The Life and Times of Flipmoo/Slimball2007

BREEZE, ACP Empire — Flipmoo/Slimball2007 — a veteran hailing from the early days of armies, the founder of the Impossible Mission Army Force, and the leader largely credited with the Army of Club Penguin’s rise back to World Power from its 2012 slump — has brought an end to his career, retiring from armies earlier today. His retirement post can be read here.

[My mission is] to restore what’s been lost for the past year. Which is why I ask for your support. Without the people, I am nothing, but with the support of all of you I believe that I will truly be able to lead ACP back to its former glory again.

That was Flipmoo, on November 16, 2013, following the overthrowal of Cassius Brutus from the Army of Club Penguin. Flipmoo promised change that night — armies should hold their leaderships accountable for failure, and that night, the ACP held its leader, Cassius Brutus, accountable for failure. After months of political conflict in the army, Flipmoo promised changed — I liked that moment; the soldiers of ACP liked that moment. And seven months later, change we have been given.

Coined the sculptor of AUSIA, Flipmoo’s seven-month term leading the Army of Club Penguin — not to mention more than a year commanding their AUSIA forces — brought his career to heights the Impossible Mission Army Force never could have. Though he has spent some seven years in this community, Flipmoo’s fame and influence has, undoubtedly, never been higher than in the months he sat at the helm of the Army of CP. Seven months later, he has brought the army back to world power status from its fall in 2012, and holds the title of CP Army Legend. His various accolades throughout the past year, such as titles on Person of the Year 2013 and The CPA Central 25, only go further to show the impact he had on this community.

Even before he assumed the ACP Leadership on November 17, 2013, Flipmoo’s influence was arguably as great as those above him in the ACP. A native of Japan, Flipmoo did not let his territorial boundaries bar him from success — in fact, he used them to his advantage. Just as United Kingdom Divisions were irrelevant up until 2011, AUSIA Divisions were irrelevant until 2013. Though it’s sometimes hard to tell that we are literally watching the community change in front of our eyes, with Flipmoo’s AUSIA, we were. Splasher99, Former CPAC Executive Producer and ACP 3ic, once said,

I remember a friend in armies I had back as recently as 2011, who lived in Taiwan in the Army of CP. We never attended any events because no time zone was friendly for us, but we did toy with the idea of an Asian Division. Fast forward to 2013, and multiple Top Ten Armies now have divisions friendly to people living in the Pacific area, commonly known as AUSIA divisions. A remarkable achievement for a community previously based solely in the West, and the rise of AUSIA divisions can be tied back to a single individual: Flipmoo, founder of the long-dead IMAF and now leader of the army that was once unquestionably dominant, the Army of CP.

The coup d’etat of Cassius Brutus and the release of a massive dump detailing his “offenses” to the army was what led to Flipmoo’s rise to power; strangely enough, he had been fighting for the leadership months before this, but only after gaining major support to overthrow Cassius Brutus did he take the rank of ACP Leader. His dedication to policy and intelligence work was evident from the beginning: he calmed the treaty the ACP had formed with the Nachos, ended the war with SWAT, and his agency, the ITSA, worked to help the ACP during his time as leader despite remaining less of an ACP Agency and more of Flipmoo’s personal research department.

Flipmoo, however, cannot be discussed without discussing his Triumvirate; the leadership of Flipmoo, Sercan, and later Jerry2cool — the leadership that brought ACP out of its slump. That slump, one must understand, was not only felt on Club Penguin but also morally — as someone who anchored most of the important ACP stories, I can tell you that Flipmoo received the least negative press of any ACP Leader since the 2012 slump. Every leader following Kingfunks4 and prior to Flipmoo’s appointment as leader was embroiled in some form of scandal — Flipmoo was the one to finally pull ACP out of all this.

Despite setbacks such as the release of a massive dump leading us to question the Triumvirate and the confirmation of who edited pictures in the Army of CP, Flipmoo remained above all of the scandals. He remained dedicated to keeping alliances and treaties with as many armies as he could — as was noted by Boomer 20 in April of 2014, the Army of Club Penguin probably had a better standing respect among other armies under Flipmoo than under any other leadership. Though the Army of CP did, of course, go to war multiple times under Flipmoo’s seven month reign as leader — his diplomatic skills left the army unplagued by any huge wars.

Above you see a statistical ranking (full post here) that was compiled following the retirements of Sercan and Jerry2cool. Flipmoo’s leadership, without Sercan and Jerry, was just as impressive, with the ACP averaging world power status under his leadership and never falling out of the Top Five. One of the Army of Club Penguin’s constant reasons for success over these past month has been their AUSIA Divsion. The ACP’s AUSIA Division has been the best in the community since AUSIA became so widely-used, and has constantly served as an asset to the army during wartime.

