Top Ten Armies: 07/27/14

While some armies do hold onto their ranks, we see some shifts in the Top Ten this week as we move through the first round of CPAC’s Legends Cup V.

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Legends Cup V: LIVE

Follow ALL the action LIVE from the Legends Cup V

The Life and Times of Flipmoo/Slimball2007

BREEZE, ACP Empire — Flipmoo/Slimball2007 — a veteran hailing from the early days of armies, the founder of the Impossible Mission Army Force, and the leader largely credited with the Army of Club Penguin’s rise back to World Power from its 2012 slump — has brought an end to his career, retiring from armies earlier today. His retirement post can be read here. Continue reading

Doritos and ACP Clash in Practice Battle

SUMMIT Doritos Empire – Just about two days ago, the Doritos army and the Army Of Club Penguin clashed in a Practise Battle. Both armies did well, especially the Doritos, after their recent fall. The Doritos and the Army Of Club Penguin had a practise battle on Summit, the Dorito capital. Here is a review of this battle. The Army Of Club Penguin claimed to have averaged twenty three to twenty six and the Doritos claimed to have maxed twenty to twenty two. Continue reading

Ice Warriors vs Redemption Force: LIVE

Tune into the Ice Warriors vs Redemption Force Practice Battle, live on

Ground Zero: Part 3 — World War III

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“You’re fired” – Getting Fired from Armies

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters –  Does getting fired from armies affect your Club Penguin Army career? Is it just another unimportant detail of the said “career”?

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ACP and Nachos Clash in Practice Battle

BREEZE, ACP Capital – The ACP, who have had quite a history with the Nachos, held a practice battle against their long time rivals, with respectable sizes from both sides.

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CPA Central Anniversary Giveaway Sign-Ups

PLEASE NOTE: If you submit a comment prior to the time of 3:00EST tomorrow, you will not be considered. 

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — In the first of two giveaways for CPA Central’s five-year anniversary, a trivia bracket on the site’s history will give eight lucky viewers a chance to win powers.  Continue reading

Retirement of 6789cool: My Time Has Come

6789cool retired from the Nachos Leadership today after two and a half years of service to the army. I was given the chance to work with Cool last year at CPA Central, and I, along with many others, were struck with Cool’s sense of humor and his longstanding dedication to his army. He will be missed — the original post can be found here and a transcript is below. 

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The Emote Bomb — Is It Still Needed?

Jump back to 2008. What a year for CP Armies. Oagalthorp retires from ACP. Zippy500 retires from the Nachos. Order 67 is enacted. UMA falls, gets rebuilt, and ends the year on a high note. One of the first army tournaments, Bobcatboy’s Christmas Tournament, is won by ACP in a final showdown with IW. Armies are revolutionized and turn into war machines as Xat becomes the focal point of the CP Army community. Tactics revolutionize, rogues became less in number, and size became more important. Which brings one of the most revolutionized and famous tactics, the emote bomb, into question- is it long past overdue as the essential tactic?

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Reds Recreated and Declare War on UMA

COLD SNAP, Reds Empire – The Reds were only just recreated by CP Army Legend Elitesof, who quickly appointed Shadow, former Federation Leader and Konrad, Tony and Beruff to the leader position. They had only just had their second event before they declared war on the legendary Underground Mafias Army, who have been performing poorly in recent weeks. Continue reading

Retirement of Sneezy: An End of An Era

Sneezy35 retired today after six long years with the community. Through good and bad, I have always held respect for Sneezy and have come to regard him as a good friend in the past year. The army community loses a true Nacho today; one who embodied the ideals of the army since its beginning. Sneezy will be missed.  Continue reading

Practice Battle Under Review: GT vs. SWAT

HALF PIPE, Battle Territory — On Tuesday, July 23, the Golden Troops dueled the rising Special Weapons and Tactics army in a practice battle.

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Dark Warriors & Light Troops Battle For Frosty

FROSTY, Disputed Territory – Following many disputed battles between these two armies, the Light Troops and the Dark Warriors fight for the server Frosty using their UK/US forces.

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