere. Will a definite victor ever be decided? Right now, I’m struggling to think one will.

So, what do YOU think? Were the Light Troops really behind these attacks? Or is the Army of Club Penguin just looking to make them look bad? Comment with YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO

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    I used it in my video and it got muted due to copyright..



  2. The evidence is overwhelming. *wary*


  3. Wow


  4. I also have more pics

    That link in the pic is this


  5. Lets see LT talk their way out of this one. If you dont believe me, search for yourself


  6. isn’t it obvious to anyone else but me whats really going on here

    CPAC & ACP have aligned themselves with Taylor Swift to advertise her music via subliminal messaging because….


    -Admiral Gooby, self proclaimed Chairgoblin of the ACPSIS


  7. They are just mad Kim Kardashian supports LT….CLEARLY


  8. LT is behind all lf this. Waterkid is just jealous that ACP has bigger sizes so he made people use bots. And really LT scientists sounds dumb. And in the pictures like in all of them it says raid. So LT could be faking about the guy who uses his bots to spam chats.


  9. …When is he going to get a better hobby?


  10. Blank Space is a song by Taylor Swift


  11. The amnount of out of context text is outstanding. The “F up acp” one was when roberto was talking about Christmas break. And blank space is a Taylor Swift song that water likes… Acp needs excuses to justify there pathetic size.


  12. I wont comment anything logical on this post unless you post a good reason on why you secretly advertise Taylor Swift’s Blank space.


  13. MAYBE water didn’t use bots, but, hey this isn’t an excuse! We just got some evidence! We max 25 while you always have a mere 0.


  14. Cuz I’ve a blank space baby, and I’ll bot your army


  15. Good job taking pics of a chat log when you have no context of it


  16. Loving my picture up there…now pay me in babies!


  17. Great post Zak. The evidence is only circumstantial though.


  18. Waterkid really gave a very convincing response to those accusations


  19. This happened to WV too. I posted an event the other day on site and I was going to include the screenshot of the bots I took but I didn’t because I didn’t want to give them the publicity. Plus, they failed to raid our event tremendously because of how quick we reacted. We banned the bots in a matter of seconds lmao.


  20. This is why you don’t hire the Drew Crew.

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  21. You might want to make a seperate post about Nachos too. XD …


  22. tbh when I was lt 4ic lt chat did get raided most days so to be fair to water acp are just trying to get lt pi**ed off


  23. after seeing all these proofs about bots LT not only deserves dq but banned from cpac forever so that noone ever uses these bots again LT = #1 CHEATER ARMY retard army


  24. they used cp bots for DW to


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