How Great Was The ACP Triumvirate? || Ranking ACP’s Greatest Leaders and Leaderships

With the retirement of ACP’s hard-working US Leader Jerry announced this past Tuesday, it marks the end of one of the most accomplished ACP leaderships of the modern era. How does the Triumvirate stack up against some of the greatest leaders in the history of the Army of Club Penguin?

The History of The Triumvirate

On November 16, 2013, Slimball2007, better known as Flipmoo, assumed the position of Leader of ACP in a coup d’état of then-Leader Cassius Brutus. The move was controversial to say the least, with Cassius Brutus having been a largely successful leader, albeit not the most well-liked. After more than a year of toiling in the middle of the Top Ten rankings, ACP achieved sole control of 1st place under Cas’s leadership on September 15, 2013, a feat which had not occurred since July 15, 2012 under the leadership of Mchappy. For the remainder of his leadership, ACP consistently placed in the Top 3, never falling below 4th.

Despite its many successes, ACP’s reputation had taken a significant hit during this period. With its controversial alignment with then-RPF Leader Elmikey in the New Dawn Alliance, steady opposition to CPAC, a highly-publicized picture-faking scandal, and a brutal treaty that brought the war with the Nachos to an end, resentment of ACP’s leadership was growing from both without and within.

Enter Flipmoo, Sercan, and Jerry. With their ascension to power brought a wave of change to the landscape of ACP. Their first act, to rewrite the Nachos treaty, set the tone for a leadership that intended to restore its reputation as a loyal ally and a respected adversary. And this they surely did, ensuring good terms with DCP, IW, RPF, DW, UMA, SWAT, RF, and the Nachos, perhaps a greater amount of allies or mutual respect than ACP had at any point in its history. On the battlefield, the new leaders picked up where Cas left off, achieving 3rd in the Top Ten in their first week. By December 15, 2013, they had ACP back in 1st. But it wasn’t until January 2014 that the new leadership really hit its stride.

On January 12, 2014, ACP achieved 2nd in the Top Ten, the beginning a string of appearances in the Top 2 that has stretched on for 12 weeks and has yet to come to an end. A streak like this has not been seen in ACP since Flen, the tandem leadership of Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000, who strung together 19 straight weeks in the Top 2 from January 22, 2012 to May 27, 2012 (Flen had put together a 40-week streak earlier in their leadership as well). In the near term, the two remaining pieces of ACP’s Triumvirate are fast approaching the 14-week streak put together by the Nachos Leaders Puckley, Ads354, and Beeky128778 this past year.

The Analysis

Analysis of the leadership of the Triumvirate was conducted based on Top Ten results during their leadership. Since taking over ACP on November 16, 2013, the trio has never once been ranked below 4th. With a total of 16 Top 3 finishes in 19 weeks, they have achieved an 84.2% Top 3 placement rate, and with 8 first-place finishes, a 42.1% rate of achieving 1st. They also have an ongoing streak of 12 straight appearances in the Top 2.

As some of you may recall, I put together a list of the Top 15 Leaders of 2013 using this same method. Conducting the same analysis of the Top Ten results since the day of the coup, ACP’s leaders have an average Top Ten placement of 2.05. Comparatively, the greatest leadership of 2013, Puckley, Ads, and Beeky, had an average Top Ten placement of 2.10, and they were still a good bit ahead of the second place leadership, SaW and Unknown from DW, who had an average placement of 2.80, and the third place leadership, Elmikey from RPF, at 3.04. And with an 84.2% Top 3 placement rate, the current ACP leadership somehow managed to top the Nachos’ trio’s astounding 82.0% rate in 2013.

But what if we look only at the statistics since the full inauguration of the Triumvirate on February 14, 2014? This does only give us a 6-week window with which to analyze, but since the Triumvirate have all been leading together, ACP’s average Top Ten placement is 1.33, their Top 3 placement rate is 100%, and rate of achieving 1st is 66.7%. Again, this is a very small window, but for further points of comparison, Puckley, Ads, and Beeky had a 61.5% rate of achieving 1st, SaW and Unk had a 40.0% rate, and Elmikey had a 32.1% rate.

