The Retirement of Bluesockwa1

To play off what Woton once said, we are real people. And we do exist outside of this community. The whole idea that we are an entity known as “Bluesockwa1” or whatever else that exists solely in this community is false. We have lives outside of this small corner of the internet that we have chiseled out for ourselves through the use of Club Penguin, WordPress, and Xat. And because I cannot exist here, infinitely, running CP Army Central and pulling strings in the army world, I, like so many before me, must leave this community.

Things for me started, officially at least, on March 13, 2009. Having been involved with Club Penguin since 2007, my first memory of armies was typing a support complaint to Aunt Arctic at the time of World War III questioning why these factions were taking up space on our MMO. It wouldn’t be until years later that I would realize I had witnessed World War III, and wouldn’t be until two years later that I became an ACP rogue.

Well, six years have come and gone since December 2008 and Thebest22. Six years have brought me from an ACP Colonel into a Club Penguin Army Legend. Many retirements of people before me have seen those individuals become cynical of this community, cynical of the time they “wasted here”, cynical of what they did, who they met, and what we have built. I’m not one of those people. I hope my career will be immortalized forever in the archives of Club Penguin Warfare — but if it isn’t, at least I went out the way I wanted to.

Table of Contents

-My History

-Memorable Posts


-The Photo Album


-Closing Comments


My History

I. Early Armies

December 2008 – January 2011

Things for me, like so many others, began with the Army of Club Penguin. It was the top, the greatest army in all of warfare, and it was an obvious choice for any new recruit. Truthfully, I never made too many friends as an ACP recruit, and the only things I really remember are Boomer20, the coup d’etat of Meat, Freddy and Fox, and the fact that I didn’t care for Saint119. 

Over the months in ACP, over changing leaderships and names like Dryvit, Meat, Boomer20 and Saint, I got as high as a Colonel. It was then that I realized the ACP was too long, too hard, and too far of a journey for little me. Those positions at the top of the Ranks page, with two names and nice badges, weren’t going to be things I had the patience to achieve. It became clear to me then that I needed to be in the leadership position; that led me, like so many others, into the great expanse of small and medium armies.

I took to blogging first, but that didn’t last long. My army, called the Club Penguin Phantom Knights, was a gathering of the very few people who actually stumbled upon the Bluesockwa Brothers Cheats, and my friends from school. The only events the CPPK ever had were parties, but that wasn’t my last hoorah in the small and medium community. Bluesockwa2 and I were approached by leaders of another small army: Spy Derek9, Aninjaboy22, and Alfrondo1265 — yes, that Alfrondo. 

They asked for a merge, and being desperate and without any other options, we agreed and merged into the Storm Warriors. Soon after, another agreement would be made that formed the army into the Elite Storm Knights. While, obviously, the Elite Storm Knights were nothing special, they were the first real experience I had with making decisions and with the fantastic organization that was the Club Penguin United Nations. I specifically remember attending a CPUN meeting and arguing for a super alliance to take on the Army of Club Penguin at the time of some major war small and medium armies were desperate to get involved in. 

Surprisingly, the Storm Warriors had some very interesting ranks. Myself and Blue2, Mchappy, Jerry2cool, Smsm3, Bam117, Albaro Lord, Donut67890 (later Jack) and formerly Alfrondo1265 were all involved in the army, in name at least. I remember a Storm Warriors event that was just me, Blue2, and Bam117 going ages back.

However, the nostalgia I get from my time in small and medium armies doesn’t mean I enjoyed them. While better and more exciting than ACP, small and medium armies didn’t give me what I was looking for either — it was impossible to get ahead when your army couldn’t get more than three troops onto Club Penguin. And, once again, not having made any friends in the ACP, there was no where to turn to.

This led to me retiring from armies on January 15, 2011. On that day, things ended for me. 


II. The Return 

August 2011 – December 2011

Following my return, I was incognito in armies, unknown for the time I had spent here previously without reaching into extensive records and old ACP promotions. I had a chance very few here have ever been given: the chance to completely, 100% reinvent myself.

Of course, there were stumbling blocks along the way. The first thing I did for CPA Central was count the results of the 2011 CP Army Census on some sticky notes sitting in a room with Blue2. He gave me that opportunity to reinvent myself; to become a part of army media and CPA Central at a time when I thought being part of a school newspaper was qualification enough for Secondary Head. Blue2 believed in me, and through all the embarrassment I caused, kept me here.

My first post on CPA Central was called Color Wars: Blue, Green, Red and Purple? and was an analysis of a penguin called “Mister VA” making an appearance at CPAC’s Color Wars at the height of the Purple Republic conflict. Despite how awful the post actually was, it received a strange amount of support from those who read it, and started things off me here at CPA Central.

In the early days, anyone who met me or knew me would have found it hard to believe I would ever get as far as I did here. My early stories were irrelevant, I made the mistake of posting about a hurricane (Irene), and I found it extremely difficult to get to 500 words. Not only that, but throughout this, I was fueding with Kooldude247, Head Reporter at the time. Basically, I wanted his rank, and was determined to get it.

I did get his rank, actually — he would be demoted following a string of inactivity and Blue2, once again always the good brother, would promote me to Head Reporter. It was also around this time that Blue2 and I anchored a major story together — one that, for me, was the first big story I ever covered. It was called COBRA Unmaksed — Secrets and Lies of the RPF and was the story of the Rebel Penguin Federation’s intelligence organization and the coup d’etat of Cassius Brutus.

Another story I covered during my time as Head Reporter was the story Nachos Hacked: Hades Banished,  the incident when Hades, a 3ic at the time, defaced the site and ignited conflict inside the ownership. It was through interactions like these, with people who were shaping the community, that I began to once again look toward involvement outside of CPA Central.

That would come in the form of two things: my fascination with the Rebel Penguin Federation following the COBRA stories led me to join the army as a high mod under Talyor, and around the same time, at the suggestion of one of CPAC’s readers, I became Head of Site of a new CPAC partner; Club Penguin Army Story Central.   

III. The Boy On Fire

January 2012 – July 2012

The Boy on Fire was a narcissistic catchphrase I used during my time as CPA Central Secondary Head, RPF Owner and CPA Story Central Head. It was a reference, originally coined by Cassius Brutus, to the fire that I was spreading throughout armies and the influence that was ever-growing. While, really, I was still irrelevant to the community landscape, things were starting to take shape for me. Soon after joining RPF, Talyor made the decision to merge the Rebel Penguin Federation into the Underground Mafias Army.

I saw this as an opportunity to take power in RPF, and identified myself with a group planning to launch a coup d’etat against Talyor4444. However, that group would be overruled by a smooth-talking politician. It was that night on RPF chat that I felt, for the first time, that I was witnessing history. This smooth-talking politician was named Max Tiberius Cassius Augustus, and had a purple-pink name and a dancing banana as his avatar. He said the only way he would assume RPF Leader was if he had the public’s support, and the entire chat began to chant, “CAS, CAS, CAS, CAS, CAS, CAS.”

I knew right then, that whatever this guy had, I needed to become a part of. Cassius Brutus assumed power in the Rebel Penguin Federation and his banishment was vetoed, and I was sure to become a part of his ownership. Also at this time, CPA Story Central was taking shape, with people like Splashy, Drust, and two kids named Shadow and Becca working to make the site into something big.

There were messy times in CPASC; one of the biggest was probably our front-off with our owner, CPA Central. Following my retirement from CPASC CEO, I attempted to implement a clause that would allow me to choose the successive CEOs, which was followed by a veto from Bluesockwa2 over at Daddy CPAC.

Eventually, things would be resolved and over the next few months, CPA Story Central would repeatedly change leadership, having around seven CEOs before it was finally shut down. The site has been “revived” a few times since then, only to never really get off the ground. It’s unfortuante because CPA Story Central truly was one of the greatest times I had in armies, I met some absolutely fantastic people and though we were never that big or that popular, it was not only a crash course in leadership but a test of creativity, and I believe I am a better writer because of the experiences I had at CPASC.

Over at the RPF, unrest was growing with Cassius Brutus in the same way it grew with Taylor, and the RPF had a new individual they felt would bring them back out of the slump: his name was Dj, and he claimed to be the creator of the Romans, Explorer777.

Over the next few months, I would operate both as the Leader of RPF and later as the Director of COBRA, following Cas’s push for me to take one rank or the other. However, as would become tradition in the slumped RPF, it was time to oust a leader once again. As the Director of COBRA, those who were planning Dj’s coup — Caliwar, Kevin, and a few others — turned to me to orchestrate it. I overthrow Dj from the RPF, but it was not long until he would once again regain control, leaving me out of the Rebel Penguin Federation. My career in the Golden Troops was short-lived around this time as well, leaving me without an army.

I would like to take some time at this point to talk about the most important connection I made in my early career, the ousted leader of RPF, Cassius Brutus. Conveniently, Cas and I were both without a prominent position in the RPF, and I had connections I could make use of. At this time, the Underground Mafias Army was on its way back to greatness. It was nearing the summer of 2012, and Coolster114, Zakster, and Derek were at the helm of the army. Cassius Brutus was UMA Godfather, and through his connections was able to get me 3ic of the army. 

To this day, outside of CPA Central, the Underground Mafias Army is the single greatest experience I’ve had in armies. Following a civil war, Wgfv would become the fourth leader of the army, and it was through UMA that I made friends I would treasure, not only with the leadership but with owners like Garrett99, Nikkisix23, Lootking and Mach. During my time in UMA, the army waged war against the Army of Club Penguin and reached as high as fourth before the trio who had gotten us to such great heights would retire, leaving me the sole leader of UMA.

It is also pivotal to understand that exactly around this time, I was promoted to CPA Central CEO alongside Bluesockwa2. This was as a result of Kingfunks4’s resignation from CPA Central due to his promotion to ACP 2ic under Mchappy. It was not long into my term that Mchappy would retire from the ACP once again, leaving Kingfunks4 to assume the leadership in what is the beginning of one of the most well-known periods of recent warfare.

