The Leaders’ Lounge With Silverburg – Mrtchy

Klondike – CPAC HQ – Welcome to the fourth edition of “Leaders Lounge”, this time with a new host! In this edition, we will be focusing on the leader of the prominent AUSIA division of the Army of Club Penguin, and also the successor of Flipmoo/Slimball2007, Mrtchy.

Mrtchy’s career in Club Penguin Armies started in April 12th 2009, when he first joined the Army of Club Penguin. His interest in armies for people in the Australia/Asia region started early on in his career, creating an army called the ATWACP (Around The World Army Of Club Penguin) in June 2009, an army that was made for people around the world who couldn’t attend army events due to their time zones. However, the army dropped off soon after it was created. But, Mrtchy managed to achieve great feats in the first army he joined, the Army of Club Penguin, including earning the rank of Fourth in Command in 2010 while living in Australia. He joined many other armies after that, but he finally found an army to stay in when he joined the Black Bandits, an army that has been led by the likes of Beast, Chrisi Blue, Klimster and many more. Mrtchy worked his way up the ranks of the army, and managed to become a leader of the Black Bandits. His leadership of the army was on and off, ultimately retiring from the Black Bandits and armies as a whole in 2012.

Picture of Black Bandits during Mrtchy’s leadership (June 2010)

However, he later returned to armies in January 2014, re-joining the Army of Club Penguin under Flipmoo, earning the rank of Fifth in Command. He quickly moved through the ranks, and became a leader of the Army of Club Penguin alongside PurpleSlime4 on July 29th of 2014.

“As you all have probably known, I have been inaugurated into the ACP Commander in Chief rank. Following this, Purpleslime and I are planning on keeping the ACP among the top contenders in armies, as we have been for a vast period of our history, bring glory to the ACP soldiers, and to have fun! However with recent leaderships, there have been scandals involved, we promise you, we will not put ACP, or any of you to shame. EVER.” -Mrtchy in his inauguration post, July 29th 2014

Now, before we look into Mrtchy’s leadership of the Army of Club Penguin’s AUSIA division, we must look into the past of that section of the army. The Army of Club Penguin’s AUSIA division was founded by Mrtchy’s predecessor and Club Penguin Army legend, Flipmoo in June 2013. It is known as one of, if not is, the biggest AUSIA division in Club Penguin Army History. The division of the army was a very powerful trump card, due to many armies not possessing an Australia/Asia division, which helped them excel in many wars. The AUSIA division of the army soon matched, and even surpassed the sizes of the USA and UK divisions. In September 2013, the army world was shocked when the AUSIA division of the Army of Club Penguin hit sizes that had not been seen by an AUSIA force ever, having over 50 troops on Club Penguin.

ACP’s AUSIA division with over 50 troops online

The AUSIA division of the Army of Club Penguin progressed further and further, helping the Army of Club Penguin in many more wars. By the time Flipmoo, the founder of the division retired, the AUSIA division had accumulated over 70 victories in practice battles/wars.

Flipmoo’s Final Event as ACP’s AUSIA Leader

After Flipmoo’s retirement event, Mrtchy became the leader of the AUSIA division. Being given a very strong division, he managed to sustain the ascendancy of the Army of Club Penguin’s AUSIA force, despite some declines in sizes. The AUSIA division was used several times in a war with the Light Troops in August of 2014, and the division has also come on top in many battles with other armies. The latest event the army had saw the AUSIA division maxing sizes of 30 in an Invasion of Tuxedo, showing that the AUSIA division is stronger then ever under Mrtchy.

ACP AUSIA Division maxing 30 on Tuxedo


 Q: How does it feel to be leading the Army of Club Penguin after just rejoining this year?

It is truly amazing. I had a lot of nostalgia from 2009, and to earn leader after such a short amount of time is very rewarding. Though it took some time to get used to the new way things go, it’s still fantastic.

Q: Do you feel as if the Army of Club Penguin’s AUSIA division is growing stronger?

Yes, quite slowly, but steadily. A few months back we were getting 15, now we easily get 20, occasionally 30+

Q: There are many different types of leaders with different work ethics. Whats yours?

Quite simple. I recruit a lot and ACP gets the rewards.

Q: How would you compare yourself to past leaders of the Army of Club Penguin?

I am not entirely sure, but I believe that I have done my role in the ACP saga. It’s hard to see exactly how well I’m doing, but I think I have done good.

Q: What do you see the Army of Club Penguin’s AUSIA division looking like in the future under you?

Actually, I am retiring on the 20th of December, but from here until then we hope to get 40+ penguins at an event, That would be a huge achievement. We’re going to be putting a lot of effort and hard work into the AUSIA division so it will be stable after I retire.

Q: Any last comments?



Mrtchy seems very happy with the AUSIA division and is very proud of what he’s accomplished. With him retiring soon, he is expecting to go out with a bang. How do you think he will perform as a leader? How do you think he has performed as a leader so far? How would you compare him with other ACP leaders, and do you think he may surpass his predecessor? Comment YOUR opinion on Mrtchy!


DW Legend, RPF Legend, CPAC Reporter

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  3. Cool Post! Also congratulations to Mrtchy for becoming leader of the ACP Ausia Division.


  4. Good luck Mrtchy *salutes* Ur the best of the best of this CP Army History


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  7. Great Post!


  8. You don’t know what im talking about Rock but Mrtchy does and so does Slime.


  9. I think its hilarious how Gordon thinks hes the life of armies and everyone knows him. When will he grow up and realize that life isn’t so easy. Then, we will have peace. 🙂 :d I can’t wait to treasure that moment although it will probably never happen 😦 we can only hope for our little toddler Gordon that one day he will grow into a man 🙂


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