The Rankings

ACP has had a long tradition of having some of the greatest leaders in Club Penguin Army history. From Oagalthorp, to Shaboomboom, Boomer 20, and Mchappy, ACP has its share of representatives in CPAC’s Hall of Fame. But where does the Triumvirate rank among the greatest ACP leaderships of all time?

ACP’s 10 Greatest Leaderships (Of The Top Ten Era)

This list takes into account average Top Ten placement over the course of each leadership. Any leadership change is regarded as a new leadership for the purposes of this list. Records pre-dating the leadership of Flipper and Kenneth are incomplete or inconsistent due to CPAC’s early ineptitude at keeping itself from being hacked (which made researching this a real pain). No Top Ten records existed before Boomer 20’s first leadership.*

*Fun Fact: I created the first “official” series of Top Tens on April 15, 2009 although the concept was obviously not new, having been borrowed particularly from posts I had seen made by WW Leader Lucario 564 in March 2009. I also introduced the concept of an “Army of the Week” for up-and-coming armies in July 2009. Woton cited my Top Tens as a point of inspiration when he began CPA Central on August 5, 2009, borrowing aspects of both my Top Tens and Army of the Week features, as well as Luc’s “Army News” in his original CPA Weekly. We’ve come a long way!

Note: The date ranges are from the Sundays which would have been the first and last Top Ten of each leadership, not the starting and ending dates of the leadership. Top Tens are credited to the leader who led the majority of each week. There is a 5-week minimum for consideration.

1T. Boomer 20 [1st Term] (11/30/08 – 5/31/09), Boomer 20 [2nd Term] (10/4/09 – 1/3/10), Bobcatboy10 (9/12/10 – 12/5/10) – 1.00 Average

As you can see, we have a three-way tie for first place in our list of ACP’s greatest Top Ten-era leaderships. During each of these leaderships, ACP never once ranked outside of 1st place. Records are limited for Boomer 20’s 1st term due to much of it taking place before Top Tens were recorded. Records are also limited for Boomer 20’s 2nd term and Bobcatboy10’s leadership due to many of CPAC’s Top Tens being lost due to the site being hacked a number of times. However history has not lost the other achievements from these leaderships.

Boomer 20’s first leadership began when he took over the army on November 21, 2008 following a civil war between the current leadership and ACP Creator Oagalthorp. On top of this, ACP had been heavily outnumbered in a one-sided World War that same week. After the leadership had been settled, and getting things back on track, ACP won the first ever Christmas Tournament in December 2008 against the Ice Warriors. Shortly after New Year’s, Boomer 20 was voted Favorite Army Leader in an army-wide poll as ACP took home the award for Best Army of 2008. On February 28, 2009, ACP achieved an estimated 110 soldiers at the army-wide free-for-all battle known as The Clash of the Unforgiven. ACP continued to grow, breaking more size records along the way, including as many as 140 at an invasion of RPF on April 18, 2009. In May, the two heavyweights ACP and Nachos clashed in a massive and hard-fought war, eventually resulting in a mutual ceasefire. After the resolution of the Nachos war, ACP declared war on RFW and their allies ST and IMAF. Within a week, ACP had disposed of all three armies. Boomer led his final event on May 31, 2009, a sending-off party with sizes reported as high as 175 soldiers. He was presented with the Medal of Honor for his service by ACP Creator Oagalthorp. His historic first leadership was nicknamed the “Boomer Era”.

Boomer 20’s second leadership began with a coup of then-Leader Seanehawk on September 25, 2009 after ACP had fallen to 3rd for the first time in its history amidst yet another World War. By the end of the first week, ACP was back in 1st, where it would stay for the rest of Boomer’s second term. After taking down the famed Club Penguin Crew and helping to force a coup in the Nachos, ACP carried out a carefully planned invasion of Mammoth on Christmas Eve and presented the historic server to the army on Christmas Day. Then ACP set its sights on CPAC’s Decades End Tournament. After two massive battles with HSA and the Nachos, ACP faced off against the Nachos and IW in the Final, winning the tournament and title of Army of the Decade with reported sizes of 150 on Club Penguin, still the largest in CPAC tournament history. Boomer 20 was also elected Person of the Year honors as ACP took home Army of the Year in the first annual CPAC Awards. For his second term of service to the army, Boomer 20 became only the second ACP Leader along with ACP Creator Oagalthorp to have two Medals of Honor.