In the first week on my own and later, alongside Mach and Np3000, we would lead UMA as high as sixth place before Np3000, alongside Vetsd, launched a coup d’etat of myself and Mach. Though, with the help of Wwebestfan, I would regain administrator on the site, I now faced a larger problem. I mean, to start with, CPA Central CEO isn’t the kind of job you’re supposed to have subsequent ranks during. After a lot of thinking, I retired from UMA as well, leading to a long string of leadership chaos. It was hard to part with the Underground Mafias Army and the friends I made there, and I always will have a special place in my heart for the mafia.

As the summer came to a close, I would have four long months of growing pains and adjusting to CPA Central CEO before I really was able to lead the site into something much more at the beginning of 2013. My first month as CEO did see record views for the site, with CPAC reaching over 80,000 views in July 2012, but there were larger, more daunting issues.

Many of the issues in the first six months of my career centered around CPAC’s hosting service, as well as our relations with the Army of Club Penguin. Three years detached from service in the ACP, I had come to think of affiliation with the army (for those working in the media, at least) as absolute poison. I would later describe ACP affiliation to a staff member as “the AIDs of army media — don’t get in bed with ACP.”

In August of 2012, a post called Behind ACP delved into the rhetoric of the ongoing ACP-LT war, and really wasn’t a post of too much significance. However, Kingfunks4, a member of the Board at the time, took dislike to this post and engaged in a long war with Riot, the author of the post, to see if it would stay up. In a private post, Funks went through his reasons for firing, specifying the post was “biased.”

For a long time now I had been looking for a way to finally rid CPAC of the constant accusations of favoring ACP. Especially in our Top Tens, and especially due to Funks’s ties to the army, “ACP Bias” was a constant theme for our readers. And Behind ACP gave me the perfect way to end all that. CPA Central released a statement regarding the post and firing Funks from CPA Central, which was met by huge support from the public. It was at this point that I began to understand how things would work here, and what I needed to accomplish.

IV. CPA Central and the Beginning 

August 2012 – December 2012

Sentiments against ACP were not only brewing over at CPA Central, but also in the army community as a hole. On August 20, 2012, a Top Ten that would change everything ranked ACP at sixth place. Pretty new to the business of writing Top Tens and being CPA Central CEO, my original thought was that I had made a mistake, but soon I came to realize the ripples that were about to spread through this community.

The Renegade V2 movement, reminiscent of Omega39’s time and holding ties to the Dark Warriors began, fighting for a coup d’etat of Kingfunks4 and new leadership in the ACP. In an interview with CPA Central, xiUnknown stated that ACP’s ranking at sixth was a disgrace, and that he had no idea why no one had taken action yet. Unknown recommended Iceyfeet1234, who Funks recently hired as an owner in the army, take Funks’s place.

Capncook, who held the rank of 1.5ic at the time, was itching for action. He came to me requesting a special interview be put together between me and himself, stating he would disclose information about an upcoming coup d’etat. Early that day, on the Renegade V2 chat, members of the ACP administration had eluded to something taking place. In the interview, Capncook specified Funks would be demoted to a moderator rank and he would take the leadership position.

Keep in mind that at this point, a leader being overthrown in the Army of Club Penguin was unprecedented, and didn’t happen every two leaderships like it has been recently. ACP’s recent ranking at sixth place was also unprecedented, so we weren’t too surprised when Kingfunks4 was overthrown from the Army of Club Penguin. Capncook, however, would not get what he wanted, and Ekpenguin9 would assume leadership in the ACP.

With September 2012 came the first time CPA Central was ever hit by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack; these were also, at the time, unprecedented in armies. SaW and xiUnknown, angry at the “money Woton was making from CPAC”, took down our site easily and sent us into mass panic. While they would eventually get bored and launched a coup d’etat of Subz (distracting them from hitting us offline), this exposed a major security flaw in CPA Central that would plague us until the end of the year.

The end of September also brought many changes, with tensions with ACP reaching a boiling point and the establishment of the Club Penguin Army Legends Council. In response to an ACP post claiming “CPAC was run by two biased guys”, my What’s Really Wrong with the ACP sent ripples throughout the community and the ACP administration. It was unheard of at the time: a post that had opinion? What the fuck was this? While not that great of a post, it was something that would change CPAC’s opinion columns forever.

Also during the latter end of 2012, World War VI raged throughout armies, with the Black Alliance facing off against ACP, the Army Republic, the Nachos, Ice Warriors, and other allies. In November, the war would begin to fizzle out with events like Waterkid’s retirement from armies and the dissolution of the Black Alliance. Ioioluk, kingpin of the Light Troops, called for an army-wide meeting to discuss the events of the World War.

The result of that meeting was something called the Club Penguin Army Council, an organization dedicated to pulling armies through from the problems World War VI had caused. Unlike many wars, which have been good for armies, World War VI caused major issues throughout warfare, not only with the amount of troops armies could get onto the battlefield, but also morally. A global ceasefire was declared that December, the first of its kind. [View my thoughts.]

At the end of the year, CPA Central named its first Person of the Year since 2009. Waterkid100 took home the award, with runners-up being Kingfunks4, Puckley, yours truly, and Bluesockwa2. That year, also, I had lost Cassius Brutus, as after a stunt as ACP 3ic, he retired from armies. My mentor, and the person who carried me from the Rebel Penguin Federation in 2011 to the end of 2012 and CPA Central CEO was leaving me alone here — and I had big shoes to fill.

V. The First Full Year

January 2013 — December 2013

The two years that followed this long journey were spent, mostly, in the same place. Here’s quick shout out to the folks of the Army of Club Penguin, where I did spend a significant portion of 2013 as a moderator rank in. However, I feel the final two chapters of my history and the narration of my final two years in Club Penguin Armies should be about the thing I am known for: Club Penguin Army Central.

The year 2012 brought armies into a decline, and we really began to question if this community could survive, and, if so, how. The wars and conflicts that raged throughout 2012 left us determined, as the year came to an end, to do better. And here in the media, we were determined to strike ourselves in the very center of what would become the Second Golden Age of Armies.

On New Years’ Eve of last year, Bluesockwa2 and I convinced Woton to move CPA Central back to hosting, a major victory and the only way to overcome the DDOS attacks which had now plagued CPA Central for four months. Finally on a secure site, Bluesockwa2 and I were able to set out to do what we had always planned: become legendary.

Though the Black Alliance gave the illusion of fizzling out last year, smaller wars would continue in 2013 and World War VI would not officially come to an end until the end of January, when the White Alliance’s victory parade took place. Also, that month, tired of fending off the constant armies who were seceding from the CP Army Council, Boomer20 retired from the establishment. It was not long until Weatherboy1, Tap Dancer36 and myself would be named to oversee the Council. The Council was absolute hell — Tap was writing bills to literally excommunicate people from armies, and the seceding had not stopped. On February 8th, the three of us would make the decision to dissolve the CP Army Council, and I would once again be able to focus on CPA Central.

Over the next two months, CPA Central, under my direction, would anchor the changing world that was armies. The ever-famous post alleging the existence of a Club Penguin Illuminati turned Snaily into a laughing stock across armies, and the Hot Sauce Army continued to rise through the CPA Central Top Ten. In April, at the height of a war between the Nachos and the Army of Club Penguin, Kenneth1000 would defect from the ACP to the Nachos, and soon after Kingfunks4 would be overthrown from the army for a second time. To this day, that live blog is one of CPAC’s most-viewed news stories since the sites’ creation.

The ACP’s leadership would not be able to stabilize for ages after that, but in June CPA Central turned its eyes toward its own concerns. At the height of the Army Warfare League, a program called FollowBot led to the return of the Purple Republic, and also users like Domfantastic and Qwerty using the program to mess with CPA Central tournaments. We lived in constant fear of bot raids, and every time but once did we outsmart the Purple Republic.

Around the height of the summer, the Rebel Penguin Federation — which I hadn’t been involved with for two years — saw the return of an old figurehead, an old 2ic of Commando717 named Elmikey. Originally dismissing him and his ideology, we could not ignore the Rebel Penguin Federation as it continued to rise, hit 19-month record sizes on Club Penguin, and declared war on the new top army — the Nachos.

Not only did the RPF scare the Nachos, who the CPAC administration did have close ties to — but it also scared us on the homefront, because part of RPF’s plan involved a news site called simply Club Penguin Army News. In a post analyzing the RPF-called meeting, I spoke out about the plan to form CP Army News and how “a news site formed by armies who sucked RPF’s dick would be exactly that — a news site that sucked RPF’s dick.” Professional? No, but it got the message across.

Also, in August of that year, I reached a major achievement in my career as I was named Club Penguin Army Legend, alongside Mchappy, Ambrosha, and Explorer7777. After the four and a half years I had spent in armies so far, Legend was a title I always thought too far away from me. I also knew that my election to that status would be controversial, as never before had someone been elected because of CPA Central CEO — besides for creating the site. Then again, I was a different person than anyone to come before me. The Legends Cup IV came to an end that month as well, with the Rebel Penguin Federation defeating the Nachos and the Doritos to win the championship.

As summer 2013 ended, the next four months would become some of the most important both for armies and for those of us in the media. As the Army of Club Penguin continued to fight to regain its top spot, this time under the leadership of Cassius Brutus and Tori, Mrgpv was promoted to Nachos Leader following the retirement of Puckley, Edd64, and Ads354. This would leave Beeky128778 as the only remaining leader of the quartet that was responsible for the 2012 Year of the Nachos.

Tensions don’t end over at the ACP, however, as Cassius Brutus overthrows Tori from the army. Throughout the previous week, multiple owners, including Monsoon and Fluffyboy3, were also fired from their ranks. Things would begin to get messy for Cassius Brutus then, and information came across our wire that suggested the Army of Club Penguin, possibly under the direction of the leadership, was responsible for faking event pictures.

The ACP Enigma can be read here.

The ACP Enigma, one of the single most important posts of CPAC’s history and equivalent to Sklooperis’s Trickster investigation, alleged that an owner in the Army of Club Penguin had, with Cas’s knowledge, faked event pictures to help in top ten rankings. For days after that post, the ACP was quiet. The event post in question came down, and it would not be for a few more days until Cassius Brutus, on the ACP’s propaganda outlet The Clover, attacked CPA Central for condemning his army and only taking one side of the story.

