Pufpuf103, Dark Warriors Legend, Retires

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom – Following the cease-fire between the Doritos and the Dark Warriors, Pufpuf103, a leader and legend of the DW, announced his retirement.

On January 30th, Pufpuf103 released his retirement post. For those of you who may not know, Pufpuf had been recruited by SaW and ended up serving the DW for three years (one year of leading included). In the introduction of his post, Pufpuf stated the following:

SaW’s Edit: Sad to see you go bro,  I’m happy that I recruited you to this army. You are one of the best DW leaders in my eyes for all the times you have served us through thick and thin. Carrying this army throughout its generation, means that you truly are a DW legend. Thank you for your service and commitment to DW, Pufpuf. You will be missed.

Although Puf was couped by Freeezie 3 weeks ago, he was planning to retire anyways. Here is his post for all those who want to see, and Puf was one of the greatest DW leaders and troops ever. His service to the DW will never be forgotten, thank you Puf.

On this day, December 12th 2013, I Pufpuf103 officially retire from the Dark Warriors of Club Penguin. After three years of service, and one year of leading, this is the end. 

This was supposed to be published a while ago, but we me being couped and all I never got around to finishing it. I know that there has been a lot of stuff going on in the past few days, and I am truly sorry because I’m partly at fault for what has happened. I never intended things to end up like this with all the fighting and whatnot, but that’s just the way things turned out. I’m completely satisfied with what I have done in my leadership, no matter what anyone says. I’ve proved to everyone what I can do, and there isn’t one thing that I would have done differently. With that being said, if I ever said something to anyone that deeply hurt them, I’m sorry. Almost every mean thing I say is for jokes, and I don’t really mean it. Now that I’ve stated my case, it’s time to get into the actual post.

As most of you know, I have been in DW for a long time, longer than most people in this current generation. All the good and the bad that has happened to us, I’ve been through it all. It’s time for someone else to take the torch and step up for the sake of DW. There’s no point in me staying any longer, as I can see nothing new to accomplish that I haven’t already. I don’t want to leave DW in a bad spot, even though it may seem live I have. The current leaders are more then capable of steering DW in the right direction. This is why I must leave. With that said, I will still come on Xat occasionally to check up on DW and talk with friends.

SaW begins the post with an edit saying that he is glad he had recruited Pufpuf103 into the army and thanks him for his service and commitment. Next, while Pufpuf had been removed from leadership around three weeks ago, he still remained in the army but now, the time has come. He says that because the current DW leadership is steering the ship towards the right direction, he will be leaving. He also says that he is one of the very few remaining troops from older generations to be in the army.

In the next section of his post, he stated the following:

Here is a record of everything I’ve been involved with or done with the DW that I can remember. TL;DR people scroll to the bold paragraph near the bottom.

I first joined DW on December 12th, 2010. I was just a noob then, sitting on a CP chat trying to find Rockhopper. That’s when I got a PC from a guy named SaW asking me to join a CP army. So naturally I was curious, and decided to check it out. At the time, I believe SaW, Motox and Circa were leaders.

The idea of CP armies fascinated me. And I was excited to start my career. As time passed, I quickly rose up the ranks getting mod in a month or two. And by that time, I had made a few really good friends named Miindy, Freezie and Skyupi9 just to name a few. I was a very active troop, and seemed to be one of the favorites. In no time, I accomplished my goal of getting owner, and became a DW rep.

The first time I got leader was around 2011 alongside Ttycool. It was another one of those dreaded post-SaW retirement generations. We weren’t very big, maxing ten or eleven at events. But I was happy considering it was my first time leading. Shortly after, Khimo and Phipy had returned to instill life into the fallen DW. Ttycool and myself sepped down to 2ic so they could properly lead.

DW was a force to be reckoned with, reaching 2nd in the Top Ten. There was one battle with the ACP where we DESERVED 1st place, but we didn’t get it. Once again Khimo retired and DW went downhill. That is when I lead with Elite910, and together we got DW back into the Top Ten. Like always, SaW returned, but with XiUnknown.

Leading with SaW and Unk was my first taste of success leading the Dark Warriors, with us reaching 2nd in the Top Ten. But it didn’t last forever. SaW and Unk eventually retired leaving DW on another downfall. I then began my leadership with Flo. We got DW to #4 on the Top Ten.

After that, I don’t remember shit all. So I’ll skip to November 2012, the opening of the newly recreated DW. The leaders were going to be SaW, Khimo, Unk and Hurricanex. At the time, I didn’t know whether or not I was going to rejoin or not. After a month, Khimo and Hurricane had left, and on December 10th I was DW leader once again. Alongside SaW and Unk, we lead DW to #1 many times. It was looking like this was the best generation yet.