Bobcatboy10 took over ACP following the retirement of Matre10 in September 2010 in an era where many new armies were rising to power. After performing tremendously in wars with TG, AR, IW, and the Wizards, all while retaining sole possession of 1st place in the Top Ten, one of ACP’s strongest foes was taking aim at their title. The legendary Night Warriors were coming into their own under the leadership of Tomb147 and Vendetta, and a heavily hyped battle for 1st place was scheduled between the rival armies for November 27, 2010. In a massive showing, ACP had an estimated 100 soldiers on the server and nearly 120 people on chat. Though the outcome was debated, ACP once again took the title of #1 army in the Top Ten that week, and the battle went down as one of the largest in Club Penguin Army history, fueling the fire for a future war between ACP and NW. Unfortunately Bobcatboy10’s leadership was cut short due to computer problems, and his temporary replacement Mchappy went on to win the CPAC Christmas Chaos in December 2010.

4. Flipper7706/Kenneth1000 (4/3/11 – 7/1/12) – 1.20 Average

Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000 had a remarkable leadership with ACP. Their 66-week tenure was the second longest in ACP history behind only ACP Creator Oagalthorp’s 79 weeks. Over the course of their leadership, they had a number of streaks unmatched by any other leadership, including 40 straight weeks in the Top 2 and 19 straight weeks in 1st place. Although Top Ten scores were not introduced by CPAC Head Sklooperis until later in their leadership, their average score of 87.63 is the highest of any leadership ever. They also achieved 1st place in a staggering 84.7% of their weeks leading ACP. Taking over in late March 2011, the duo known as “Flen” began their leadership with a bang, defeating the Nachos and NW in the CPAC Top Ten Tackle tournament. Then in May, ACP took the title of Largest Army in CPAC’s Spring Shindig, an army-wide free-for-all event. In the summer of 2011, ACP advanced through to the Final of the 2nd annual CPAC Legends Cup, finishing 2nd ahead of the Ninjas but behind IW. Beginning a plan of conquest, Flen declared war on the Nachos, IW, and ST in succession, capturing nearly every server belonging to the Nachos and ST, as well as 5 more from IW. ACP continued to excel during the infamous Purple Republic war, achieving 65 on Club Penguin at one pivotal battle in late August. In October, ACP was victorious in the CPAC Scary Showdown against the Nachos, it’s third CPAC tournament victory under Flen. Then came the Black Alliance wars. After nearly wiping out the nation of LT, ACP successfully re-invaded Mammoth on November 7, 2011 and forced the Black Alliance to disband. Flen wrapped up 2011 by earning the title of Biggest Army of the Year, as Flipper7706 took home the title of Leader of the Year. January and February 2012 were marred with war, as ACP fought both LT and the Nachos simultaneously. The war escalated to a World War on February 19th when IW and DCP joined ACP and DW joined the Nachos and LT. After the Nachos switched sides a day later, LT surrendered to ACP, but ACP and its allies continued to invade for another week as LT’s nation was decimated. ACP continued to excel in its events, reaching the Finals of the CPAC Champions Cup despite losing to SWAT for the title. In May, ACP once again plunged into war with the Black Alliance armies SWAT, Pirates, and LT. The Nachos soon joined the war against ACP, prompting yet another World War which ended June 11th in a mutual ceasefire between ACP and LT. After surviving some of the most brutal wars in Club Penguin Army history, Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000 retired on July 1, 2012 with the final act of declaring war on the Nachos for consistently aiding their enemies in the Black Alliance wars. They were both honored with the Medal of Honor following their retirements.

