CPAC Special Report: The RPF Impersonation Obsession

UPDATE 1:40 PM EST: Daniel, former UMA leader , has published a post on the UMA site denouncing Itachi6dark as a fake.

UPDATE 8:51 AM EST: “Tanman626” has mysteriously vanished from the RPF ranks page.

TUEXDO, RPF Empire — The embattled former titan the Rebel Penguin Federation has certainly seen its share of controversy and scandal the last year, as the army skyrocketed back to power in July 2013 under Elmikey, and several leaders sharing his philosophy who followed. Mr Waffle45, RPF’s current leader and one of the most controversial since Elmikey himself is certainly no exception. He recently promoted Elitesof, formerly Elites leader, to the RPF leadership, in an attempt to help revamp the army’s collapsed public image. However, his attempts, along with those of Mr Waffle45, seem to be far more underhanded than meets the eye.

RPF’s history with impersonation is not terribly difficult to dig up; not long after Elmikey’s initial rise to power, in mid August, 2013, a new leader was promoted in RPF: Vendetta. He claimed, initially, that he was an old 2007 veteran, with no relation to the Night Warriors Legend in spite of their similar names and personalities. Though Vendetta did not claim to be the actual NW Vendetta, his name was no accident and it was clear that the intention was to help draw attention to the army by conjuring images of an old, respected figure who had now rejoined to help with the new generation of an army suddenly given new life.

Sadly, the return of “Vendetta” was not to be; a CPAC Special Report, published days later, revealed he was in fact Red Gush24, the last leader of the old RPF who had promoted Elmikey to leader and then retired from the army some months earlier. The impersonation tactic died along with Red Gush’s disguise, and RPF continued to rise under Elmikey’s novel recruiting methods.

Now, a few weeks shy of a year later, it seems that a floundering RPF has once again returned to its old ways, in an attempt to generate interest in the army. Earlier today, it was announced that Tanman626 would be joining the current RPF leadership as a new figurehead for the army. No post was made, but his name has since been added to the RPF ranks as leader. Elitesof also confirmed for CPAC that Itachi6dark, a legendary UMA Leader who retired in early 2009, would be joining the army as Second in Command.

Besides commenting on the previous affiliations of both people and the fact that, given UMA and the Nachos’ past histories with RPF, the likelihood of either choosing to join the army is slim, other discrepancies have given rise to suspicion over the sudden resurrection of a retired Nacho leader and a UMA legend who have both been retired for years. “Tanman626” is currently ownered on RPF chat, under xat account nachoTanman626 (640658121), while his old account ID from his time as Nacho leader is 217349169.

Tanman has claimed he was locked out of his old account, but members of the Nachos and Bluesockwa1, CPAC CEO have all attested to speaking with the real Tanman626 on his original 9-digit account as recently as yesterday, so the sudden locking out seems unlikely. However, for just a moment, we will say that both have actually gotten new accounts. It should be a simple matter to provide proof and dispel all the controversy, right? Apparently, not so.

I went to RPF chat myself and spoke with “Tanman626.” I asked about his joining RPF, something I found strange but not completely unbelievable. However, as our conversation progressed, I was struck by a difference in Tanman’s personality and reasoning from my previous encounters.

Bluesockwa2, for CPAC, asking Tanman626 about his reasons for joining RPF.

I then enquired as to why he had not joined what seemed like the logical choice, the Nachos, who have recently been decently large but could still certainly use the boost Tan’s return could bring. The response I received was even more intriguing.

“Tanman626” responds to a question about why he had joined RPF and not Nachos.

This seemed out of character for Tanman to me. He was known as a passionate leader but also as a reasonable guy; the real Tanman would have absolutely no problem providing proof that he was who he said he was. I enquired with Beeky about his encounter, and received more information to back up the accusation that the RPF Leader’s personality did not match his namesake’s.

Beeky responds to a question about “Tanman”.

Some of the Nachos now converged on RPF chat, where another argument took place that seemed greatly out of character for Tanman: he was defensive, belligerent, and didn’t remember conversations that had happened only days ago.

Tanman of RPF soon went offline, and I began digging around. The Nachos tried to contact him but could not. Several others I contacted agreed with me that Tanman seemed suspicious, but since no definite proof could be found and they could not contact him they were unable to help. Finally I reached Tanner, who was able to contact the real Tanman by text message. Within minutes, we had our answer.

Tanner’s conversation with Tanman626 (1/3).

Tanner’s conversation with Tanman626 (2/3).

Tanner’s conversation with Tanman626 (3/3).

As it seemed, RPF’s Tanman was a blatant lie, likely thought up to generate interest in the army. Tanman is joining the Nachos, as was expected, and the RPF Tanman’s lack of attempts to prove he was real finally served as damning evidence against him. The question now remains, who really is “Tanman626”?

