Doritos and Rebel Penguin Federation ‘Hacking’ Scandal

UPDATE 10:28 PM EST: Added statement by Djgtjvgyhxgy.

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – Just one day after the Doritos and Rebel Penguin Federation war has begun, there is new evidence that each party could be hacking the other.

This is a developing story. More information will be added has it comes.

Soon after the battle of Tuxedo, there were many ‘hacking’ threats to both sides of this war [Doritos & Rebel Penguin Federation]. As you can see below, Rebel Penguin Federation 2nd In Command, Djgtjvgyhxgy is asking for the IP’s of the Doritos’ leadership. He is also saying that the Doritos led a member of their own onto the Rebel Penguin Federation’s chat, spamming links of IP grabbers on main.

As you can also see, below, Mustapha10 [Current Doritos Leader] explains to his troops and the Club Penguin army community about the current ‘hacking scandal’.

We have finally seen the true colors of this corrupt version of the Rebel Penguin Federation. They have began getting our IP’s to steal personal information and boot us offline by DDoSing us. I have proof of these accusations and you guys cannot deny it anymore.

At the moment, Djgtjvgyhxgy is trying to figure this whole situation out. He described what is happening in a statement to CPAC.

[The “hacking scandal”] is really a non-issue. The DCP released IP-grabbers on our chat, and we were just discussing a possible retaliation. They tried to make it look like we were going to DoS them, but our policy is that we’ll only do that if they do.

-Djgtjvgyhxgy, RPF 2nd in Command, February 23, 2014

What do YOU think about this ‘hacking scandal’? WIll this greatly affect the current war? Who is really behind the hacking? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


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48 Responses

  1. That didn’t take long.


  2. how scandales


  3. This is pretty funny.

    ‘They have began getting our IP’s to steal personal information and boot us offline by DDoSing us’

    And just why would we waste our time with a petty DCP leader’s information?

    How can we get your IP’s easily? Do you think It’s possible to get IP’s through a website by viewing it? I don’t see Mustapha commenting on LT site too, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t comment on RPF site.

    What are you trying to do, Musta? Frame us? Your intelligence astounds me, but It’s usual coming from a barbaric Dorito Leader.


  4. hacking
    with an ip
    like spi said, could’ve been a stray link. its so easy to put an ip grabber on a wp site that the smac exrate army did it


  5. the “scandal” that half the troops of RPF are unaware of.


  6. which is worse: wanting to murder someone because they beat you in a kids game, or wanting to have equal weapons as the enemy. Man, that’s a hard decision…


  7. Tbh though comparing nuclear war (which could destroy the earth) and Ddosing is absurd.


  8. DCP didn’t try killing RPF, we posted an invasion of your capital lol.
    You just had a statement saying you would DoS in retaliation
    >Has 0 evidence, proof, or witness of this ever “ip grabber” happening
    “The RPF won’t use DoS or DDoS attacks without cause, but we are prepared to do” LOL, THREATNING TO DDOS IF YOU HAVE A CAUSE? And also, I would like to add that you consider two small armies helping you against DCP an ” outpouring of support ” man you’ve really made me laugh tonight, keep it up.


    • I’d be happy to show you the last 10,000 messages recorded by our chat’s bot, which show many IP grabber links including several for


    • I have a great idea, guys! Let’s further provoke the person we’re trying pass off as a sinister hacker. How could that possibly go wrong?

      Are you retarded or something? That’s some serious darwin award stuff right there.


  9. You’ve also been mistaken, DCP has multiple allies which have already joined the war. We also have stronger allies on standby. The fact that you needed to bring in allies to a 1v1 war shows how pathetic you really are. 😉


    • Criticizing the enemy for using allies while saying you use allies…


    • >disses RPF for using allies
      >talks about using allies themselves

      Goes to show what type of people are in charge of the DCP.

      Besides, as previously stated, the allies currently helping us offered to. Why would we turn away someone who wants to help us and get some revenge?

      We really don’t care how much you run your mouth. The amount of shit that spills out of your mouth won’t change the DCP’s fate for choosing Elm’s side.