In March, Unk posted his final retirement along with SaW. But it was different, instead of dying, we actually rose. Once again I lead with Flo, and a newcomer Crazy together we lead DW to 30+ and the Top Five. Come April, somehow I got to be advisor and Crazy, Flo and Elite were leaders, and for the first time DW got 1st without Unk and SaW. Everyone was happy and shit.

Soon enough April came. Flo, Crazy and some Cargo kid was leading and I was thinking of leaving my advisor spot and return as leader. We were still getting 25+ at events. May was the same shit without Cargo. In the month of June I lead with my nigga Dx, and Bears. We went to war with WV and raped ass, and after a while they both retired.  July same shit just without Dx and Bears.

In August, the start of the Freezie, Puf, and Donut era began. We rose drastically getting good sizes at events, and often contending for the top five spot. During this time, I made many rage posts. We went to war with SWAT and kicked their ass. But RPF decided to take on the role of army police and interfere with out war, so we fought them too.

September was the great war with the ACP. We declared war because we were tired of getting robbed of our chance at getting #1 because all ACP did was go on 5 bar servers. ACP scheduled an excessive amount of AUS and US invasions. Both armies fought hard, with us winning almost all of the US invasions, and them the AUS invasions. Near the end of September, the war finally ended in a ceasefire with both armies exhausted from the 3+ battles a day.

But none of that can compare to what happened in October. Firstly, Thekid returned as leader, and we were constantly in the Top 5. We were at the top of our game. On October 13th, something amazing happened. We finally reached our goal and regained our #1 spot back on CPAC. Sadly, Freezie66 announced his retirement, but on October 21st DW oficially turned 6 years old. After that, we continued to stay in the top five throughout the rest of October.

November was one of the best months ever for DW. It started off slow with us still getting sizes of 25-30, and staying in the top 5 regularly with the occasional top 3 placement. On November 15th we decided to hold leader applications, and on that same day the DW joined the JLA alliance against RPF. We won almost all of our invasions, but the war was short-lived and ended in a treaty on November 19th. Three days later Spidergay22, I mean Spi 101, was chosen to lead the magnificent Dark Warriors, which sparked a new Golden Age with the powerhouse combo of Freezie66, Pufpuf103, Crazy, and Spi. With an astounding week, on November 24th DW was the #1 army once again, and we would continue to hold the #1 spot for a whole three weeks! November 26th was a great day for DW, with us officially staying alive for one year.

Come December, we were still holding the #1 spot, and consistently getting sizes of 35-40. Tensions rose again with the RPF, and Finalchaser was elected owner. Spi couped Freezie but then Freezie couped Spi. DW had entered the Christmas Chaos tournament, hoping to take home the victory for the second year in a row. Naturally, DW destroyed all of their opponents, and went on to face RPF in the finals. For the rest of the week before the finals were, all the leaders went ham and autotyped everyday. When the finals came, we maxed an astonishing 60+, but sadly we got screwed over because RPF entered all of the rooms early. Yours truly got on CPAC’s Person of the Year list, and Spi made some strange post about B2 being Michael Jackson. Kyle also got fired and made a hilarious post which can be found here.

January was a new year with a brand new start, but definitely no shortage of drama. We started it off with another war, but with our old foe DCP. After that, we entered into the CPAC Champions Cup, but suffered an abysmal loss at the hands of the ACP. Later that night I was officially couped from the Dark Warriors leadership due to reasons of “change”. Feeling betrayed, I didn’t come onto Xat for a few days. When I finally decided to check up, DW was still doing fine getting 20+ at events, and with one massive event with 40+. After a few days of no events, and one night with a massive fight, Freezie and Spi retired the Dark Warriors leaving Crazy to keep them going.

The End <333

Above, a full-fledged and detailed description of Pufpuf’s career and be found, starting from December 12th 2010 all the way to the present day. While many ups and downs may have been hit during his reign, the DW still managed to prosper under his leadership. Also, throughtout his career, Pufpuf103 had been nominated for numerous awards, some of which are DW-related and CPAC-related. For the DW 2012 Awards, he won Best DW Owner and for 2013, he won Best DW LeaderAs for the CPAC Summer Awards, he came third in the Best Leader and Most Achieved categories and towards the end of the year, was positioned 7th for Person of the Year 2013 and was included in the list of CPAC’s Top 15 Leaders of 2013.

In short, with a respectable legend of the DW gone, the Army Community may or may not expect the army to hit a downfall, probably thanks to the new leadership.

What do YOU think? Will Pufpuf103’s retirement affect the army?

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтєρнaηιє нєρвυяη«||●


Amor Vincit Omnia
Love conquers all

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  1. So… Puf will stop tryna cut D:


  2. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Content: 9
    Structure & Language: 9
    Overall grade: 9

    This was a great post. Great grammar and structure! Keep up the good work.

    This post was added to the staff record page.


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