The major thorn in our side at this point was a group called the New Dawn Alliance, a formation of armies (RPF, DCP, ACP) who were looking to rid armies of “corruption” and “evil”, armies like the Nachos, Light Troops, and (surprise!) CPA Central, which apparently was controlled by the Nacho Illuminati. Over the next few months, the New Dawn Alliance, specifically ACP and RPF, would encourage the spread of anti-CPAC propaganda, and continue to discuss the formation of CP Army News.

Another major story from this time that can’t be missed is when we literally thought the apocalypse was upon us. In a recent Q-and-A session with a Club Penguin Blog, Spike Hike had alleged to a new program called CP Next. Further research on this told us Club Penguin was planning to consolidate their MMO into “shards”, randomly spawning users throughout the game. The elimination of servers and the inability to find our armies on Club Penguin would forever change what we do here, and all over the community people began suggesting games to change to.

The New Dawn Alliance conflict continued into November, and at this point, it was taking a toll on me personally. Backdoor meetings between CPAC’s Executive Producers and the Army of Club Penguin had brought an overthrowal of myself onto the table, and the ACP’s demands were high. I was a firebrand CEO then, and I am still am now. I was described as “nuclear” at the time, and some working under me badly wanted a more moderate CEO to oversee the site, especially at a time like this when we were under constant propaganda barrage. Also, the relationship Cassius Brutus and I used to have, and the long time he spent mentoring me left me completely shocked when he attempted to take me down. Cas had taught hard lessons before, but this wasn’t playing.

On November 17th, following an RPF gaffe involving isolation, I decided to finally hit back. Editorial: Why We Were Right About ACP’s Fakes and Why RPF Can’t Turn Back Time attacked the New Dawn Alliance, reaffirmed our belief that the Army of Club Penguin had edited pictures, and called out Elmikey’s continued, well, absolute stupidity. One backdoor deal actually was struck with the Army of Club Penguin around the time of these editorials — the terms involved the dropping of The Stale Nacho News from our Network.

Luckily for us, another coup d’etat was launched in the Army of Club Penguin, with Flipmoo/Slimball2007 fulfilling his long wish to remove Cassius Brutus from influence in the army. Soon after this, Cas relinquished his support for the New Dawn Alliance and came back to work for CPA Central, eventually becoming a part of our administration once again. So yes, this story had a happy ending. The Alliance, for the record, dissolved.

A dump of pictures released by Cassius Brutus following his removal from the Army of CP, and reminiscent of File 427B, led us to launch another editorial questioning the integrity of the coup d’etat of Cas. December closed 2013 with some good news, as CPA Central reached two million views on Christmas Eve. The day after, in the Person of the Year 2013 list, I would be named 3rd-runner-up.

And finally, the interview with Tori’s Mom is unforgettable.

VI. Drawing the Curtain

 January 2014 — December 2014

A huge scare for us early in the year was when users all across our community were banned on Club Penguin, in an effort from the MMO to crack down on leading players to third-party sites, which, fair enough, aren’t necessarily safe. I could make a mural with all the curse words on CP Army Central from the past year. All kinds of emails were sent to Club Penguin Support, but one thing many of you may not know is that we were, at least as far as we know, granted an audience with Spike Hike.

An email sent to CP Support from Sir PJ received this response from Club Penguin. At the time, army leaders were meeting on a site called The 2014 CPAC Initiative to discuss how to combat CPNext, and this audience launched the site into discussion of what we would say when we were contacted by Club Penguin once again. People such as Boomer20, xiUnknown, myself, and countless others from across the community joined together over the idea of getting to talk with Spike Hike. Unfortunately, as far as we know no developments ever came after that email.

Though CPA Central had been partnered with the folks at Small and Medium Army Central since sometime into 2013, SMAC’s falling quality and their continued refusal of “packages” that CPAC offered them brought dropping the partnership into the discussion. While this discussion was taking place, a reporter on the SMAC Staff Site questioned Jodie about breaking the partnership, and Jodie submitted the question to her staff. At this point, we were ready to cut ties.

After dropping SMAC, CPA Central used the same format of the “packages” we offered SMAC to reform Club Penguin Army Focus, a site which had previously requested to partner with us. Blaze, their current CEO, while inexperienced, was quickly gaining ground in the small and medium army community with an army called the Redemption Force, and had left SMAC due to previous spats with the administration. He reminded me of my Boy on Fire days, and I knew that using him I could make CP Army Focus into the new small and medium army media leader.

One thing I didn’t anticipate was how fast — around a month after the partnership with SMAC ended and Club Penguin Army World Media was created, CP Army Focus (now renamed Small and Medium Army Press) had a domain, graphics, an ever-growing staff base, and the possibility to be self-sufficient just as CPA Central was. Soon after, Lucario564 attempted a coup d’etat of Jodie at SMAC. Following its rejection by the SMAC Board, Lucario defected to SM Army Press to oversee the site with Blaze. Following his retirement, Mchappy would take CEO.

In April of that year, we finally brought a close to the ACP media orgasm that had gone on since 2012. Evidence from the upper administration confirmed that Sercan was responsible for editing pictures, and despite initially pushing back on the allegations, Sercan would eventually submit to them. Exactly three days later, Jerry, another leader of the Army of Club Penguin, was found to have multilogged. Jerry was one of many army leaders condemned in the past two years in a spree of multi-logging stories.

In mid-May, The CPA Central 25 was released for the second time. A column I had stared a year ago, I was absolutely shocked by counting the viewer votes and seeing the support for myself and Bluesockwa2. Having originally predicted Flipmoo to be the stand-out winner of the 25, I was reluctant to accept first place due to the controversy I thought it would cause, but was also extremely grateful for the recognition.

As school ended for me and the early days of June began, I started to take a serious look at my career. After three years working at CPA Central, I came to the realization that I was reaching a finale. For years, I had toyed with countless facets of this site. My views on what CPA Central had been before I took the reigns were that, while I wasn’t uncomfortable with the site, it could be so much more. From pages to staffing to administrative reform to the Legends Committee to the new Top Ten to the introduction of Op-Eds to the success of investigative journalism, I feel I helped shape a site that is more influential that it ever had been and I feel CPAC has experienced a Golden Age.

That’s my opinion, and it will be disputed. But truly, I began to feel that I could do little else for this site after hogging the rank of CEO for two and a half years. This led me to devote the last seven months of my career in armies to leaving behind a lasting legacy, a stable administration, and discussing the human experience of armies. Posts like this editorial arguing against excessive hyperbole became what I wanted to do, under the hope that maybe, just maybe, these would impact armies after I was gone and the age-old debate of “What are we doing?” started up again.

In early June, a tip from Lumarnara alleged serious corruption in the Golden Troops and, at the time, unbeknownst to me, Boomer20 was already conducting independent research on the situation prior to the Lumarnara tip. For days, Boomer and I met, discussed, and collected research and interviews until on June 6th, we believed in what Luma was saying, June 7th, the post was written and June 8th, the post was released. (View it here.)

What Boomer and I had originally viewed as one of the strongest multi-logging and corruption convictions in the history of army media, was attacked by the Golden Troops immediately after. Knowing the ways Jerry and Sercan responded to the editorials that brought their retirements from the ACP, I did expect response — but not this kind of response. We lost Tempah, a prominent reporter who I had already slated for the 2015 administration because he felt personally victimized by the post.

The argument the Golden Troops had was that the only evidence provided ended in March of 2014, and that Lumarnara’s interview showed no proof to back up his claims. This is both true and not true. Lumarnara’s ranks in both the ACP and the Golden Troops — not to mention his relationship with Sercan and Jerry — made him one of the best people to come forward about this. Secondly, all the claims he made about the ACP checked out, and it just didn’t make sense to me why half of the interview would be true and half not.

A spearhead of June 2014 was the Club Penguin Army Census, which was the second armies ever held, and statistically more successful, with almost double the amount of individuals coming out to participate. Other than the Census and the Golden Troops investigation, June was largely uneventful — the Conquest Games, which closed out the month, was a nightmare and is never to be repeated. July saw CPAC’s best time of year begin to take shape, with views skyrocketing, the Legends Cup V planning beginning, and all kinds of events to commemorate our five-year anniversary.

July, however, was nothing like I had expected it to be. This was around when I began to realize that I had reached my peak — somewhere around the end of 2013 and through the first half of 2014, I felt that I had peaked. Now, my retirement was truly beginning to take shape. Halfway through the month, we finally found Elmikey’s constant (not to mention badly-formed) arguments against CPAC impossible to ignore, and I released I post that I consider to be one of my best to this day. The Legends Cup V also began to a decent start, but the second half of July was entrenched with the issue of CPAC’s failing domain.

Because of issues with money owed to Bluehost, the domain was shut down. We spent more than a week trying to find a new host for the domain, as Woton’s busy schedule made contact with him extremely difficult. Interestingly enough, the plan prior to Woton’s response to our contact, was to mail money from North Carolina to Kentucky, put it on a card, and use it to pay Bluehost and get back into our cPanel.

It was not until early August that we actually got the domain back — sadly, we did not have it for CPA Central’s five-year anniversary, which came on July 28th of that year. The day was a landmark event that I was honored to oversee; that day we reached an achievement very few sites ever reached, and I felt that at the time of our anniversary the site’s influence had never been higher. That very influence would be tested halfway through August.

The day of August 10th was the Blue Bracket Quarter Finals of the Legends Cup V, in which the Dark Warriors were predicted to score an easy victory against the Nachos. After a close face-off at the Berg, Elmikey did not heed the warning of a room change, which left the Nachos to flood the Stadium and the Dark Warriors to become extremely disoriented — this soon melted into rage. Now, unlike most decently professional army leaders, Elmikey could not accept that he was responsible for his own failures, and took to declaring war on CPA Central.