5. Matre10 (5/16/10 – 9/5/10) – 1.25 Average

Matre10 took over the leadership of ACP following Shaboomboom’s 3rd and final term as Leader and carried ACP to great heights during the summer of 2010. He got off to a fast start, defeating GT in CPAC’s Rising Armies Tournament, and then defeating them again the next weekend in a rematch of the same battle. As summer approached, Matre10 invaded the popular server Frozen from IW and NW with sizes of over 80 on Club Penguin. It wasn’t long before another World War broke out, as ACP was faced with an invasion of Mammoth by the Nachos, IW, NW, and TG. With the help of DCP and WW, ACP came out victorious in the Battle of Mammoth. After ACP fought off countless invasions, the Nachos’ alliance began to dissolve, and they took the full force of ACP’s offensive retaliation, losing seemingly every event until Nachos Leader Ads354 surrendered the war to Matre10’s forces on July 10, 2010. The victory was a high point for Matre10’s leadership, with ACP achieving as many as 60-80 soldiers at some battles. Unfortunately this was not the end of the conflict, as the Nachos returned once again in mid-August with allies IW, NW, and TG for another attempted assault on the ACP nation. With help from RPF, the primary aggressor IW was crushed in the opening battles of the war, and IW’s allies quickly backed down from the war effort. The following weekend, ACP once again defeated IW at the opening battle, breaking their morale and easily winning the second and third battles of the day, effectively bringing an end to the war. Matre10 retired from ACP on September 4, 2010, turning the army over to Bobcatboy10.

6. Slimball2007 (Flipmoo)/Sercan 4444/Jerry2cool (2/23/14 – 3/30/14) – 1.33 Average

The Triumvirate finds its way onto our list as ACP’s 6th greatest leadership of the Top Ten area. Though they only spent 6 weeks with all three as Leaders of ACP, the results they produced cannot be discounted in a time when Top Ten position can shift dramatically week-to-week in the highly competitive environment. Leaders in this modern era cannot afford off-weeks and must produce many high-level events every single week. The Triumvirate has managed this even through a Top Ten formula change that dramatically increased the expectations of the modern army leader. With an average Top Ten score of 87.30, the trio asserts their status as the second highest scoring ACP leadership behind only Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000. Each and every week they have been together resulted in a Top Ten placement no lower than 2nd, and Jerry’s retirement is the only thing that will bring to an end their 4 consecutive 1st place titles under the Triumvirate name. From the tumultuous beginning of their leadership following the coup of Cassius Brutus, everything was building to this point when the trio would ascend to leadership together with a leader for each of the three divisions. In December, ACP advanced to the Semi-Finals of the CPAC Christmas Chaos, achieving 40 on Club Penguin but losing to eventual-champion RPF. In January, ACP achieved 60 on Club Penguin likely for the first time in 2 years. A week later, ACP advanced through to the Final of the CPAC Champions of 2013 tournament, beginning its streak of 12 consecutive Top 2 finishes. From February 2, 2014 to March 30, 2014, the ACP Triumvirate averaged a Top Ten placement of 1.22, finishing in 1st place 7 out of the 9 weeks. The year 2014 is still young, but the trio of Flipmoo, Sercan, and Jerry has thus far left their mark as the most successful leadership of 2014.

7. Icey Cold27 (Mchappy) [1st Term] (12/12/10 – 3/27/11) – 1.40 Average

Mchappy’s first leadership essentially began before he became Leader of ACP. As then-Leader Bobcatboy10 struggled to remain active amid computer troubles, on December 7, 2010, he announced Mchappy as his temporary replacement until he could return later that month. With less than a week to prepare, Mchappy was thrown into the CPAC Holiday Smackdown tournament for his first real test as Leader. He passed with flying colors, delivering a decisive victory over DW followed by a massive victory over UMA with sizes approaching 100 on Club Penguin in the second battle. Riding the momentum of the first round victories, ACP defeated AR and then the Nachos to clinch their spot in the Finals against the Ice Vikings. Then in one of the most historic tournament battles in Club Penguin Army history, ACP defeated not only IV, but also the Nachos and NW, who raided the Final, with a staggering 120 soldiers on Club Penguin and a record 132 people on ACP chat. Following the title victory in the Holiday Smackdown tournament, ACP Leader Bobcatboy10 returned to make Mchappy’s leadership official by stepping down to 2nd in Command. But as 2011 came around, the legendary NW was coming into its full strength, and in mid-January had managed to tie Mchappy’s ACP for 1st place in the Top Ten. After weeks of cold war between the two sides, full-scale war broke out on February 5, 2011 after ACP showed up to help DCP defend its servers from the invading NW. The Nachos quickly jumped on board, declaring their own invasions of ACP’s nation. The war began to turn ugly as NW displayed increased hostility in the form of anti-ACP and anti-DCP attack posts. A few early losses had set back the ACP war effort, prompting ACP Creator Oagalthorp to return and give additional support against one of ACP’s most powerful adversaries ever. By mid-February, ACP was down to its last 4 servers and had fallen to 3rd in the Top Ten for the first time since Seanehawk’s ill-fated leadership. Down but not out, ACP decided to direct its complete focus toward NW’s capital server of Fog. Mchappy and Oagalthorp together delivered a victory on Fog that turned the tides of the war, with close to 90 ACP soldiers marching the streets of NW’s capital server. ACP took the offensive, scheduling full-scale invasions of NW’s empire. By this point, NW had brought in IW and DW, who along with the Nachos, were to aid in their war effort. Despite the odds, ACP continued to string together victory after victory as the will of NW’s allies was breaking. On February 25, 2011, DW formed an alliance with ACP, prompting the Nachos and IW to surrender the war. With NW now all alone, ACP delivered to them a final, crushing defeat on Breeze on February 26, 2011 that brought WWV to an end. After a leave of absense, Mchappy returned, but retired soon after on March 25, 2011. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his service to the army.

