Water Vikings and Underground Mafias Army Sign Treaty

Klondike, CPAC Headquarters – Following a 2-week conflict, the Water Vikings and Underground Mafias Army agree to terms to end their war.

The Water Vikings first declared war on the Underground Mafias Army exactly 2 weeks ago on January 15. The war itself contained a total of a whopping 23 battles. During the middle of the war, there was a controversial occurrence, as a 5-day ceasefire was apparently agreed upon by Coolster114, UMA Leader, and Badboy, WV 2ic. However, despite the apparent ceasefire, the Water Vikings continued their invasions. They claimed that this ceasefire was invalid due to it being agreed upon by one of their 2ics, claiming they lack the authority to permit something like a ceasefire. Because of this, during that 5 day span, lasting from Wednesday, January 22, to Monday, January 27, there were seven battles. Due to the apparent ceasefire, UMA attended none of the seven.


The Water Vikings at the Invasion of Hockey, which took place during the ceasefire.

Following the end of the ceasefire, the Water Vikings, as a part of “Operation Marraigh II”,  held four more battles against the UMA. UMA did not attend any of these battles, despite making a post labeled “Operation Vapor III”. After the Water Vikings defeated the UMA on Fog, the Water Vikings and Underground Mafias Army agreed to a treaty. UMA Leader, Ares, said the following in his post about the treaty:

Hello UMA!

I am glad to inform you all that our long lasting war against the Water Vikings has finally come to an end! We began the war with our heads up high winning a lot of the battles. But as the days went by, we got weaker and troops were not staying in UMA. As part of this treaty, the Water Vikings get Cozy, Zipline & Hockey whilst the UMA gets Walrus & White Out. Also, both armies cannot invade each other for 3 months and any attempt to do so will be invalid.

The terms of the treaty, as stated, are that the Water Vikings receive Cozy, Zipline, and Hockey, whilst the UMA receive Walrus and White Out. All other servers are returned to their original owners. The treaty is in effect for 3 months, so it ends on April 29, 2014. No victor is officially pointed out by the UMA.


UMA at a UK defense.

Water Vikings 2ic, Badboy, who was the center of the ceasefire controversy, said this in his post about the treaty:

Hello WV!

Well, after almost 3 weeks of fighting with UMA, they have finally admitted defeat. They do not want to keep the war going. Although it has ended, we have gained a total of 9 servers from UMA, including their capital and co-capital, Flurry and Frozen. We also took back our capital, Frostbite, and the two other servers that UMA took earlier in the war, Christmas and Marshmallow. Despite losing these 3 servers before, we did a great job defending the rest of our servers, and held UMA to only 6 wins! We had a win total of 17. A truly amazing job all around. I would like to thank Bep for always being on and doing so great with the UK force, and to thank Dash and Tylund for always being on for US events, helping us to achieve 15-20 on weekdays. And for UMA, I suggest you guys straighten up. Better luck next time!

Badboy states that the UMA did indeed admit that they lost the war. However, no picture proof is provided. He also gives credit to the UK and US Leaders for doing well with their respective divisions.

Who do YOU think won the war? Comment with your opinion below! Until next time,


CPA Central Editor In Chief

8 Responses

  1. biased bcuz zak wrote it!!!!!


  2. UMA never admitted defeat… I don’t know why Badboy wrote that.


  3. I was told they admitted defeat, and that they didn’t want to keep the war going.


  4. This post was added to the staff record page.


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