Elmikey Defects From the Rebel Penguin Federation

UPDATE 9:17 AM: In a statement to CPAC, Sir Pj has stated that he told Elmikey very specifically that he was retired from RPF and did not plan to return unless DCP declared war. DCP announced their invasions shortly after this, with Pj saying “it was almost like Elm wanted me to come back to RPF”.

UPDATE 1:40 AM:  Elmikey has stated that he does not plan to return to RPF.  Click HERE for the picture of the conversation.  Read more for details.

UPDATE 9:05 PM: The Rebel Penguin Federation leadership election has ended. Read more for details.

TUXEDO, RPF Empire – RPF’s tumultuous leadership elections have finally come to a close – and Elmikey was not the victor.

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Doritos and RPF Clash in a Practice Battle

TUXEDO, RPF Empire – RPF and DCP dueled in a practice battle, showcasing the power of both armies in spite of recent leadership turmoil in RPF.

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RPF Holding Leader Elections – The Circus Continues


UPDATE: 19:58PM GMT – A statement from Elmikey suggests that this election may just be a public facade to calm down the growing tensions inside RPF – and will actually have no real bearing on who will become the new Leader of RPF:


UPDATE: 15:17pm GMT – The elections end in 8 hours and Lilstar still holds a strong lead in the elections with Elmikey’s removal expected at 8pm CST today]

TUXEDO, USRPF – While Elmikey has left and returned to the Rebel Penguin Federation in the past day, temporarily moving to the Doritos, Commando looks like he is going to end the turmoil as he sets up leader elections. Elmikey, Pj and Lilstar are all in the running and all three are out of power for the time-being, with Commando putting himself in Interim Leadership for this election.

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RPF’s Leadership Turmoil Continues; Elmikey Leaves RPF for DCP

UPDATE [10:58AM GMT]: According to Elmikey, all leaders have been reinstated and everything has returned to normal, but there has been no update from Commando as his election still goes ahead.

TUXEDO, RPF Empire- Following internal turmoil among RPF leaders, former RPF leader Elmikey24 has retired from RPF and joined DCP as leader.

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BREAKING: Sir Pj To Fire Elmikey “By Tonight”



TUXEDO, USRPF – In a shock turn of events, following weeks of internal struggles and politicking, it finally seems that the great behemoth of RPF, Elmikey – is to be removed from his seat of power in the heart of Tuxedo.

This is a developing story, more information will be broadcast as it comes.

As always, CPA Central is hosting a live discussion and debate on this subject at our chat HERE

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The Retirement of Dwain – Miners Leader

SABERTOOTH, MINERS CAPITAL – Today at approximately 11:00am GMT, the Miners’ leader Dwain has retired from the army. Read on for more.

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“I will not let noob leaders hold this army back” -Elmikey

TUXEDO, RPF Empire – In the wake of the Snaily and Lilstar removals, Elmikey has suggested that Snaily and Lilstar were removed because they were “noobs”, and he has also put all Moderators and Owners within the army under threat as they risk losing their rank if they don’t do well in “interviews” that he will hold.

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The Creation of Club Penguin Army World Media

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – Following a review of CPA Central policy at a recent meeting, the corporation is able to announce the creation of a new “parent company” and a major change in the relationship with our affiliates.

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CPAC Search Terms: Volume 1

This is basically a nonsense post, but this week has seemed sort of slow on news and I always enjoyed writing these for ACP so I thought I’d do one here.

These are all of the weird inconceivable search terms that people looked up in order to find the CPAC website (from January 1st – February 12th).

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Spi Announces Leave from Romans & Return to LT

ICE BERG, Roman Empire- After seeing the departure of another Romans leader this week and lack of motivation, Spi has decided to retire from the Romans and return to LT.

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Philosophy: Multiple Leaders v.s. One Leader

G’day CPAC,

This is the Cynical Penguin here with another piece of philosophy, that was inspired by the recent situation in RPF. I’m here to talk about the advantages and dis-advantages of the Multiple Leadership.

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BREAKING: RPF’s “Night Of The Long Knives” – Snaily and Lilstar OUSTED


KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – The CPA Central Newsdesk has received incoming reports of an internal power struggle within RPF. In which it now appears that Snaily5 and Lilstar have become the main casualties. Our sources report that Elmikey and Sir Pj have staged what appears to be RPF’s very own “Night of the Long Knives”

This is a developing story, news will be reported – as it comes. All updates are after the Read More. 

CPAC is holding a LIVE discussion of this story HERE at our chat

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Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation – Practice Battle

ICICLE, Ice Warriors Nation – In the midst of wars and treaties in the community, the UK divisions of the Ice Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation today took part in a Practice Battle.

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YouWrite: Mach’s Guide to Leadership

This article was submitted by Mach using the YouWrite Feature. To submit a post, see the page.

Hello. As some of you may know, I am Mach. Usually I don’t do stuff like this, but I thought that giving some tips would be a great thing to do. Especially since these tips can help out a lot of people. So just keep reading to see what is in store. Also, don’t forget to comment things that you think would work as great, helpful tips for leaders. Whether they have years of experience or today is their first day as this extremely huge job. So please continue reading!

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Light Troops Accuse ACP of Picture Editing

Icebox, LT Empire – Major claims about the ACP appear to be coming from the Light Troops, and that they supposedly are using fake pictures to document what happens in their events.  Read more to find out!

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