In the same fashion, the knowledge that Tanman is a fake forces us to question the even more likely member of the RPF ownership, Itachi6dark. Itachi retired from UMA and armies in early-mid 2009 and has been seen only very infrequently since then. I received a chat from the newly-appointed second in command during the argument about Tanman.

Bluesockwa2’s conversation with Itachi.

This struck me as odd; I cannot remember ever having a conversation with Itachi, much less having known him well, and his retirement (early 2009) happened before CPAC even existed, let alone before I was a part of it. While it is possible Itachi returned at some point and I was unaware, it seemed strange that he was so comfortable with the concept of CPAC and apparently knew of its existence. Itachi has also provided no proof of his identity and, realistically, seems a likely fake — his fame comes largely from his tenure as leader of UMA; to join RPF, UMA’s mortal enemy, would be extremely out of character for most UMA leaders of his day. In addition, he is by no means a retiree who has stuck around; Itachi was almost never seen after 2009 ended. This, coupled with the evidence proving “Tanman626” a fake, casts further doubt on the identity of RPF’s new second in command.

So, why impersonate old legends? Really, the tactic is more common than it may seem; Pink Mafias is “returning” to UMA almost every other summer, and the Army Republic once famously claimed Chrisdog93, a Club Penguin blogger, had joined their army. Bringing back old legends brings a sense of hope, renewal, and potential to an army, and can also help led the credibility of the reputations that these great leaders have to an army with a floundering one. This is RPF’s answer: the army is stained by the scandals of the past year and is looking to give itself a new personality and a new face by bringing in old veterans, outsiders, to the army. Elitesof was the first, and then RPF attempted to recruit Tanman. When their efforts stalled, they resorted to a far more dastardly tactic; impersonating legends to pretend they had joined.

Regardless, the impersonation of Tanman626 is an unfortunate blemish on a very new leadership, and exemplifies a trend of deception that hopefully will be put to a stop quite quickly in RPF and in the wider community. 

What do YOU think? Comment YOUR opinion!

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CPA Central CEO

30 Responses

  1. Lmao faking a person who was on a few nights ago? Good job


  2. Rpf just gives away ranks though. seriously, one of my friends just went on rpf’s legends page, chose an old legend and made a xat account similar to his name. He was modded once he went on chat. XDDDDDDDDD


  3. tldr ; Red Gush24 wanted to return to leader and we thought it would be fun to be “Vendetta” since he was just done watching V for Vendetta and was feeling very rebellious against the corrupt, extremely bias CPAC.


  4. And thus starts begins a Nacho/RPF Cold War.


  5. This Tanman guy came on LT chat too asking me for leader since he was a ”Nacho Legend”. I asked him to log on CP or log onto the Tanman626 xat account he was on a couple of days ago (on Nachos chat) and he just went AFK then went to RPF chat.


  6. Actually, I’m not sure it’s RPF as a whole.

    Elitesof was apparently “very eager” to have tan in RPF, and from what I’ve been told, was his main supporter when there was a vote amongst the leadership.
    Elitesof also defended him the most, despite the evidence going against him.

    And then he goes and hires someone who’s impersonating a UMA veteran…

    I don’t think we should rule out the possibility that he’s involved somehow.


  7. Daniel isn’t a UMA leader..


  8. lmao


  9. Did the RPF even try one bit?


  10. Too much on RPF Chat that’s what the problem is.


  11. My whole opinion on this situation was that this impersonator saw that I had been searching for an army to join because of my comeback & wanted a quick easy owner rank so he took the opportunity. Kind of a stupid idea since he/she should have known that I would soon be back. Lol. The closest I even got to rpf these last few days was Elitesof offering me an owner position but me declining due to Nachos & RPF being rivals. I am currently a Nacho advisor & that is it.


  12. Maybe instead of bring back fake legends, why not do something and earn legend :D!



    Patrick saying Uhh: The moment when you don’t know what to say.


  14. I knew that trouble would erupt, starting from the very second that he became a RPF Leader. For one, nice job impersonating a legend who is on Nachos Chat everyday Elitesof. And Itachi6dark, along with Trickster and many other UMA Legends, killed RPF, and attacked them every time they attempted to return. And don’t forget Itachi’s Red Raiders, which had a full out war with RPF. Not even a chance that Itachi and Tan did join RPF.


  15. Elitesof has NOTHING to do with Elites. I respectfully ask you to edit this please.


  16. galaxy news radio > cpa central


  17. RPF has had some impersonations on chat, including me. Ayush got impersonated, then the REAL Ayush accidently membered an impersonated Burnt Pickle. Even I got impersonated and in this post it mentions that Tanman got impersonated and in the post, says something Elitesof. This impersonation could be somewhat linked to Elitesof joining RPF. Elitesof could have impersonated Tanman and a few other people. Elitesof is my first victim.


  18. RPF are liars, they lie of winning a war against LT (they didn’t), and they put lots of crude Photoshop propaganda pictures of LT running away. Thanks for exposing them!


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