A Look Back in History: Tundra Wars

Hello CPAC readers,

We’re going to travel back in time to late 07′ early 08′ and take a look at the Tundra Wars. They were a series of battles that would take place between RPF (Rebel Penguin Federation), BB (Black Bandits), FGR (Fort Ghost Recon), and WW (Watex Warriors).These battles would start randomly start on the Server Tundra (hence the reason it was called the Tundra Wars) and would last for hours, and not just one or two hours but sometime 6 to 9 hours at a time. Those battles were over a disagreement over who actually owned Tundra. RPF claimed they did and so did WW and the same goes for FGR and BB.

From personal experience (leading FGR throughout all of this) I can say there were definitely times when I should have gotten Carpal Tunnel. Clicking a mouse for 5+ hours on end and typing up a storm. These series of wars were ridiculous.  The armies involved would spend all day on Club penguin recruiting. Which is what triggered almost 100% of these battles. We would see each other recruiting on what we would claim is our server and would attack. Within a few minutes we would have had our troops rounded up and wallah, another multiple hour battle. This would happen anywhere between 1 to 4 times a day.

In this video you can see one of the battles from the Tundra Wars:

In the video above, I actually remember this one. But It was a scheduled event between FGR and BB (which was rare) because 90% of the battles between ANY of us were spontaneous. But it almost Seemed back then that we would have a better turn out when we were in a spontaneous battle, compared to when we were fighting in a scheduled event.  Which was a huge pain in the rear for any leadership. No matter which army you were in.

At this point in time WW was on the downward slope and the largest army at this point was undisputed RPF. So skirmishes would break out between:

  • RPF vs WW
  • RPF vs BB
  • RPF vs FGR
  • FGR vs BB
  • FGR vs WW
  • BB vs WW

It was really just a huge free-for-all in Tundra. It got so big at one point that the news started spreading fast and other armies starting to join in on the action. Armies like ACP and Nachos tried to stake their claim. At this point RPF launched Operation: Tundra Clearing. Most people then and now who weren’t involved would say that the operation was successful. In many ways it was. it didn’t completely stop the fighting but it was the start of a pact between the originally involved armies. And we had eventually formed the “Tundra Alliance” Made of the same armies just we agreed to share tundra equally instead of constantly fighting over it. The tundra alliance worked well for what it was worth but internal conflict about who wants more of tundra started to cause more fights and eventually caused the ousting of FGR. Later on the BB were also kicked out. Both armies soon raised a lot of noise over the agreement and then alliance just fell apart and it became sort of a silent agreement that we were all allowed on the server. Just no one centrally owned it. Thus ending the “Tundra Wars”

Here is a few more videos for your entertainment from the tundra wars:

Hope you enjoyed this



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  1. inb4 A million “Aw, memories” comments from people who joined last year


  2. I wish I could’ve joined armies back then, it would’ve been so much fun.


  3. Armies were a lot of fun back then.


  4. Was this post really written by THE Korn, the reds leader back from 2006 or is this some other Korn


  5. Ah, the Tundra Union. I remember organizing that with Ziehen when he was leading RPF.


  6. Wish I could of been in CP Armies at this time.


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