The landmark of this “war” was an Invasion of Klondike, the server CPAC used for tournaments (even though it was actually owned by ACP). Despite Elmikey requesting to be removed from the Top Ten, I did not want to stoop to his level of immaturity, and started seeking out other options. It was then that a plan called the Klondike Wall — a plan that would once and for all, I felt, frame the influence of my administration — took shape. The plan was for a group of armies to demonstrate in favor of free media and against the war that same Saturday.

Eight armies originally agreed to participate — this would later drop to six by the time the posts ran on August 13th, but that didn’t matter. Within a half hour, Toysoldier had come to me apologizing for the Dark Warriors’ actions, asking them to remain in the Top Ten, and promising they would not invade Klondike. The first demand I made was that I didn’t want to see the Dark Warriors on Klondike at all, be it an invasion or a practice — this was agreed to. Lastly, I demanded a personal apology from Elmikey and an admittance that what he did was wrong — this was also agreed to, albeit reluctantly.

Over the next few hours, threatening Elmikey with a coup d’etat, the Dark Warriors administration — specifically Toysoldier and Vo Yo — demanded Elmikey apologize to CPA Central. He, of course, didn’t want to apologize to CPAC, and logged off for the night, leaving the administration to discuss the issue. I had initially assumed the Dark Warriors would try and pen an apology in Elmikey’s name, so I was understandably shocked when Elmikey was overthrown from the army by the morning of August 14th.

It was interesting to me, really — Elmikey must have despised CPA Central so much that he would give up his leadership rank to avoid apologizing to the site — though, honestly, it wasn’t the outcome I wanted. I didn’t want Elmikey to lose his leadership rank — for all I cared, he could’ve kept it. The only thing I was looking for was an apology, a public admittance that his ideology was wrong. Then again, I guess once you admit you’re lying to yourself, others won’t let you lie to them anymore.

After a long struggle that involved reinstatement and a second overthrowal, Elmikey would leave the Dark Warriors and join the Rebel Penguin Federation once again, bringing back good terms between CPAC and the Dark Warriors. The last weeks of August saw the conclusion of the Legends Cup V, a narrow victory on behalf of the Ice Warriors, and the launching of a project called Club Warfare. Truth is, the folks in army media had been playing around with a private server for a long time, and a deal was struck that merged Water’s Club Warfare and my CP Army Server into one project.

If anyone’s actually read up to this point (which is unlikely, because this is thousands of words), I regret to inform you that this is where the story comes to a rather sudden end. It’s not like something tragic happened or I was forced to leave armies, but it’s simple statistics that everyone becomes inactive sooner or later. And I, too, became inactive. On the last day of August, I put together my last Top Ten Armies and resigned from the position, giving the job of Top Ten Maker to Zakster. I went back to school in what has been the busiest year of my life so far, and didn’t write a post on CPA Central for weeks.

It made some people uncomfortable, to tell you the truth. I had served as CEO of CPA Central for almost half of the site’s existence, and now I was hardly viewing it. It wasn’t that I had relinquished armies, but I no longer had the time for them. Knowing full-well that this day would come, I began to put the finishing touches on my retirement and set up successors all across CP Army World Media. It was a surreal experience, but I began to realize that warfare could and would move on without me — and that was okay.

Memorable Posts

Over my years working at CPA Central, I have been given the privilege of covering many memorable stories, only increasingly so in recent years. Below are a list of the memorable posts of my career; my very, very, very favorites are bolded.

Color Wars: Blue, Green, Red, and Purple? 

COBRA Unmasked — Secrets and Lies of the RPF

Club Penguin Army Story Central

The Nachos Hack Unmasked — My Interview with R3m0t3 3xpl0it of the Network

ACP’s Scandal Unmasked — My Exlusive Interview with Capncook

Three Years of the Press

What’s Really Wrong With the ACP

‘Botgate’ Continues: New Information Unearthed

CPA Central Person of the Year 2012

The Overdramatized Farce: Why the World of Spying is on Life Support

Editorial: The Great Perversion of Our Hall of Fame and Why It Matters

SATIRE: Galaxie Pulls a JewJew: Is Not Really a Rabbi

Sleeping With Nachos: Kenneth1000 Betrays the ACP

CPAC Live Blog on the ACP Leadership Crisis

Editorial: The Blame Game and the Broken Automaton That is the ACP Ownership

And I’m Proud to Be an OOHMA, Where At Least I Know I’m Free

Introducing the CP Army Wiki

Editorial: Why Wars Fought on Stupidity Will Destroy Us

Analysis of the RPF-Called Meeting

The Blue Review [2]: Adult Diapers Mailed to Elmikey’s Home

Four Years of CPA Central

Snaily5 Fired From RPF Leadership || A Step In a New Direction? 

Vendetta Unmasked: Red Gush24’s Return to the RPF Leadership

Editorial: Why the Chaos of 2012 Really Happened and What Could Have Been Done to Prevent It

The Tragedy of Tori || Cassius Brutus Becomes Sole Leader of ACP Following Coup d’Etat

CPAC Special Report: The ACP Enigma

Elmikey Solidified As RPF Leader || Has the Rebellion Been Quelled?

The Apocalypse of Armies? || Club Penguin Planning to Revoke Servers

Editorial: Why We Were Right About ACP’s Fakes and Why RPF Can’t Turn Back Time

Editorial: All The President’s Men

CPA Central Reaches Two Million Views

CPA Central Person of the Year 2013

CPA Central Interview With Tori’s Mom

An Official Statement Regarding the Banning of Club Penguin Users

Editorial: Why We Are the Worst Thing Ever to Happen to Club Penguin

The Creation of Club Penguin Army World Media

Editorial: Debunking the Rhetoric On Both Sides of This War

Introduction of Small and Medium Army Press

CPAC Special Report: Unmasking the ACP Enigma

This ACP Madness Isn’t Over Yet

Fight the Good Fight [Satire]

Editorial: How I Defeated Excessive Hyperbole (And How You Can Too!)

CPAC Special Report: Rampant Corruption Exposed in the Golden Troops

Editorial: Elmikey, the Lone Prophet, and His Doctrine of Salvation

The Life and Times of Flipmoo/Slimball2007

CPAC Gossip Column: Live Blog on the Albaro Intercourse Crisis

Five Years of Club Penguin Army Central

Editorial: The Last Lecture



Club Penguin Phantom Knights Creator (CPPK represent!)

Storm Warriors Leader (Wow!) 

Elite Storm Knights Leader (Very elite!) 

Rebel Penguin Federation Leader

Golden Troops Leader

Small and Medium Army Central Philosopher

Blizzard Warriors Leader

Ranger Troops 2ic

Shadow Troops 2ic

Pretzels Leader

Underground Mafias Army Leader

Army Republic 2ic

Water Vikings Leader

Army of Club Penguin 4ic

CPA Story Central Founder

Small and Medium Army Press Founder

CP Army Council President

Club Penguin Army World Media Founder

CPA Central 25 (Fourth Place 2013, First Place 2014) 

Person of the Year (Fourth Place 2012, Third Place 2013) 

Club Penguin Army Legend

Club Penguin Army Central Chief Executive Officer


The Photo Album

I tried to do this chronologically. We’ll see how it goes.




So many people have come and gone throughout the six years I have spent here. Statistically, it’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to know more than I did. However, so many have changed my life forever, not just on here but in the way I act in the real world. This is a tribute to all of those people.

Best Friends: 

Bluesockwa2: I think that after everything, you deserve the top spot on this list. Though this isn’t goodbye to you, it is goodbye to a part of you I came to love and I part of you I admire. It’s goodbye to texting you in the same car when something important happens, goodbye to the brief army exchanges, it’s goodbye to the years we spent making CP Army Central into the finest site it has ever been. 

We entered this community together. After you made strides that I could not, I took the easy way of making enemies with you, and forcing my way into CEO. However, since those times, we have spent two and a half years running this site together. And though it hasn’t always been easy, and hasn’t always been fun, no one has ever done it better than you and I, my friend. The challenges we faced, though more complicated than anyone before us had to address, we overcame. And we did it while laughing and while having the best fucking time in all of warfare. I’ll see you soon.

Splasher99: Though our differences make our friendship surprising (and, yes, argumentative at times), I could not imagine my time in this community without you. Meeting you sometime around when I was just taking the reigns at CPAC and you were still trying to figure out CP Warfare Insider, we immediately bonded. Our experiences and frustrations were the same, and we had very similar personalities and interests.

From the Asian who told me he knew kids named “Microwave” to my literature buddy, you are one of my best friends. Not only have I had the chance to work with you at CPA Central, but in the ACP, in our never-ending literature conquests, and randomly bothering you day and night. I know we’ll keep in touch after I leave this place for good just as we already do, but for everything, thanks. You’re going places.

Max/Cassius Brutus: Though you aren’t my brother, you are my four-and-a-half year running mentor and advisor, and that’s hard to beat. From the Rebel Penguin Federation, to the Underground Mafias Army, to the Army of CP, to working together here at CPA Central, we have shared some of best times. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Wine not only was a hub for coups and rebellions, but brought together a group of individuals I could only have dreamed of when I met you in 2011. 

Though I don’t know if you will ever get CP Army Legend, I have voted yes for you every time and will continue voting yes until I really do cease to exist here. You are the founder of army politics, the master of deceit and mischief, and you have shaped a community. The smooth-talking golden boy of the Rebel Penguin Federation that I met almost five years ago is still just as smooth today. Keep in touch, there’s wine in our future.

Joe/RiotDebates: I’m gonna start by saying I was smoking something bad when I gave you CPA Central Vice President. Our friendship started because someone paid you to bother me, and you launched into producing some Microsoft Paint-awful graphics comparing me to Nixon in the “Bullshit Journals” or something like that. Eventually, you were annoying enough to get yourself hired.

Working alongside you in the 2012 administration, I had some of the best laughs this community has given me. After you left CPA Central, I had the chance to get to know you on a more personal level and continue to work with you and Ken. Your writing has evolved into something unmatched and your sites are bound to get somewhere someday. I hope I’m still around when they do. Good luck, and Kik me often.