A post from Kingfunks4 detailing the rise of AUSIA Divisions only further supports the effect that the Army of CP, and specifically Flipmoo, had on the division’s rise. In the interview, Flipmoo states, “My purpose, like I said, is to introduce a whole new timezone and community to CP Warfare. I hope that, with the current efforts of myself and the coexisting AUSIA divisions, that in the future there will be a leader with potential and will eventually surpass our current generation.” Though we may never see an AUSIA Leader with the skill of Flipmoo, he has built a division — and that’s something very few can say they did.

Flipmoo’s impact on the community was widespread — felt by troops of his ACP, members of the army and leaders of other armies alike. In his retirement post, which was released earlier today, he recounted the long seven-year career that spanned the Impossible Mission Army Force, the Army of CP and so much in between. An excerpt from that post; Flipmoo’s recollection on those years, is below.

I cannot believe how long it’s been ever since I created my first Club Penguin account on February 8th, 2007. The years that I’ve spent in this virtual community are very important to me, and I mean it in a way that transcends the usual platitudes. I’ve learned and discovered a lot of new skills and knowledge throughout my career. From the founding of the Impossible Mission Army Force & achievement of becoming an ACP leader to my induction as a Club Penguin Army Legend, I’ve had many triumphs and obstacles, but overall and most importantly; I enjoyed every moment of it. The time I spent with each and everyone of you will live on inside of me and will never be forgotten.

The position of Commander-in-Chief of ACP’s AUSIA Division, as well as leader of the army, will be handed over to Mrtchy. Mrtchy has long-served as the 2ic of ACP’s AUSIA Division and the army itself. His promotion to leader over a US candidate only further exemplifies the great effect AUSIA has on the Army of CP. In a statement to CPA Central, he had this to say.

Flipmoo retiring is something that’s been coming for awhile now, but he made us prepared and trained us well. We will continue to thrive as we always have. 

I was lucky enough to not only share the title of some of this era’s most influential with Flipmoo; I was also able to share a great friendship with him. It’s not always easy to remain friendly in this community; especially when you work in the media or when you’re an army leader. Political aspirations and wars — all kinds of scandals, really — often get in the way. Flipmoo, in the time I knew him, always seemed too good for that. I could’ve published a scathing investigation of his army the day before, and the following day he’d be recommending some new anime to me.

While we might not realize it right now, and I think it’s hard to see it right now, really — I feel we are saying goodbye to one of this community’s best today. And not only a CP Army Legend, but a founder of a division. The Impossible Mission Army Force was his brainchild and the Army of Club Penguin was lucky to have been graced by his presence. And I know that just as I feel lucky, so many others feel lucky to call Flipmoo their friend. Many, too; they call Flipmoo their inspiration. It’s a pinnacle very few of us ever get to, and I cannot put into words how much I admire the respect with which Flipmoo handled his business. From all of us here at CPA Central, and from me personally, here’s to you, Flipmoo. May this be only the first inspiring chapter of your life.


CPA Central CEO


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  1. And now he has become the Asian Boomer.

  2. the coup d’etat of Cassius Brutus and the release of a massive dump

    release of a massive dump

    i lol’d

  3. Tramp the dirt down.

  4. bye flip ❤
    I will miss you homie

  5. CP illuminati

  6. byeeeeeeee ❤

  7. Nothing but respect for Flipmoo coming out of my mouth, for the first time in awhile on a retirement post.

  8. Great guy, great leader, and truly a force for good in many ways. Flipmoo was a fantastic ally, and a friend of mine, and he will truly be missed.

  9. I can see Mrtchy passing flipmoo as the greatest AUSIA leader ever, considering he can make it to any ACP division event and he has every damn tool necessary to be a great leader. It’ll take a lot, but I assure everyone the ACP AUSIA division will still be in good hands.
    P.S. ACP and RPF can now go to war now that flipmoo is retired, I’ll get a picture for proof later.

  10. Fuck you Flipmoo. You ruined this great community with a cancer known simply as your shitty Japanese divisions. Good bye.

  11. Be honored that I would make a comment on this post, but its not everyday that a leader from ACP retires. Another piece of ACP trash bites the dust. Who is next to leave the army that disgraces CP Warfare with its very existence. Death to ACP, soon they shall be erased. The bringing of the equilibrium is upon us.

  12. Thanks for such a wonderful post, Blue1.

    Thank you everyone that supported me during my career!

    And to the ACP, good luck!

  13. Why do so many pplz retire in july?! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  14. Love ya always Flip.

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