Top Ten Armies: 12/29/13 || The Top Ten Armies of 2013

Along with the weekly Top Ten, today CPA Central commemorates the Top Ten Armies of 2013 with a whole range of statistics put together over the past couple of weeks. 

Top Ten1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [85.00] 

2. Dark Warriors [+0] [83.00] 

3. Nachos [+2] [82.33]

4. Army of CP [-1] [81.34] 

5. Ice Warriors [-1] [70.28] 

6. Light Troops [+3] [68.88]

7. Army Republic [-2] [67.88] 

8. Doritos [+0] [63.42] 

9. Water Vikings [-2] [63.03] 

10. Water Ninjas [+0] [54.60]


Close to the Top Ten: 

11. Special Weapons and Tactics [+2] 

12. Redemption Force [-2] 

13. United Penguin Army [NEW!] 

14. Striking Raiders [NEW!] 

15. Metal Warriors [+0] 

The full statistics can be found here. 

weekly poll

This week, as the 2013 year comes closer and closer to an end, we asked for your thoughts on this year. Was it better than 2012? The majority of you seemed to think so; see the full results below.

New polls released every Sunday!


The Top Ten, released every Sunday, has become such a vital part of CPAC that we continue to explore new ways to edit and hopefully perfect it. Since the introduction of the new Top Ten Formula, it has been possible to keep a record of the full statistics per week in an Excel Document and save it onto my computer. While at this point, the statistics only reach from October and on, two of CPAC’s contributors — Boomer20 and Puckley — have put together this comprehensive group of statistics to commemorate the Top Ten Armies of 2013, all the way since January. A full explanation of calculations and further statistics will come after the Top Ten.

The Top Ten Armies of 2013

1. Nachos [391] [2.333]

2. Army of CP [352] [3.100]

3. Dark Warriors [346] [3.216]

4. Army Republic [315] [3.824]

5. Ice Warriors [286] [4.392]

6. Rebel Penguin Federation [243] [5.235]

7. Doritos [179] [6.490]

8. Water Vikings [126] [7.529] 

9. Light Troops [116] [7.725]

10. Special Weapons and Tactics [112] [7.804] 


Close to the Top Ten: 

11. Hot Sauce Army [103] [7.898] 

12. Pirates [68] [8.612] 

13. Underground Mafias Army [55] [8.878] 

14. Golden Troops [43] [9.122] 

15. Shadow Troops [11] [9.776] 

Now, for a short explanation before we move into other statistics. The number closest to the army’s name — [391] for the Nachos, [352] for the Army of CP, et cetera — is simple addition. For every first place ranking through the year, an army received ten points. For every second place ranking, an army received nine points. For every third place ranking, eight points, and so on, until one point for every tenth place ranking. Armies received no points for being in the 11-15 area. So the numbers you see like 391, 352, 346, is simple addition of the army’s Top Ten places.

The second number — [2.333] for the Nachos, [3.100] for the Army of CP, et cetera — is an averaging of all the rankings, which is surprisingly simple. The total for the Nachos — the number 391 — was divided by the number of weeks; fifty-one. Keep in mind that the statistics from this week where not in the total for the year. 391 divided by 51 leaves us with a little more than 7 and 2/3. That number 7 and 2/3 was subtracted from 10, leaving us with 2.333, the Nachos’ average Top Ten ranking for the year. The same process was done for each of the above armies. In summary, the first number is simple addition of the army’s rankings throughout the year, and the second number is their average ranking in the CPAC Top Ten this year.


Above, you see the full chart of the rankings I just described, as well as an overview of the number of times these armies have been in the Top Three or Top Five. Keep in mind that when an army receives one point in the “Top Three” category, they are also consequently in the “Top Five” — so they receive one point in that category as well.

The First Place Rankings

Ah, the coveted number one spot. Entire wars have been waged over it, and armies all across the community covet this spot. Due to this, Puckley was also kind enough to put together multiple statistics regarding that coveted spot. First, here’s a list of the ten highest scores this year (out of 100.)