CP Army Central: 

Zakster: For more than three years, you have dedicated yourself to this site. Though sometimes it’s been off and on and sometimes you’re barely ever around, in the past year I’ve watched you transform yourself from someone writing for me as a hobby to someone competent and ready to take on the challenges of overseeing this site. We’ve also had some great times in armies, from the Freedums Riots to the Water Vikings to the Underground Mafias Army. Our shared musical talent has not only caused us to belt into If I Were a Rich Man on a weekly basis (and sometimes be banned on ACP because of it), but has given us a much more personal connection, one that I think will continue to grow even after we’re both done here for good. I know I’ll be skyping you when something important comes around. Really, though, you have been a great friend to me and you have earned CPA Central CEO. Good luck; I’ll be checking up on you always.

Kingfunks4: Well, we’ve sure had a rocky road. When I was in CPAC as Secondary Head, you constantly convinced me to stay despite the raging tyrannical Bloo-sok-wah-2. Though yes, I’ve fired you sometimes and yes, our arguments in 2012 sparked year long conflict, you have been a good friend to me and I’m gonna miss you. From army to army to army to army to army to army to army to army (yes that’s purposeful you fuckin army hopper), you have demonstrated your leadership chops again and again, and I really hope you take this second chance with CPA Central CEO and run with it. I know you’ll do great.

Woton: Okay, so you’re the big guy. Big Boss Woton. You’re the Orwellian figure who is rumored to be watching over us all. But seriously, you’ve done so much for me over the years. You’ve given me the opportunity to run CPA Central,  and whenever I come texting you, whether it’s about a DDOS attack or needing money to buy some news site or paying my staff, you’re always there to take my creative vision and work it out, and you are just as much a part of CPAC’s best era in history as I am. The prospect of filling your shoes is a big one, but you’ve taught me many lessons and I am thankful for having the privilege of knowing you. 

78562cool: As my Executive Producer, you balanced out my nuclear personality, and your wisdom and sense of project management did great things for the last year of my time as CPAC CEO. I doubt I could have achieved what I did without you backing me up, and I will forever be grateful for that. I’m also happy to call you my friend, and our laughs (usually at the expense of others) are something to remember. 

Super Paco24: My Mexican buddy. Like Zak, you have been with us longer than I can keep track of, and from satire to good old news coverage to Armies for Dummies to making me graphics when I randomly private chat you, you’ve done everything I ever asked. I’ll miss your sense of humor and our time together in the CPAC administration, best of luck in the future and please get registered as a United States citizen soon. 

Brady/Dpd2000: Though I don’t always show it, your dedication to this site is unmatched and I really am impressed by you. I’ll miss you jumping onto the Bluesockwa Choir bandwagon and running around to army chats singing Music Man with us. I know that with the right amount of time to mature and with the right people alongside you, you do great as a lead member of CPAWM, so never give up. I’ll be around, good luck in the future. 

Superoo13: We haven’t known each other for that long but it feels like it’s been years. At both CPA Central and SM Army Press, you have been a pivotal part of the sites, and always one of the smartest people there who I could trust to accomplish things. Even now that I’m retiring from armies, I know that you and I will still sit rakin’ in the monies from the SM Army Press adspace. Good luck in life, gonna miss you. 

Aaronstone42: It’s too bad we aren’t as close anymore because for two years you were one of my best friends and one of my go-to people for anything. I still see you around sometimes but I’m not really sure what you’re doing in armies nowadays, which is too bad because you always had potential. Joking with you and skyping with Derek, I’ve really come to appreciate you as a great friend of mine and I hope we can get back to talking. 

Delcrux: I doubt you’ll see this, but you’re one of the most talented people I’ve met here and you have no idea how thankful I am that you came to share your talents with CPA Central. Not only were your graphics skills unmatched, but in the 2012 administration you wrote some of my favorite posts from that year, and going all the way back to CPASC you did great work there too. I do hope to see you around now and again, your humor and wittiness were always great and you’re a really talented guy, keep up the good work wherever you go.

Joee: I always thought of you and Delcrux as a sort of tag team, the guys from 2012 whose wit was unmatched and who were unparalleled additions to the CPAC administration. Haven’t seen you in a long time but I hope all is well, good luck in life. 

Shiver: We also don’t have the relationship we used to, but you were my go-to person for news coverage for a year or so, and as an Executive Producer you really did help CPA Central to grow and thrive. Outside of the stories I was working on, your connections in armies gave us a bunch more investigative reports in 2012 and 2013, and we spent a lot of time working together at the height of the New Dawn Alliance. Good luck in life. 

Monsoon: It’s too bad I didn’t get to know you more personally outside of the graphics and marketing because you seem like a really cool girl and I did enjoy the conversations we had. Your talent as a graphics designer is something that has made you into the new Pochoma; I hope you had a great ride in armies as I certainly enjoyed having you here. 

Wgfv: You and I have been in cohorts since the UMA days, and share many of the same views about armies and where they are going. I missed you after your retirement and hope to see you now and again; good luck in life buddy. 

Pungy1234: It’s relieving that all of our past spats are settled so that I can come to appreciate you for your personality and accomplishments. I’m happy you came to work at CPA Central, your experience in army media is unmatched and I appreciated all of your help while working under my administration. Outside of that, the Global Defenders has always been a cool hub for nerds and politicians and people of that sort, so you can expect to see me around over there. 

Wyoskyguy: You were one of my good friends from the small and medium army community, I’ve loved talking with you and know you and I will keep talking over Kik and whenever CPA Central has a problem. I wish you all the best in life.

Stephanie/Pakichu: I don’t see you much anymore, but you were a pivotal part of army media while you were here and I miss the jokes Ken, Joe and I used to make with you. Hope all’s well with Tom Slone. 

Pochoma123: Not only are you one of the best graphics makers armies have ever seen, but I always enjoyed chatting with you and hope you’re enjoying life. 

Weatherboy1: Despite….. writing posts…. like this…. you’ve been with CPAC forever and that means more than anything. Your dedication is amazing and I wish you all the best. 

Tap Dancer36: Not sure if you remember this, but back in 2011, you and I first met during a Golden Troops meeting, and in less than twenty minutes had outlined a plan for a coup d’etat. Armies’ Vietnam veteran, you’ve been a cool person to know and I wish you the best of luck in the future. 

Albaro Lord: Though it would’ve been cool to get to know you better, I enjoyed the time I spent with you and appreciate all of the work you did. You worked with CPA Central for years and I hope you’re enjoying retirement island. Good luck in life. 

Tempah: You’re one of the most talented people in CPA Central’s staff right now; I hope that you spend years more on this site — it could certainly use your dedication and your sense of humor. I’ll miss you man. 

West004: You’re one of my favorite leader the Doritos ever had and you show great promise as senior staff; I hope you stick around with us for a long time and know I’ll probably stumble across you someday since we’re in such close proximity. 

Lord Jay: You’re an important part of the senior staff over at CPA Central; I wish you all the best in wherever you go next, and hope it’s more time with CPAWM.

Applebitter: I hope you stick around for a while because you’re a talented guy and could really go far here at CPA Central. 

SM Army Press: 

Blaze: I’m really hard on you sometimes but through it all, you are one of the main reasons SM Army Press is as successful as it is today. I see myself in you, in 2012 as a Secondary Head and itching to go places in armies. You’ve accomplished so much in the short time you spent here, and I hope to see you back someday, because you’re young and you’ve done some great things. Have a fantastic life.

Mchappy: I put you in SM Army Press but really, you could have gone in a number of categories as you’ve played a pretty big role in my time here. I admired you greatly for a long time when I returned to armies, and getting to work with you recently in CPAC and SMAP has made me realize why: you’re one of the coolest people to be around and people flock to you for that reason. I thank you for the work you did with SMAP and wish you all the best in life. 

Lucario564: Though your career sadly came to an end soon after you became a part of SMAP, that wasn’t the first experience I had with you. You and I shared similar views about armies and what steps we needed to take next, and though our plan for a Summit never got off the ground I enjoyed the talks you, Shadow and I had. I already know you’re going places farther than I can wish you, but still, good luck. 

Ben: I’ve enjoyed getting to know you over the last couple of years and I know you will continue to do good work with SM Army Press. Good luck with everything. 

Gar101: You’ve been with SM Army Press since the first week and have been a good friend to me; that means a lot. I believe that as long as you can refine yourself and become a little more experienced, you can do a fantastic job as SMAP CEO.

Ajman9011: Flickin’ through a little book of sex tips…

Andy: You’ve gotten to CEO faster than anyone since CP Army Express; I have no doubt this happened because of the dedication and promise you show and I look forward to watching you lead SMAP into a new era.

Fluffyboy3: I feel like the way we talked was just through fighting with SMAC staff together on ACP when they tried to talk down to SMAP; you seem like a really cool guy and I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in armies. 

Supa Em: You’re a capable administrator and I feel confident having you as the Executive Producer; you show great promise and hope to see more of you. 

CPA Story Central: 

Lewis/Splashy: It really is too bad you and I aren’t as close as we used to be. Around the time of CPA Story Central, you were one of the stand-out writers and you and I quickly bonded, becoming the two figureheads of that site. Though things may not have gone exactly the way you wanted here in armies, I want you to know I loved the time we spent working together and I hope we keep in touch.

Drust: You were a very close friend of mine for years; someone I could always go and talk to about anything. You were a part of the cool CPASC clique that existed back in 2011, and your writing and artistic talent were always really impressive. I miss the talks we used to have  and hope all is well with you; if you’re reading this, text me sometime. 

Becca: It’s sad that I don’t see much of you anymore because you were a promising reporter at CPAC and a fantastic writer, and I always enjoyed our conversations. Hope all’s well on the homefront.

Shadowstar: We weren’t too close, but you were part of the CPASC guys and you were always hilarious. I’ll never forget the times you, me and the others had on CPASC chat and I hope you’re having just as much fun now as you were back then.

