DCP/DW War – Battle For Summit

Summit, Doritos Empire  – One day after the Doritos issued their declaration of war on the Dark Warriors, the first battle of the war commenced on the DCP Capital, Summit.

On January 27, 2014 the Dark Warriors invaded the server Summit with a force composed of troops from the United Kingdom. The battle began in the town. The DCP started with sizes of approximately fourteen whilst the DW had sizes of about thirteen.

The DW eventually retreated to the Ice Berg where the remainder of the battle was subsequently fought. The battle climaxed at the Ice Berg when the DCP and DW both reached sizes of about twenty.

In the end both sides ended up claiming victory. The DCP claimed victory on the basis of having a larger size, better tactics. They also cited The Consistent Pursuit Rule which states that:

Invading armies must seek out the defending army during the invasion. Blatant attempts to avoid fighting the defending army directly will result in an unsuccessful invasion. Invading armies must attempt to attack the defending army head-on throughout the battle and either force them to regroup, retreat, or surrender.

In response the DW claimed that:

They also brought up something from the old army council, which gave Bep and I a good chuckle. Nice try, but the council has been dead for years. And so, we have won the first battle of this war.

Excerpt from DW site 

Regardless of the tactics and sizes of this battle. The main issue seems to be in the relevance of this rule.

What do you think? Did the DW or DCP win? Does the rule apply to this battle? What will be the outcome of this war? Comment below with YOUR opinion! 


CPAC Reporter 

43 Responses

  1. And this is why we need rules.


  2. The only armies who follow the ‘Invading Army Must Follow The Defending Army’ is RPF and DCP and even they switch back and forth depending on whichever rule will help them win. If everyone else follows the rule that the Defending ‘Army Must Follow The Invading Army’ then it’s safe to say we can chuck Mustapha’s and Elmikey’s already laughable opinions out the window.


  3. Why did DW even try to claim victory, are they stupid?


  4. I thought the first battle was when DW hacked the DCP site (WARY)


  5. Wow freezie you’re so cool, the last 3 minutes of the battle DW exceeded DCP’s size, SO SHOCKING!11!!shift!1


  6. Freezie, even if DW came CLOSE to defeating the mighty DCP then it would of resulted in a tie which would conclude Summit remaining in the Doritos’ empire.


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    This was a solid post, keep up the good work -y-.

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  8. Dcp won. Better tactics and size at berg. They tied at town. Overall dcp wins and keeps summit


  9. Is this real life?


  10. DW are more stupid than pjayos dog!


  11. In all fairness, to me it looked like DCP won this battle(didn’t really see all of the pictures). But what really irks my nerves is when people use the old army council rule saying the invaders must follow the defenders. Which is backwards logic to warfare in real life. The invading army attacks where they choose and the defending army has to defend that room. Not sit there and let it be attacked by invaders while they defend a room where no one is in. Come on now DCP. Don’t try to rebel from logic like RPF.


    • >CP Armies / RL Armies analogy
      >One is a kids’ game where spamming emotes in a line is considered a pro tactic
      >The other is a very real situation in which millions die and millions more kill
      come on now how can you even compare the two


  12. They are both small.


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