8. Saint1119 [1st Term] (6/7/09 – 8/9/09) – 1.67 Average

Saint1119 was presented with the dubious task of being ACP Leader following the retirement of one of ACP’s greatest, Boomer 20. After excelling as a 3rd in Command in the high-intensity Nachos war in May 2009, it was her turn to take full control of the army. The first female Leader in ACP history, Saint1119 was forced to put her skills to the test early on, when RFW and IW declared war on the Golds, an ally of ACP. When ACP entered the war, it prompted the Nachos to jump in and defend RFW. The war quickly evolved into an ACP vs. Nachos conflict, with the Nachos invading Sleet. Under Saint’s leadership, ACP pulled off a huge come-from-behind victory at the defense of Sleet on June 10, 2009. The following day, the Nachos backed out of the war. One of the most successful battles of Saint1119’s leadership was a three-division practice battle with the Nachos on June 29, 2009 where each of ACP’s three divisions were sent to a different location on the server to fight head-to-head with the Nachos’ three divisions. ACP prevailed in a triumph of leadership and organization, with each ACP division defeating its assigned Nachos division, and totaling approximately 75 on Club Penguin as Nachos Leader Person1233 conceded defeat. At a defense of Tundra two days later, ACP fielded close to 80 and defeated IW, DW, RFW, and ST with some help from a Nachos raid. July 2009 was a tumultuous period in ACP’s history, as it was confronted first with the infamous IATW threat, followed by a rebellion of retired veterans and former army leaders known as NG. ACP managed to survive both of these trying periods, and Saint1119 retired on August 7, 2009. She was awarded the Medal of Honor for her service to the army.

9. Dryvit [1st Term] (8/16/09 – 9/13/09) – 1.90 Average

Dryvit took over for Saint1119 upon her retirement on August 7, 2009. At the time, he held the record for being the fastest ever to achieve the rank of ACP Leader, having joined a mere 8 months earlier as a new recruit. Early in his leadership, Dryvit was still dealing with the remnants of the NG rebellion. Around this time, the Nachos had surpassed ACP as the #1 army, however Dryvit kept them steady in 2nd place with division practice battles and recruiting sessions. On September 29, 2009, ACP declared war on the Ice Ninjas in a preemptive strike that undercut their own attempts to declare war on ACP. Though this war never really panned out, it was one of the few aspects of Dryvit’s leadership not derailed by conflict outside of Club Penguin. Dryvit retired from ACP on September 13, 2009.