Army of Club Penguin: 

Boomer20: You get to  hang out at the top of the ACP listing for a few reasons. Number one, you were the first person I came to admire in this community and you’re most of what I remember about early armies. Thanks for making ACP into something an eight year old could love. Secondly, we’ve had the chance to work together for a couple of years on things like the Top Ten Formula, the Legends Committee and the CP Army Council, and it’s been a really surreal experience for me. I still respect you as much as I ever and I appreciate all of your help over the years even if it was sometimes annoying; it is a justification of everything I have done here to be able to thank you, not only as an inspiration, but now as a friend. 

 Kenneth1000: Though I didn’t know you while you lead the ACP, you and I did become pretty good friends a year or so after that. You’re a really great guy and I always enjoyed talking to you about ACP scandals or army spying or CPAC or really anything; I wish you all the best in life. 

Flipmoo/Slimball2007: You and I have ended up with a pretty cool relationship over the past few months. Though we watch the complete opposite anime genres, we’ve always gotten along well and I enjoy talking with you. You’ve done great things with the ACP and your leadership will go down in history. 

Tori: From interviewing your mom to the occasional private chat back-and-forth, I always enjoyed your company. You’re a great girl and I wish you all the best. 

Thebester5: I never knew you during your time serving the ACP, but your ideas for a Private Server changed the way I viewed warfare’s evolution and I hope the projec continues even though I am leaving; I hope to still be around to manage it and will never forget the memories we made. 

Capncook: Discussing army policy with you has always been fun. Even if things here in armies might not have gone exactly the way you wanted, you’re still one of the smartest guys around here and I wish you all the best with Sycamore Park and wherever else life brings you. 

Thebest22: Without you, I wouldn’t be here, simple as that. Thanks. 

Shaboomboom: Though we don’t know each other too well, the experiences I’ve had working with you justify how much of an effect you’ve had on this community and I wish you all the best with wherever you go. 

Mrgpv: From CPA Central to the ACP to the Nachos, you’ve had a rocky road in armies but I’ve enjoyed knowing you and sharing quips about sports teams and whatever other Philly-esque things cross our minds. Good luck. 

Alexa: Even though I didn’t know you for very long, it feels wrong not to put you in this. You, along with Boomer, are one of the few things I remember from ACP’s 2009 social scene, and I’m glad we became friends in the past year. From The Newsroom to Looking For Alaska, we share a lot of common interests and I hope to see you now and again on chat; I’ve enjoyed knowing you and wish you all the best. 

Bunkerbumble: I didn’t know you for longer than maybe a year and a half and I wish I would’ve known you for longer, but you’re honestly hilarious and I hope to see you around on ACP. 

Jacknat02: I enjoy talking to you about army history or whatever the topic is that day; your career in not only ACP but the community as a whole is bright, and I’m sure we’ll talk now and again even after I retire.

Cait: You wrote an erotica about me and Blue2 once. That in itself gets you a spot here. 

Carter157: Well, though you aren’t too well-liked here, I did always enjoy talking with you and I hope everything’s going well in your life. 

Ivan: Rebuild the estate sweetie. 

Underground Mafias Army: 

Derek: Your leadership in UMA was one of the best experiences I had in armies, and you and I have remained good friends after that and I expect you to continue snapchatting me even after we leave this place for good.

Daniel/Eyes: Not only are you and Wg the sole reason UMA is alive today, it’s been great to see you transform yourself from your old reputation into someone really respected in armies. You’ve always helped me out whenever I needed it and I know you’ll go far; good luck with everything.

Coolster114: Though I haven’t talked to you in ages, you were one of my closest friends in UMA and, like Derek, your leadership of the army was a fantastic experience. I’m not sure what you’re doing in armies nowadays but whatever it is, I wish you the best.

Mach: You’re hilarious; I’ve loved every second of your private chats and I hope we’ll see each other here and there in the future.

Np3000: Despite attempting to overthrow me, for the short time I did lead with you we did great things with UMA. Good luck.

Nikkisix23: You were one of my first friends in the army and I hope all’s well.

Lild: We don’t talk as much as I might’ve wanted to, but you seem like a great guy and I hope all goes well for you in the future.

1goblinguy: Hell, we’ve known each other for years. Though in the beginning you drove me insane, we get along really well now and I was sad to see you retire. I have a feeling you’ll enjoy life in the real world just as much as you did here, and I wish you all that and more.

Lootking: You were my successor back in UMA and I always considered you a good friend; good luck in life. 

Teal Violin: We got along well in UMA and even started up a different army at one point, I wish you all the best in life. 

Ocean: I don’t see you much at all anymore, but I’ll never forget times at The League with you, Cas, and Suzie.

Army Republic: 

122344a: You were like a mentor to me for most of the time I knew you. I appreciate you giving me a chance in the Army Republic on multiple occasions and the help you’ve been at CPAC. Your career here has truly been amazing; good luck in life buddy. 

Theory: Our friendship started in one of the weirdest ways possible, but I’m really glad I got to know you and hope everything is going well. Have a great life. 

Buritodaily: Not only was your work in AR admirable, but your posts on CPAC raised important questions throughout the time you worked here and I always enjoyed talking to you. 

Vinny: The other half of Vindaily; your reputation in armies was that of a fearless leader and I have no doubt that reputation will continue to be applied to your life. Good luck. 

Candy/Fury: Though whenever you private chat me it’s to “beet” me up, your trolling has always been fun and I hope all’s well. I know you’ll ask me for a CPAC administration rank every three months anyway. 

Lbk42396: I haven’t seen you in ages, but while you were in AR we were good friends and I wish you all the best in life. 

Pup Pup Lego: We don’t talk too much anymore but I enjoyed getting to know you and hope you’re doing well.

Blondie: You were crazy and hilarious, I miss talking to you and I’m sure you’re having just as great of a time as always. 

Rebel Penguin Federation: 

Proditor/Worror Dowmat: Not only did you give up your leadership rank for me, but after our time together in the Rebel Penguin Federation you were always one of the smartest people at CPA Central, analyzing situations in ways I never could’ve imagined. I hope you’re doing well.

Chapa23: You were one of my first friends in RPF and I miss talking with you. Good luck.

Ashes1267: Though the times we actually got to talk were few, I got my first major story from you and I will always remember the day you blew open COBRA.

Fiasco121: I never actually spent time with you in RPF, but your career in the army has been lengthy and I’ve always respected you. I’ve enjoyed talking with you on ACP chat.

Emperor Max: I haven’t seen you in years, but we were fast friends and I hope your reich fantasies are still serving you well.

Omega39: One of my favorite legends; the times we talked were always enlightening and I wish you all the best.

Red Gush24: You were one of my only friends in the reformed RPF, I loved talking with you and I wish you good luck in life.

Qwerty: I don’t think you like me much anymore but I enjoyed serving under you in RPF and hope you have a good life.

Kevin: I led alongside you not only in the RPF but also in the last generation of the Blizzard Warriros; I hope you’re doing well.

Commando717: One of the more reserved members of the RPF reformation, your ideas, while complicated, were good for the community and I wish I could’ve played a larger part in making them happen. I respect all you’ve done for warfare and wish you the best in life.

Storm Warriors and Elite Storm Knights: 

Spy Derek: Though there’s something sad about you being one of the few from ESK who didn’t make it big, you were a ringleader for all of us and I hope you’re enjoying life.

Aninjaboy: I miss talking with you and hope you’re doing well.

Alfrondo1265: Though you were leaving Storm Warriors just around the time I came in, I got to know you later when you lead the Doritos and we always got along. Good luck in life.

Bam117: We actually knew each other all the way back in 2010 at an Elite Storm Knights event, but later in warfare you and I were fast friends and I enjoyed talking with you whenever I got the chance. You did great things with the Doritos and you will be missed.

Water Vikings: 

Dashing Snow: From the Nachos to the Water Vikings, we got along well and I enjoyed working with you in WV. Have a fantastic life.

Bepboy9: Though our relationship, expectantly, has gone downhill, I’ve enjoyed knowing you and I wish you all the best.

Change: You were hilarious when I worked with you in WV and I’m glad to be seeing more of you recently. Hope you stick around.


Puckley: Not only are you absolutely legendary, but between CPA Central and knowing you in the Nachos, we were good friends and I miss the army you put on top. I hope I’ll still see you now and again and wish you all the best in life.

Chrisi Blule: We were also fast friends; I’ve enjoyed talking with you and hope you’re enjoying your time on Retirement Island.

6789cool: I knew you mostly when you did podcasts for CPA Central; you were a cool guy and I hope you’re enjoying retirement.

Pie1530: You and I talked army politics now and again; you were an intelligent guy and I hope you’re well.

Beeky128778: You’ve been leader of the Nachos for as long as I’ve been CPAC CEO, if not longer. You get drowned out in the rhetoric sometimes but you really are a talented leader, and have been an ally to me throughout my entire time here. Good luck in life. 

Joker: Along with Puckley, you were one of the major reasons 2012 CPAC stayed above the ground; I’ve enjoyed the times we’ve talked and hope you have a great life.

Wolfie1215: You worked for CPA Central for a time and were actually on your way through administration; it’s too bad you chose to leave and I hope you’re doing well.

Tomato8883: I have no idea what happened to you, but you were always dedicated to CPAC and the Nachos and I hope you’re enjoying the time away from the community.

Shadow2446: It’s too bad that our Council idea never got off the ground because you were one of the few people who could’ve made it work; you’re a tactical master and I always enjoyed talking army history with you.

Danny/Tanner: I only started talking to you recently, but you’re a funny guy, and I’ll never forget when you private chatted me to tell me there were J-Law nudes all over Twitter. 

Sneezy: Our relationship certainly had a bumpy road, but I’m glad we patched things up in my later years here and I hope you’re enjoying your time after retirement. 

Dark Warriors:

Spi101: Trolling together on ACP Chat with you was hilarious, I’ll always remember your gifs and hope you have a great life.

Whats Up11: You’re more of a Golds Leader but since I didn’t have a Golds section I put you here. Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed talking with you and hope the rest of your career is a success.

xiUnknown: Not only did you save CPAC once when we messed up the coding, but you were always, in my opinion, one of the most reasoned voices of the “Black Alliance” side of armies and I wish there were more people like you in that side. Hope you have a good life.

