ACP, DW, IW vs LT: Invasion of Sleet

Sleet, Light Troops Nation- The war that began with just ACP and the Light Troops continues this weekend with some changes. The Shadow Troops have merged into the Light Troops, making this war a 3v1 between ACP, Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors, and the Light Troops. The battle opened up with at the Ice Berg at 2:00pm EST. At the start, the room was occupied by around 16 Dark Warriors, 28 Light Troops, and 14 Ice Warriors.


ACP was locked out of the room with a force of around 20-25 troops. With LT circling the berg and DW and IW forming a plus/anchor, the armies exchanged word and emote tactics. IW and DW coordinated some of their tactics together.


At 2:10, the Light Troops moved to the Stadium, which was previously occupied by ACP. They formed a plus while IW charged in with a joke bomb. DW entered soon after, and the allies formed a diagonal line. The troop count at the time was around 23 LT, 16 IW, and 9 DW. Both armies executed rapid tactics for 8 minutes, then LT stacked in the left goal and charged out with an E+D rake, countered by E+6 and E+M from DW and IW, respectively.


LT then made an “L” formation on the left side of the Stadium, and the warriors bombed with E+K. The allies formed a backwards “L” across from LT, showing off their larger numbers. At this point, LT was outnumbered 33-23.


After a few more minutes, LT moved again, this time to the Town, lining up across the room. ACP finally met some action, battling the Light Troops for a short time until LT claimed victory and logged off.


Looking at the the actual battling that went on, the sides were essentially even at the Ice Berg. Neither side performed noticeably better tactics than the other consistently, although LT may have had a slight edge since they used a couple more word tactics. At the Stadium, LT dropped in size a bit, and both sides started pulling off more impressive tactics. The brief skirmish at the Town was chaos, every army scrambling to get into the room, so it was difficult to get an accurate troop count. The other factor that one may consider in this battle is the fact that the Light Troops, the defending army, initiated the room changes, and at least the first one wasn’t to face ACP. Typically, a defending army stays in the room as their opponent, and follows them around for the room changes. However, that isn’t a “rule”, so make of it what you will. Here is the video the battle.

Lorenzo Bean

CPAC Associate Producer


17 Responses

  1. That’s an interesting battle. Too bad I wasn’t there 😦



  2. Kinda disappointed about the time issue. Iw and Dw had it scheduled at 3pm EST then it was decided at like 2pm 40mins before event.


  3. As far as im concerned and the evidence in front of me, LT win.


  4. Lorenzo have you heard of the read more button on a post.


  5. Content: 8/10
    Structure and Language: 7/10
    Overall: 7.5/10

    Good post, a few grammatical errors in some places but not too major. Good post.


  6. Great!
    I leave for one week and the army I lead merges


  7. I was there and it was such a massive battle. Once I got locked out of the town but after about 2 minutes I made it into town xD. Also our side were declaring we won. I am also pretty sure we did win aswell.


  8. clearly a LT win because it took 3 fucking armies to grow enough balls to fight them, and they didn’t even succeed. The alliance got rekt stop trying to hide


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