      • More like
        >disses RPF for using allies
        >Uses allies after there’s 3 armies against them
        >You used allies in a 1v1 war cause you’re afraid

        DCP’s fate? You’re kidding me right? Don’t tell me you think you’re going to kill DCP, kid. You already retired “because you were doing all the work” you’re weak and you don’t have what it takes Dj, get over yourself you’re a failure that has never led a top 10 army and never will. You didn’t even recruit a single troop yet you got all stressed out and left armies. Lol, you’re a joke you don’t scare anyone.


        • If you’re going to talk this much shit, at least try to have something to back it up.

          Jesus Christ, are you five or something? I leave because of stress (though it was pretty annoying having to stay on because I was the only owner on), I left because, unlike you and Elm, I actually have a life, and the RPF was starting to get in the way of that. I have things more important to do than sitting around spamming emotes at a bunch of orange penguins lead by a group of immature brats, a delusional bipolar man child, and someone who spends more time talking shit than actually leading his army.

          Also, where do you get that us accepting help from others a sign of fear? Are you that delusional that you think that we’re literally going around begging for support? A large amount of the CP army community HATE you and Elm, and are just dying to get a piece of the action and get a little payback for Elm’s imperialism.

          And don’t act like that you guys are so superior for not having allies. Even if the RPF were literally going around begging for help like you’re acting they are, you and Elm don’t really have any room to talk after all the shit the NDA has pulled. Consider this whole situation a little bit of karma.


  10. Wow.


  11. as long as Mikey is leader of DCP,i except them demoting for opinions,grabbing IP’s,lying,faking vids,claiming victory when they didnt won,abusing all the rights of ANYONE as he DID with RPF!


  12. You know what I have had enough of?
    People claiming to be DDoSed all the time when they never ever provide proper evidence for it… saying you were offline is never enough for me at least….


    • people on chat say they can’t log on for events cause they got ddosed, but if that were true you wouldn’t be able to be on xat would you? I don’t know but I’ve always been suspicious of those people.


      • That exactly my logic, Plus they don’t exactly provide the correct evidence. They could say they were DDoSed but just simply just stay off the computer for a duration of time.


    • We had enough of that in the summer RPF and Nacho war.

      RPF looses a battle, “NACHOS DDOSED US”


  13. Is it just me or am I the only one who realizes RPF is retaliating for something a troop did, whilst leaders are supposed to set an example and not dose other leaders.


  14. I just relized something, someones accusing RPF of ddosing.. How ironic.


    • We never actually Ddosed anyone. Leaders were jsut discussing possible methods of dealing with DCP’s IP grabbers. This whole thing was just a suggestion and I am honestly surprised it made the news.


  15. Just reading this ‘hacking scandal’ stuff makes me bawl. The fact that these kids(yes kids because they’re taking it to a new level by Ddosing because of a virtual penguin game war) are acting like this. Such a shame such programs are made so openly available. It seems that people aren’t aware that WordPress lists IPs of those who comment. Keep in mind all those huge IP leaks like 2 years ago or whatever.

    Moral of the issue
    Keep these kids away from skidforums where all these ddos tools are made available
    It’s a game, if you really are ddosing and booting kids over this game, you clearly need to check what you’re doing with your life.
    Remember Mustapha himself was a skid in Ph3n0m, known as “Cyberbeast”, yea he was a loser


    • Agreeable. Why DDoS players of virtual games such as Club Penguin? The whole “Hacking” is just idiotic and backstabbing to people. People need to play things fair and not use DDoSing tools. It is really interesting that this has happened a day after the DCP and RPF war began. In my opinion this is this work of DCP. I know RPF won’t do such a thing because they have a slogan you know. “Fight the good Fight”. Since Elmikey has left RPF and joined DCP he wanted to take control of RPF with DCP. So obviously he must have went to the nearest DDoSer and told them to DDoS RPF to make their troops DDoSed. That would have decreased the amount of troops and RPF would have gone weak.

      IN SIMPLE TERMS: It was due to Elm’s “wish” to regain power of RPF leadership.


    • The open availability of such programs was what destroyed our foray into self-hosting a few years ago.

      It really is a shame that everyone thinks they are such a “badazz pr0 haxx0r” when they use an easily obtainable booter to knock people offline. Also a shame that they think that gives them a license to screw with other people’s hard work, time, effort, and money.


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