Pufpuf103: I included the 3 this time, hoorah! You did great things in the Dark Warriors and I hope you’re enjoying retirement as much as I enjoyed talking to you.

Freezie66: Not only are you a talented leader but also a great guy, and I know you will be successful here as long as you want to be.

Vo Yo: You are both a talented leader and reporter, I look forward to seeing more of you all across the army community.

Golden Troops: 

Sercan: I think the relationship you and I had is an example of how political conflict can be overcome in any situation. Even though we engaged in a bitter battle over CPAC stories for many months, you and I eventually reached a resolution and I’m glad to call you my friend as I leave this community. 

Jerry: I knew you back when I led the Golden Troops, and though we never patched things up, I want you to know that (while this doesn’t change anything), I never meant to intentionally hurt you, and I hope you realize what the demands of the job are and that I never personally tried to victimize you. Your career has been admirable and I wish you all the best. 

Light Troops: 

Roberto: For the record, I always viewed you as an Army Legend and hope you achieve that someday. The work you’ve done with multiple Light Troops generations definitely earned you that, and I enjoyed the times we talked when KappnKrunch Productions was in full swing. 

Waterkid100: You are probably one of the most controversial people this community ever saw, but I really never viewed you as a terrible guy. Yeah, you made some decisions I wouldn’t have, but everyone builds their own path here and I would still call you a Legend. Over the past year, you have shown me nothing but respect and I’ve always tried to do the same — if only many others could see this side of you, I’m sure your reputation would be so much better. In any case, I wish you the best with the rest of your career. 

KappnKrunch: I’m thankful that you gave me the opportunity to use CPA Central as a forum to post your videos. I’m glad we’ve gotten to talk the times we did and really admire the work you’ve done — hopefully it will immortalize our greatest wars to recruits when they view these videos years from now. 


Tymatt: You were one of the first people to support me back in 2011 and 2012 and I appreciate everything you did for me.

Wex: Though your time in armies (at least while I was around) was short lived, we got along very well and I enjoyed talking with you. I hope you’re  having a good life.

Hunger124: I miss hanging with you at the League of Gents and Wine. Hope you’re having a great life.

Closing Comments

I have written and rewritten some ten versions of this; redrafted it time and time again. It’s a daunting task, really — the idea that all of our experiences; successes and failures, must be condensed into a final few words. It’s a daunting task especially for someone like myself — much of what I have achieved here has solely been because of words. Though there are so many things I could impart wisdom on — on the politics of war, on the success of army media, on the favoritism argument; on some of the deepest and most important topics this community faces — but I don’t want to talk about any of that. I want to talk about the human experience.

You’re guaranteed very few things in life. One of those very few things is that currently, there is a 100% chance you and I will die. We, sadly, don’t know the when, why, or how, but we do know the if. And, truly, this community is one of the best models of the human experience you will find without actually living it — and we only get to live it once. This, in many ways, can serve as a trial run.

I think it’s fair to say that my trial run has been successful. I have exposed corruption in countless Top Ten Armies, fought for a common sense reformation and campaigned against leaders who didn’t; I am arguably the most powerful CPAC CEO in army history, and I have anchored the news of a changing warfare community. It’s fair to say that most people who go through this community will not grasp the success I grasped. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Yes, what I realized in my last few months in this community is that it doesn’t matter. Now, that’s not to say this community was a waste of time — I will never be cynical of my time here. But the positions I held and the accolades I collected aren’t what was important about my army career — the only things that were important are the people I met and the lessons I learned. I may be a CP Army Legend, CPAC’s CEO, and one of the most influential people in the community, but above all, I am a teenager, just like you.

I worked day-in and day-out for CPA Central, and though this site’s success is gratification enough for my work, it’s not gratification enough for my career. During my time, I fought against corruption and for our evolution as a community; not only from a participation standpoint but also morally — I was generally viewed as “high-brow” because of this, and I guess rightfully so. Because of the way I used an intellectual arsenal to attack people I didn’t agree with or who I felt were destroying warfare, I was perceived as thinking myself better than, well, basically everyone here.

What I want to set the record straight about is that, while I do not regret what I did, that I do not look down on any of you. In fact, I am inspired by all of you. And I want you to know that it doesn’t matter if you’re going to end up a CP Army Legend or a forgotten recruit — what matters is your human experience. Are you happier outside of armies? Then that’s okay, don’t worry about being forgotten and go live. Do you never get tired of armies? Then that’s okay, stay here for as long as you desire. Dream big, but know that you aren’t guaranteed influence here or in the real world, and that’s why it just doesn’t matter.

What I take away from here is not CP Army Legend or CPAC CEO — as has been pointed out time and time again, that dies with the name Bluesockwa1. What I take with me, and what you should take too, is the people you met, the experiences you had and the lessons you learned. I have met people here that I hope I will be lifelong friends with, and someday even meet a few of them. I have evolved as a thinker, as a writer, and as a politician, and though I’m not even through high school yet, this world has helped me to figure out what I want to do with my life.

Did you meet people; make friends and enemies? Did you learn, grow and evolve just as our community does? If so, you’re just as successful as anyone else here. I don’t care if you’re a recruit or a major army leader; no one here is better than anyone else. We are all looking for different things and we will all achieve them in different ways. You and I, we’re guaranteed to die. And on the off chance that you aren’t going to live forever, why not take a shot at being happy right now?


114 Responses

  1. I love you


  2. Goodbye man.

    It feels like I’ve known you for an age. I’ve dropped in and out of here loads and loads and a few times never thought I’d come back to CP Armies yet every single time I would check up on CPAC it would have improved from the last time I checked it.

    When you first joined CPAC I hated you, I resented you, I thought I was generally all round better than you. You were never really horrible to me yet I always looked down on you and now you retire with me looking up to you.

    What you have done for this site and CP Armies in general is immense, there is no question that for the last few years you have shaped the community into the place it is.

    Not only that but you’re a great guy. It’s sure as hell gonna be weird on CPAC without you.

    I’m not even sure if you need a “good luck in your life” type remark because I’m sure you’re going places anyway but, good luck man and thanks for putting up with me all this time 🙂


  3. rip in penguins blue1 :(:(:( 2011-2003 may gud rest ur soles :(:(:(


  4. Yo i was looking for btoh sockwas on acp chat the other day and i cant find then (cry) BYE!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Bye Blue, we’ll miss you.


  6. Goodbye Blue1, hope you can come back someday 😦


  7. I never thought about the end, but here it is.

    When you first arrived at CPAC I had my doubts about you, in particular when you jumped straight to Head Reporter. But without a doubt you are better than Ias, Skloop, Woton and I were. You, alongside Blue2, took what I had at CPAC and changed it into a corporation with higher views than ever and a better CPAC than ever before. It was truly incredible.

    You were also a good friend and a good laugh, and I hope that you continue to stay on XAT so we can still speak to each-other. You were an awesome person to be around and CPAC will be strange without you there.

    Your views and ideals were controversial, but in my eyes you were not often wrong. It will be a miss here without you, but your legacy will live on. I am glad that you have given me the opportunity to continue this legacy and I wish you the best in the future, possibly a career in journalism?!?

    Adios Blue


  8. I cri everytiem

    Bye B1


  9. The day has come, hasn’t it? It feels like only yesterday that we were trading wisecracks on UMA chat, enjoying one of the most successful and fun eras of both our careers. I’ve only known you for about 3 years, but those 3 years have felt like a lifetime. I like to think sometimes what life WOULDN’T be like if I hadn’t looked up Club Penguin Ice Vikings back in 2010.

    Truthfully, I can’t imagine it, because I wouldn’t have met amazing people like you.

    You’ve shaped not only my career in armies, but in real life. You’re easily one of the closest people to me in warfare, and I’m blessed to call you my great friend. When I needed somebody to lean on, you were always there to talk to. Even though you’re younger than me, your wisdom is far beyond your age. You have such a spectacularly bright future ahead of you that it’s not even funny. I’ll see you living your dream one day, because unlike others, you don’t just dream. You do. That’s the premise of being successful.

    I’m excited for the next year or two, but scared at the same time. Knowing you’ll be by my side when I need it, however, is more comforting than you could ever imagine.


  10. How to read the ‘Goodbye’ section

    1. Press F3
    2. Type in your own name
    3. 0 of 0 matches
    4. Skip it.


  11. I feel good to be a part of the very few people who will actually read the whole post. Thank you Matt, for every chat we’ve had, and every thing you’ve taught.
    I will miss you, a CP Army lexicon and an exuberant person and dexterous writer. I loved the few moments of hilarity and happiness that we shared. I might not have known you since long, but I surely knew a lot about you from people who told me about you. I was always an avid reader of all your philosophical articles, specially about RPF under Elmikey, ACP and the general stuff that has enlightened me over the the time I have known you. You are a true luminary.

    -Fellow Genital-less Giant [Yeah, you missed it, homie.]


  12. I say… I don’t write everything like that….


  13. >Reads whole post
    >Thinks B1 must’ve missed Step
    >Does Command + F


  14. Bye b1 😦


  15. Okay, joke post aside, I cannot express how much dismay I am experiencing to see you go.
    You are quite possibly one of the most… I cannot even come up with a word to describe you. Several words can describe you, Truthful, Fair, Just, Diligent, Gregarious, Passionate, and Intelligent. You sought to help correct the wrongs of our community by using the ultimate weapon; information.

    You have a complete sense of justice for the community, one of the few, maybe the only one, with such a sense. If you had been leading the council by yourself without me and Tap (mainly Tap, no offense to him).

    I weep for the lost of such a philosopher and leader. May people learn from you for generations to come.


  16. I remember you when I was an extreme noob I remember u before I knew about cpac


  17. Adios Matt. I know I wasn’t the best reporter, with most of my reports being on par to early CPAC in quality, but I gotta thank you for letting me in this mess of a site known as CPAC. I do remember the coup of 2012, not our best moment in armies as GT did die soon after since the three of us leading were kinda too philosophical to do anything. I am glad to have met you and your posts were some of the top quality this site has seen. It’s gonna be strange not seeing you yell at the reporters to get their asses moving and report on the latest war.