10. Casiusbrutus (9/29/13 – 11/17/13) – 3.13 Average

Cassius Brutus became ACP Leader on August 22, 2013 after the retirement of then-Leader Capncook, joining Tori in the ACP leadership. After a disappointing fall to 10th in the Top Ten under the previous administration 2 weeks prior, Cassius Brutus helped get things back on track with a 4th place ranking in his first week. On the Sunday of September 15, 2013, the duo of Cassius Brutus and Tori had returned ACP to sole possession of 1st place in the Top Ten for the first time since Mchappy’s second term in July 2012. ACP’s US Division had continued to struggle however, and on September 21, 2013, Cassius Brutus overthrew Tori to take complete control of the army. Not long after, LT and WW declared war on ACP. Though the war with WW lasted a mere two days, the LT war continued to escalate. As the war raged into mid-October, RPF joined alongside ACP on October 12, 2013. As DCP entered the mix, the New Dawn Alliance, or NDA for short, was born. In response, the Nachos joined the war to aid LT, forming the Bloodline Alliance. Overwhelmed by the trio of opponents, LT had bowed out of the war, leaving the Nachos taking the full barrage of the NDA’s attacks. On November 3, 2013, the Nachos surrendered and agreed to one of the most brutal treaties in army history, which, among other things, forced the removal of one of the Nachos’ leaders. The severity of this treaty turned many in the community against Cassius Brutus, including some members of his own army. Despite the controversy, ACP soared even higher on November 9, 2013 with a victory over DCP in the Final of CPAC’s Champions Cup. Eventually though, the scandals of Cassius Brutus’s administration began to mount, as news of picture-faking hit CPAC. Unable to tolerate the behavior of their leader, Cassius Brutus was overthrown by what would become known as the Triumvirate, comprised of Flipmoo, Sercan, and Jerry from his own administration, in a coup d’état on November 16, 2013.

ACP Leader Rankings (Of The Top Ten Era)

For a grand finale, I present the comprehensive Top Ten results for every individual ACP Leader. This takes into account every Top Ten result (at least those still in existence) that occurred during someone’s term(s) as Leader. Some of the data may not be truly representative because of the lack of Top Tens still in existence from that period of time. There are, of course, other notable leaders who never served during the Top Ten era that will be mentioned at the bottom of this section.

There are a couple important inferences to be made from this data. For one, leaders that were part of joint leaderships may be at an additional advantage in the rankings. As you can see, Jerry is ranked 8th best, ahead of both Sercan and Flipmoo, however this is possibly as much a representation of the fact that the Triumvirate had its greatest success once all three members had become Leader as it is of Jerry’s leadership ability (though no one will deny he is a skilled leader).

In a humorous irony, Cassius Brutus had better Top Ten rankings and scores before he overthrew his Co-Leader Tori. As a duo they averaged a placement of 2.75 and a score of 80.16, while Cassius Brutus averaged a placement of 3.13 and a score of 69.48 when leading by himself.

Additionally, all of the Top 12 ACP Leaders on this list would have likely been Leader of the Year if they led in 2013 based on comparisons to last year’s best, the Nachos’ leadership of Puckley, Ads, and Beeky, who had a 2.10 average. Granted, the current army environment is much more competitive and dynamic now than it was for many of these leaders. It is harder to achieve 1st place with consistency in the modern era because of the number of strong armies capable of winning it any given week.

It is also important to note the great leaders that came before the Top Ten era. Oagalthorp is of course one of the all time greats of our community, having founded ACP as the first “official” Club Penguin army on the Miniclip Forums on September 29, 2006. The army model he created has been replicated hundreds of times over, and much of what he did during his leadership is still being done today. Having defeated two of the largest armies in early warfare history, the Romans in WWII and UMA in WWIII, Oagalthorp’s prowess as an innovator and leader is perhaps unmatched in our community’s storied history. Fort57, Oagalthorp’s successor, was successful in his own right despite a rocky relationship with his predecessor. Many armies in history have not transitioned well following the retirement of their creators, however Fort57 kept ACP strong and relevant until he passed the leadership on to Dr Nono Jr. Both Dr Nono Jr and Rapidy had distinguished ACP careers of their own, however their leaderships were cut short due to the chaos that ensued when Fort57 and Oagalthorp each attempted to choose one of them as the new Leader at the same time. Kg 007, brother of Fort57 and retired RPF Leader, was elected as a solution to the dispute, and he carried on much of the successes of the other early leaderships. Upon his retirement, Shaboomboom was elected Leader, and while Top Tens did not exist during his first term as leader, he would return for a total of three leadership stints, carving out a distinguished career of his own which led to his receiving of the Medal of Honor award and status as a Legend of Club Penguin armies. The very first structured Top Tens were created during the first leadership of Boomer 20, and with the founding of CPAC in August 2009, the rest, as they say, is history.