1. Nachos (99.25)

2. Rebel Penguin Federation (99.00)

3. Nachos (98.00)

4. Nachos (97.96)

5T. Nachos (2)* (97.75)

5T. Hot Sauce Army (97.75)

7. Nachos (97.00)

8T. Nachos (2)* (96.88)

8T. Rebel Penguin Federation (96.88)

10. Nachos (96.00)

*The (2) indicates that the army received this score twice throughout the year. 

Though the Nachos, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Hot Sauce Army take the cake for the ten highest scores of the year, many other armies did have spots at first throughout the year. Those statistics are below.


Of course, the first place spot can be easy or difficult on any given week depending on how well those armies around you did. Out of 100, armies have scored as close to perfect as 99.25. Armies have also reached first with scores lower than 70.00, as shown in this chart.


And finally, here is a lovely calendar displaying first place rankings per week. The year begins with many ties, as seen in January and throughout February, until the Nachos begin to take hold of the first place ranking consistently in March. They hold this rank until May, when they are challenged for dominance by the Hot Sauce Army. Following HSA’s downfall, the Nachos once again claim the number one spot consistently until they front off with the Rebel Penguin Federation during the summer. As the war between RPF and the Nachos comes to an end, the Army Republic is able to hold the first place spot for two weeks as the summer ends. Throughout September, the Nachos and RPF continue to fight for the number one spot, until the Doritos seem to get a stable grasp on it come the middle of October. Throughout November, the army changes weekly until the Dark Warriors hold the spot consistently for three weeks. Most recently, the Rebel Penguin Federation was ranked Number One.


I hope these statistics have helped to put the Top Ten throughout the year in perspective for all of you. I’d like to send out a sincere thanks to Puckley and Boomer20, who not only thought up the idea for this post but have been so important in making it happen. I hope this can become a running post here at CPAC come the end of each year. Comment with YOUR opinions on this week’s Top Ten and the Top Ten Armies of 2013!


CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Board Member

64 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. Good Top 10.


  3. leedleedleedleedlee


  4. 1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [85.00] GOOD

    2. Dark Warriors [+0] [83.00] GOOD

    3. Nachos [+2] [82.33] BIASED SHOULD BE 5TH LOL

    4. Army of CP [-1] [81.34] PERFECT

    5. Ice Warriors [-1] [70.28] PERFECT

    6. Light Troops [+3] [68.88] GOOD

    7. Army Republic [-2] [67.88] BIASED SHOULD BE 9TH

    8. Doritos [+0] [63.42] BIASED SHOULD BE 7TH LOL

    9. Water Vikings [-2] [63.03] BIASED SHOULD BE 8TH

    10. Water Ninjas [+0] [54.60] PERFECT

    Close to the Top Ten:

    11. Special Weapons and Tactics [+2] PERFECT

    12. Redemption Force [-2] PERFECT

    13. United Penguin Army [NEW!] BIASED 14TH LOL

    14. Striking Raiders [NEW!] BIASED 15TH LOL

    15. Metal Warriors [+0] BIASED SHOULD BE 13TH LOL


  5. Hey UMAd motha [removed] UMA?

    Swear once more, we won’t hesitate to IP ban you. Read the guidelines on the CPAC site.


  6. Good job Nachos! :mrgreen:


  7. Awesome
    Good job to all aries


  8. Nice Top Ten for this week.


  9. The First Place Rankings

    1. Nachos (99.25) PERFECT

    2. Rebel Penguin Federation (99.00) PERFECT

    3. Nachos (98.00) PERFECT

    4. Nachos (97.96) PERFECT

    5T. Nachos (2)* (97.75) PERFECT

    5T. Hot Sauce Army (97.75) PERFECT

    7. Nachos (97.00) PERFECT

    8T. Nachos (2)* (96.88) PERFECT

    8T. Rebel Penguin Federation (96.88) PERFECT

    10. Nachos (96.00) PERFECT


  10. Nachos deserve 1st


  11. The Top Ten Armies of 2013

    1. Nachos [391] [2.333] BIASED SHOULD REALLY BE 3RD

    2. Army of CP [352] [3.100] BIASED SHOULD BE LIKE 4TH

    3. Dark Warriors [346] [3.216] BIASED SHOULD BE FIRST

    4. Army Republic [315] [3.824] BIASED SHOULD BE LOWER

    5. Ice Warriors [286] [4.392] PERFECT

    6. Rebel Penguin Federation [243] [5.235] PERFECT

    7. Doritos [179] [6.490] BIASED SHOULD BE 5TH

    8. Water Vikings [126] [7.529] BIASED SHOULD BE 2ND

    9. Light Troops [116] [7.725] PERFECT

    10. Special Weapons and Tactics [112] [7.804] BIASED SHOULD BE 13TH

    Close to the Top Ten:

    11. Hot Sauce Army [103] [7.898] BIASED SHOULD BE 10TH LOL

    12. Pirates [68] [8.612] PERFECT

    13. Underground Mafias Army [55] [8.878] BIASED SHOULD BE 15TH

    14. Golden Troops [43] [9.122] BIASED SHOULD BE 13TH

    15. Shadow Troops [11] [9.776] BIASED SHOULD BE 14TH LOL


    • Wow, you are really stupid! Liking you’re own comment… Seems legit.


    • Excuse me for the sudden and seemingly abrasive question (And I’m sure this question will be “BIASED LOL”)

      But, are you autistic?


    • Shut up. Rocky, changing your account doesn’t do anything. You’re still a noob. Adding to that, if you want to make a Top 10 of your own, make your own blog that no one willl read. This is CPAC’s opinion, and anything you see differently is not “LOL BIASED”. Can we put that thing on him where you have to moderate his comments?


  12. Sorry about all the comments from me already cring


  13. nachos nachos nachos!!!!??!@@!@?2!?@!/2!?@!


  14. How did ACP get second in the top ten armies of the year. For most of this year they were below the top 5.


  15. Congratulations to all armies of 2013. We had an incredible year in armies and I’m looking forward to another one with all of you. Whatever we face ahead in this game/community, we face it together, stronger than ever. Great job! Excellent post. 🙂


  16. biased nachos should be first we maxed 52 thats better than pussyass RPF


  17. Good Work armies! This is somewhat biased due to Nachos being 1st *Wary* Gj though


  18. Second place of 2013 – good job ACP 😀


  19. All I have to say is that ACP was first only three times in 2013.


  20. RPF FTW!!!


  21. Ohh so now my comments are suddenly getting buncha dislike your jerks arent you ima remember that when its the New Year 😛


  22. I would like to file a law suit against the ACP.
    I was on ACP at around 12:17 AM PST when I was abruptly banned by the oppressive dictator Splasher. Now, I have dealt with my fair share of evil doers throughout my time in CP Armies, but this one really stuck out to me, kind of like a neon lights in the night sky. Or a piece of turkey in a bucket of chicken. Anyways, what stood out to me was how blatantly racist this tyrannic fiend was towards me and my fellow spectators. He was straight up shouting at us, about how, and I quote, “All Americans are dumb and should die” (Splasher.) [<—–CPAC SUPREME COURT EDIT: THIS IS LIBEL. JED IS NOW FINED 23423552358238582385 XATS TO BE USED TO FINANCE CPAC'S SEX TRADE VENTURES] When I heard this, I was quite shocked, as this not only offended me, but probably hurt everyone else's feelings as well. This was the kind of blatant racism that I feel everyday as an average looking American white male, but this time it really pushed me over the edge. I think that this is the only place that may allow me to escape the oppressive clutch of Splasher, unless he has brainwashed everyone here with his racism, in which case I shall sue CPAC too.

    Today, I am here to sue Splasher, on several accounts of racism, bullying, abuse, and harsh punishment. The only compensation I ask in return is all of his powers to help me recover from this traumatic experience. While I continue to think, the Army of Club Penguin has wronged me too, by allowing this to happen on their chat. Therefor, I will sue the ACP as well, for 1,000,000 xats, as this is the only possible way for me to fully recover from this harsh racism I experienced today. If this post goes, unnoticed, I think I might as well sue CPAC as well for going inactive when an innocent individual is harassed by an oppressive tyrant.

    The court date for this trial shall be January 3rd, at 2 AM EST, and if Splasher fails to come, he will then owe me admin on,, and Thank you.


  23. Reblogged this on The Nacho Army of Club Penguin™ and commented:
    We dominated the entire year, and it was all thanks to you guys, well done!


  24. dw=best army of cp this has been outdated *malfunction*


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