  18. this is who I am without u b1


  19. Bye Blue, we will miss u 😉


  20. Take care bud.


  21. No matter how much shit people gave you, or how much people rebelled against CPAC, you still managed to make CPAC the best news site in CP armies. I hope we can still talk whenever possible, and I wish you the best of luck in the future. ❤


  22. Omg Blue1, with all of these memories l had with you. You sure is funny, and yet sometimes we goof around. Heh. You probably didn’t say anything about me during this retirement post, but thats ok because l actually met you for so long, and l always talked to you when Goblin imposted as Blue2. [l think] xD.
    Those were the days, and that was the best fail of the year!!!
    Im gonna miss you Blue1, even though its so difficult to have a person like you leaving here.
    But l hope you will stay strong, and hopping you will stay safe in life. Goodluck to whatever you go.
    Peace man.


  23. One day I hope I can be like b1 :).


  24. Thanks for everything you’ve done B1


  25. “Daniel/Eyes: Not only are you and Wg the sole reason UMA is alive today,”

    Fuck you, b1. You magnificent bastard.




  27. Blue

    No offence but you thought i hated you but i didn’t, i guess you was one of them guys that you could just look up to and i enjoyed our arguments and in the end I decided to apologize for being a bit of a dick.

    I guess that i should have taken the time to know you.

    After reading this post, i wanted to thank you for leaving that horrible leader Mrtchy out of you’re thank you list.


  28. Blue keep in touch, we can run politics in the real world ❤


  29. I’d be more sad if it was B2


  30. The b1 is love, b1 is life really got me going. 😉


  31. My utmost respect to you and your brother. Thank you for your time and effort in this virtual community. I wish you happiness and prosperity on the rest of your life. Never knew you well but I sure as hell know you did a fantastic job.


    • Ur making it sound like

      “Blue was a kind decent man and his death is a shock to us”

      I think goodbye and thanks will do


  32. Bye blue, I think our relationship grew immensely once I became owner in ACP, with our little endeavors and such,(i’m still annoyed you never called me “mike”, considering it IS my rl name and all…) I’m sad i never served as an administrator rank when you were CEO of CPAC, but i hope to work with you more in the future.

    See ya around, and hopefully at an eagles playoff game in the future; let’s make it happen.


  33. y dis fuqin html shet not workin


  34. You dont even know me, but i believe that you can’t be topped as a CEO.


  35. Bye B1!!!


  36. I love you Matt. You and Chris need to cum and visit me ❤


  37. rip b1
    taken by cp illuminati!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. You forgot that you gave funks head, just that one time…..


  39. Standing Ovation.


  40. B1, ever since I started working for CPA Central, you acted like a brother to me. As the hipsters say these days, you were my ‘brotha from anotha motha’.
    It will be hard to see you leave my eyesight.

    P.S.: Have a good time in the rest of your high school days.


  41. B1, congratulations on a fantastic career! It has been a pleasure working so closely with you on a lot of CPAC’s undertakings the past year or so. You’re an incredibly gifted writer and leader, and I see a top management position in your future with how well you led CPAC. Find something new to dedicate your time to, and I know you will excel (I’m thinking school newspaper; you’d be a natural editor-in-chief).

    Now that all of the niceties are out of the way, I would be remiss if I didn’t dump a few of my own classic B1 moments:

    And one for the ages:


  42. Bluesockwa1,

    It’s not often that I come out of my retirement hole, but I feel compelled to say that you sir were one damn good writer. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your articles and I only hope that someone can fill the shoes that you’re leaving behind. I wish you all the luck for your life in the real world, I know you’ll do great things.

    WW Retired Leader,



  43. Ah Blue, I remember from our very first conversation you saw potential in me. I believe it was along the lines of “I will be looking forward to your leadership under the Doritos.”
    These last few months working for CPAC have been great. Thank you for my opportunity to be able to work for this news site. I was able to quickly become a part of the senior staff and I don’t think I’ve let you down yet.
    Your speaking highly of me in your post truly means a lot to me. I will continue to put in hard work for this site for a long time to come.
    Hopefully we just might be able to meet up in person. I know some bad bitches you would love. 😉


  44. Uh can you guys remind me when do you get too old for this? I’m currently feeling like a 30 year old chick who just started her modelling career.


  45. Bye B1!


  46. Thanks for the mention, and thanks for being a great friend.
    I’ll always be available if you need any anime recommendations (hehe), so feel free to kik me anytime!

    also thanks for introducing me to clannad. my god that was the best show ive ever seen

    ill miss u buddy


  47. Blue-

    dood bloo y u leeb im cring every1 here cring

    You’re THE coolest person in this community. Period. You changed the face of the media, and you were THE most important voice in the army community for years, and I’m sure even in retirement your voice will remain influential. We’ve had our differences, but overall I really enjoyed meeting you here. You’ve had an extremely successful career, and I’m sure that your career in real life will be equally successful.

    keep in touch ❤


  48. An amazing post as always, Make sure you use all those skills outside of armies as well alright?
    // Anyways take care mate it’s been great’ //


  49. You were always my favorite of the Bluesockwas and why you no mention me in your post? #TheCringIsRealHehe ~Rocky


  50. Just got un-grounded and this happens…

    It saddens me to see you go, Blue, but I’m sure it’s for the best. Club Penguin armies are fun and all, but you have the skills and the ability to achieve so much more in life.

    I’d like to thank you for what you’ve done to armies, and how you’ve shaped it into the community it is today. If it wasn’t for people like you, armies wouldn’t even be here today. I’d also like to thank you for the funny moments we’ve had together, and being such a good friend. You’re one of the reasons that I even continued playing the game.

    Anyway, enough of my rambling. I wish you good luck for the future! (dont smoke weed pls)

    – Change.


  51. I’m so glad, that we were able to have a scandalous relationship. Love you Blue ❤


  52. Take care Blue, you were truly an inspiration ❤


  53. There are no words in the English lauguage that could come close to describing the impact Bluesockwa1 had on the community. A true legend. & all around great guy.

    I still hope to see you on chat often, enjoy retirement!


  54. Now go away


  55. After thoroughly reading this post and thinking back nonstop to all the memories you and I have shared, as well as the laughs; it makes me sad beyond belief to see you go. You’re one of the most honorable people I’ve ever met. You possess qualities in which most people in general cannot mimic even if they attempt to do so purposely. You’re funny, intelligent, and always know what to do in times where things are down. Most of all, you’ve been a great friend over the years and I’m extremely proud to have gotten to know you and share a part of your army career with you. It’s funny, it feels like only yesterday I read the post of your induction as the new head and I was disappointed beyond belief. Yet, it was because I didn’t know the real you, but soon after we were acquainted and the rest from there on is nothing but extravagant memories. I hope the path you take for the remainder of your life goes well, and I’ll always remain in touch with you and be able to speak with you if you need me. Thank you for being such a great friend and a remarkable person.

    Your friend,


  56. Blue, it was great to get to know you. Your impact on this community is immeasurable, and there’s no telling what you’re going to succeed in outside of it.

    Best of luck,


  57. You will be missed….

    The anarchists are returning.


  58. u maid cpac biased and corrupted tho, ur bad and should be dead
    -elmikey 2014
    in all seriousness goodbye based bluesocwa senpai we will miss you


  59. Bai Blue1, we had good times, like when u wedded me and Slime and the fighting with SMAC xD I’ll miss u ;3



  60. Baa, you probably didn’t like me very much, but well, baa bye.
    I have always respected you and your contributions to our community, and everything would have been very different without you. Thank you for all you have done for us.


  61. Blue1, I will definitely look back fondly upon our days as RPF comrades in spring of 2012 for a long while ahead, among all other things you and I had done together throughout your successful and innovative leadership here in the Club Penguin Warfare Community. I am truly honored to have been in such as a close acquaintance to you for some time. One only has to look for so long to notice the day-to-day happenings in and around this system to eventually see your lasting and positive effects throughout. Good luck in life, Blue; you have a good deal of wisdom to offer the world.


    • And I would have added more as well, but I’ve been rather foggy as of late. Sorry 😦 But I will also add that it meant a lot to me that you remembered some of those events back from the day.


  62. I love you Blue <3. Thick and thin ❤ over the years ❤


  63. There aren’t that many socks in CP armies. You my friend, have great taste in usernames.


  64. No, not everybody leaves a mark. I should know, been here 7 years, health stopped me from doing much. Listen to a vet, dont be lazy. Try your hardest in this community. Sigh, what I couldve done had I been able. ):


  65. Even though I was SMAC!!!! I still liked you and I wish you good luck. ❤


  66. i want to crawl inside you and lick all your vital organs

    i love you more than Elmikey loves reinforced adult diapers™

    we belong together like dpds lips, and bluesockwa arse

    when i see you uncovering scandals, i wish my naked body was a scandal, so you could uncover it also


  67. Comment #108


  68. Like

  69. Blue

    You’ve been like a father to me.
    You’ve guided me.
    You’ve aided me.
    You’ve helped me when I need advice.
    You’ve mentored me.
    You’ve built me.

    And now,
    I thank you.


  70. Haha, I love on you put the Albaro Intercourse Crisis as one of your top post. It was real my friend, for the last time, I salute you.


  71. Godspeed, you brave, beautiful b̶a̶s̶t̶a̶r̶d̶ pioneer. I’m sure our paths will cross again somewhere. The world’s a big place. I’m glad to have known you and every single member of this great community. You were a true pioneer, and your legacy will outlive your career here.

    Wherever you end up, I’m sure you’ll excel. Good luck and goodbye.

    – D


  72. I’m late as fuck, and why the hell do I have the smallest friend note, jkjk i kid, thank you for everything blue, especially the ban on reddbud. Fucking piece of shit he was.


  73. […] mentors, my teachers, and my friends – it is to you that I dedicate this […]


  74. […] mentors, my teachers, and my friends – it is to you that I dedicate this […]


  75. B1, if you see this ever come in the new discord’s I’d love to catch up with you and B2 I hope you read this


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