New Ice Warrior Leadership Introduced

SUB ZERO, ICE WARRIORS CAPITAL – As of 1:00pm EST, a new leadership has been introduced to the Ice Warriors of CP. The duo is to be known as “Tesicia”. Tes, the current leader, is to partner with the retiree and ex- Second in Command, known as Alicia.

Throughout the years since the Ice Warriors’ creation back in 2007, the Ice Warriors have only had two leaders, up until about 4 months ago, when Tes and Benjamin were elected leader, after the legendary Ice Warriors leader Albert417 retired from the army. After leading the army for just 4 months, Benjamin retired from the Ice Warriors, for numerous reasons, from PC problems to the usual reason of army leaders retiring; being too busy with school. For 4 weeks Tes lead the Ice Warriors solo, up until he had a discussion with the Ice Warriors creator and legend, Iceyfeet1234. Tes stated that they “couldn’t find the right one” in his post about the new duo. Here is an excerpt from Tes7’s post:

Recently I’ve become very busy. My baseball practices are always around the time events are. I discussed with Iceyfeet about possibly scheduling events to best fit my schedule, but we agreed that doing that would be extremely selfish. The army doesn’t revolve around me and if I am unable to be leader then we need a new leader. This isn’t retirement though. Icey and I agreed to have another duo leadership. We went through possible candidates for the job. We looked at all of the owners and top mods but we still didn’t think any of them were ready for it.

Then we looked outside the army and still couldn’t find anyone willing enough and loyal enough to be an Ice Warrior leader. After Icey and I had just about lost hope in finding a new leader we decided to check one last category of people. The IW retirees. We thought about possible people who didn’t get a chance to be leader because of Icey leading for 5 years. All of those people though didn’t come on anymore and were not interested. So we had to look at recent retirees. Finally Icey and I agreed on someone. We chose someone who had proven to be an amazing leader but never got the chance to lead. We chose Alicia.

Alicia will most likely of been happy to be elected leader, but at the same time, it puts a lot of responsiblity on her shoulders. I asked Alicia for an interview, but she was “too busy”. Instead, I had an interview with Tes7, Ice Warriors leader.

Interview with Tes7

Q. Tes, did it take long for you and Iceyfeet1234 to decide on a leader to partner with you?

A. We’ve been trying to pick a new leader for the past week. So yeah.

Q. Do you think that you’ve made a good choice, and that this new duo shall do well?

A. Well Icey is the one who suggested her and I trust his judgement. This will help IW out a lot.

Q. Do the Ice Warriors have any war opponents in mind under the new leadership?

A. No.

Q. Is there any changes to be made in the Ice Warriors under the new duo leadership?

A. We hope to start improving our AUSIA division and to have our UK and US sizes become more consistent.

Q. Thanks for your time. Any other comments?

A. Nope, and no problem.

So, Tes seems confident and positive with the new leadership. But what are the Troops’ Point of View on the matter? Find out in NEXT WEEK’S episode of From The Troops’ Point of View, brought to you RIGHT here, at Club Penguin Army Central.

How do YOU think the Ice Warriors will do under the new duo leadership?

Will the Ice Warriors be successful, or will they fall?

We want to know YOUR opinion! Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

-Wheelo, CPAC Reporter-

30 Responses

  1. We got leader after Bears retired. Ben only led for a month before retiring.


  2. My reaction: Who the hell is Alicia?

    Also, is picking a retiree the right move, when it seems like you don’t trust the current ownership enough to choose a leader? I guess Nickle would’ve been made leader if it wasn’t for the “coup” issue.


  3. Eh, I don’t really have anything to say. This is a pointless comment 😀


  4. Pretty obvious that this whole thing is fake if you were active in the Ice Warriors same time as Alicia. Alicia and Tes troll around a lot.


  5. Wow at least better than DCP “April’s Fools” joke. Nice save Wwe 😀


  6. Alicia has main.. I thought it was a joke


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