In conclusion of this massive, nearly 5,000 word post, the leadership of Flipmoo, Sercan, and Jerry has managed to do what no other ACP leadership could in the days since Flipper and Kenneth. They have restored a tradition of excellence to an army that has struggled to find consistency amidst countless leadership changes. And they have done it while maintaining the respect of many of their peers in the army community. The departure of Jerry at the head of the US Division will surely have an impact. After all, this was the leader that managed to restore a broken division struggling to achieve 10 soldiers at events to one that consistently reached sizes of 25-30 or better. Among his other achievements with GT and SWAT, he will be regarded as one of the best leaders of the modern era. The Triumvirate carries on but one piece short; the story has not yet been finished. Though comparative history shows this as one of the most successful leaderships of the Army of Club Penguin, only time will tell if their success can be matched by those who will one day follow in their footsteps.

Who do you think were the greatest leaderships in ACP history? Did you have an opportunity to serve under any of the leaders discussed in this post? Let us know in the comments!


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    • Honestly
      I believe this a post to show how great ACP is and why the heck did you categorize it under a featured post just about ACP leaders?


      • Because it’s a post about the retirement of an ACP leader. It wouldn’t make sense to compare an ACP leader to the retired leaders of UMA or some other army. That’s like asking why a book about the US Presidents doesn’t talk about the famous Prime Ministers of Great Britain. There may be another post comparing leaders from multiple armies, but next to no other armies have kept reliable records of old leaderships besides ACP, RPF, and the Nachos, so researching it may be near impossible.

        Instead of complaining, perhaps you could read the post featuring every army’s best leaders from 2013 that I have already published:


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  3. Is it just me, or is ACP one of the only armies getting attention from CPAC?

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  4. King of Analysis – Boomer 20

    Thanks for writing this post, I had a great time reading it.


  5. Great post. In regards to the end of the triumvirate, remember that Rome had two triumvirates, so this may possibly only be a part one of ACP’s story. Only time will tell ACP’s future, hopefully one that’s great and continue’s its current greatness, rising even further.


  6. Bias. Boomer writes article and gives himself first place. CPAC Bias proven


  7. Beautiful. My eyes cried due to it’s glory.

    And it’s not bias, any other reporter or writer could have posted something like this. But none of them are willing to put the time or effort in I bet.


  8. The ACP leader top ten rank stats really dip off after 13th place. And all of the leaders below 13 were after ACP fell, which is an obvious statistic, not meaning less interesting.

    It’s also hard to compare leaders due to the vast different situations the army was in at the time, for example some of the older leaders (before Flen era) would’ve received ACP leader while the army was at an all time high and could have ridden the success for most of his career.

    Some leaderships like the trio would have been promoted leader when ACP was at a low point. They might’ve brought ACP back up with much more hard work and skills Than someone who would have just ridden success.


  9. Of course Boomer is number one on the leader ranks…

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  11. Brilliant post Boomer. Highly in depth and factual, a great analysis of ACP Leaders through the ages.


  12. Alright actually read the post, It is amazing what this leadership has done. After the Black Wars, ACP could not find a single leader that would be stable for the long term. All leaders were retired or overthrown within 3 months of their inauguration. The Triumvirate as you call them, has given ACP the one thing they needed; stability.


  13. Interesting post. You should do analysis posts like that for all major armies


  14. Wonderful post!


  15. And they have done it while maintaining the respect of many of their peers in the army community.

    lol, what army respects the ACP? they’ve been caught out multi logging and editing pictures and IW and AR are no longer their personal bitches


  16. If anything this post should be on ACP site not CPAC


    • “Since 2009, CPAC has been the premier media organization for all of CP Armies, hosting tournaments, providing up-to-the-minute army news, and weekly Top Ten Army rankings and statistics. We also provide opportunities for you to get involved through Debates, Discussions, Polls, and philosophy posts. Feel free to discuss, debate, and be a part of Army History by sharing your opinions and commenting on our staff’s posts.” This is from the widget on our site. A leader has retired from the current largest army. I believe it is entirely within our realm to post this.


  17. IMHO Oagal was a pretty good leader.


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