Doritos and Rebel Penguin Federation War Ends

SUMMIT, DCP Empire – The war between the DCP and RPF has officially been declared over by Mustapha, the DCP leader.  This war had been the major talking point in armies for the past week.

Mustapha made this post on the Doritos site, keeping it short and simple, and also explaining the treaty between the two armies, which is as follows:

Treaty Terms

  • DCP & RPF cannot invade or assist in invasions against each other.
  • Both armies get any servers lost during the war returned.
  • The treaty is unbreakable.

The key point that I believe was made in this treaty is the fact that it is unbreakable.  No period of time was specified as to how long this treaty between to two sides would last, and I personally highly doubt the two sides will not at some point lock horns in a war again.

Due to the DCP also being in a state of war with the AR, they also got another term in the treaty that was very beneficial to them, and that is both sides can not assist other armies in invasions against another.  This mean that the RPF can’t assist the AR in their invasions of the DCP empire, and also not help when the DCP invade RPF territory.

Both of these two armies will be somewhat relieved that this war has ended, as for DCP, they were under an immense assault from both the RPF and AR, and now they can focus on simply winning the war they now have as a priority, against AR.

The DCP also announced today their declaration of war on the AR, and a huge amount of invasions to try and take AR soil.  The DCP currently have eight invasions of AR servers planned spanning from Sunday, March 2nd, to Friday, March 7th.

The AR had already been invading multiple DCP servers, although the DCP ignored these invasions because of the treaty that they felt existed, and thought AR were being cheap over their invasions although this “treaty” was agreed.

In other news, the Light Troops are still invading DCP and SWAT land, and show no signs of stopping, with multiple invasions planned for mid-week.  The war between LT and SWAT has been a fairly one sided contest, with the LT’s size and power just too much for the SWAT to cope with.

I decided to interview Brooke, a DCP 3ic for her thoughts on the treaty:

Ajman(CPAC): What are your thoughts on the treaty made by DCP and RPF?

Brooke: I think it’s good that DCP and RPF are back at peace again, as it’s supposed to be.

CPAC: Do you think now this treaty has been made it will allow the DCP to focus solely on beating the AR in the ongoing war?

Brooke: Yes

CPAC: On a scale of one to ten, how successful have DCP been this week, and how do you think things went?

Brooke: I think it’s very clear DCP has been very successful this week, as shown on our website.  Probably a nine or ten.

Based on my interview with Brooke, she is very pleased with the progress that the DCP are making.  They have surprised me as well as many others in the army community by taking first place from ACP’s hands this week.

What do you think about this treaty signed by the DCP and RPF?  Comment your thoughts and also who you believe will win the war now, AR, or DCP!

Signing off,


22 Responses

  1. Full terms coming on RPF’s site soon. For some reason Musta didn’t post them all.


  2. Treaty expires feb.31st 2015


  3. The Treaty should be breakable At Feb. 30th. (wary)


  4. Apparently DCP finally woke up.


  5. I asked if DW had ever declared war on AR… I don’t see how that is asking for allies.


  6. so rpf leaves allies again whats new…


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  8. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Content: 8
    Structure & Language: 8
    Overall grade: 8

    This post was added to the staff record page.


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