Cassius Brutus Replaced by Flipmoo After Coup d’état

UPDATE 11:55 AM EST: In a statement to the media, Cassius Brutus said, “When I took 2 days out of armies, I was knifed in the back by people who I thought were my friends.”

UPDATE 11:07 PM EST: Flipmoo has now stated additionally that NDA will be disbanded, SWAT has surrendered the war to ACP, and that he will be rewriting the Treaty of Fjord that the Nachos signed a month ago. Full report soon to follow. 

BREEZE, ACP Empire – As the ultimate culmination of days of discontent and controversial actions, Cassius Brutus has been fired from the Army of CP in a coup d’état launched by AUSIA Leader Flipmoo.

The coup came when Flipmoo, then ACP 2ic and AUSIA Division Commander, was given permission by Boomer to reset ACP chat and delete Cassius off the ACP site.

Following the coup d’etat, a long post regarding Cassius’ actions during his leadership was released by Flipmoo. The post showed:

A complete screenshot & intel dump-file of the 29th Leader of the ACP, Casiusbrutus. All of his unacceptable actions, conspiracies, poor performance,  and inappropriate behavior have been recorded and are all included on this post

In the post, Flipmoo gives evidence of various issues regarding supposed incompetence, dishonesty and ‘brutality’ during Cassius’s leadership.

1. Leadership of Cassius Brutus.

Cas’s Performance during events:

  • Under Cassius Brutus’s leadership, he cannot manage to get good sizes without aid from another owner. The events that he lead alone maxed 5, and in one event he left the event leaving Purple Slime4 in command so he did not have to take the blame.
  • Every event that Cassius Brutus finds unsuccessful is deleted and kept in secrecy.
  • Whenever Cassius Brutus leads an event alone, the ACP max 5~9.
  • Sercan is the true leader of the U.K. division, as every event that he attend is successful.
  • After observing several ACP events while on a spy account, it was noticed how Cassius AFKs during UK events, while our current 3ic, Sercan, leads them. He logs on CP around 5-7 minutes after the order to log on is given, and then just leaves to do something else. He claims this is because of lag, however, his performance during events was surprisingly much more better when he was 3ic/2ic. He also says he owns a Macbook. A $1000 laptop can handle Club Penguin.
  • Does not/cannot chat recruit before an event.

Wars that Cassius Brutus has caused (6 in total within 3 months of his leadership):

Cas’s Performance during the DW war:

  • Cassius makes it a flame war, he claims victories every time, and doesn’t discuss with the other armies’ leaders.
  • He forced the US owners to claim victory on battles in which they lost for sure during the DW war. He threatens them with various stuff, from demotions to far worse.
  • After 1 week of a war that has weakened both armies, Cas ignorantly refuses to give up. He believes that the ACP has taken the whole DW nation, when everyone knew it was a tie, and maybe, a very slightly ACP victory which was not worth the fall we took.
  • Instead of using creative tactics and operations, he keeps using easy tactics and created a flame war in it’s pure meaning.
  • The Owners make a peace without Cas’s permission, it was already too much for both sides.
  • Cas immediately coups Tori after she agrees with a peace treaty with the DW without Cas’s approval.

Cas’s incompetence:

  • Cas has been advised of a few tactics by some ACP troops and owners, but has failed to use them.
  • He doesn’t plan anything. He schedules events but doesn’t sort out the offensive and defensive wisely.
  • Cannot chat recruit.
  • Has been auto-typing quotes that don’t even show on CP.

The full post can be viewed here.

Interview with Flipmoo, ACP Leader

How did the coup d’etat happen?

War is when the leaders tell us who our enemies are. Revolution is when people find out for themselves. Today, people decided that enough was enough and placed their trust in me. I hope to answer and fulfill my duties as ACP leader.

You are the commander of the AUSIA division. What will happen to the UK and USA divisions now that you are leader? 

Yes, I am aware of that. I have inaugurated Sercan and Jerry as temporary leaders alongside me until I arrive to America.

What are your current plans for the ACP? 

To restore what’s been lost for the past year. Which is why I ask for your support. Without the people, I am nothing, but with the support of all of you I believe that I will truly be able to lead ACP back to its former glory again.

Thank you for your time. 

* * *

ACP is now thrust into a new era of leadership. It remains to be seen that now that their previous kingpin, Cassius Brutus, is gone, how their performance will turn out to be under a main AUSIA leader. Comment your opinion below. 


CPAC Executive Producer

104 Responses

  1. WTF Cassius was doing fine they both should lead together Cassius mah nigga whats your email I can text you that way 😛


  2. Oh my god…


  3. Free mah nigga Cass just like Rob would say about Ioio *wary*


  4. Rage Rage Cring Rage Cring


  5. The New Dawn Alliance moments ago….
    Funny Gif photo: boating funny 719f9533.gif


  6. Guess who can be leader again? Look who got the last laugh.


  7. His ass better not cry his ass back to UMA.


  8. LOLOL


  9. I can see Cass joining the Light Troops


  10. Cas is going to run to RPF. I predict it 100%. The aftermath of this is going to be very, very fun.


  11. Fire 1 owner every month. YOU’LL get first.

    Welcome to SMAC.


  12. Cassius for DCP Leader (WARY)


  13. Cas gonna lead smarty penguins


  14. Fuck you Cas.

    During the LT-ACP war, you claimed that LT was multilogging.

    After seeing the post Flipmoo made, it turned out that ACP was ACTUALLY multilogging.

    Another reason why LT was superior.


  15. Cas come and lead umbrella ninjas with me!! We will declare war on ACP!!


  16. Ooh kill em (cause I’m original)






  19. Okay just finished reading the post by ACP….
    Cassius may well be known as the more “Hidden” Lord Pain. He was very clever using Communistic like tactics to censor internal rebellion, but he didn’t do enough to shut up his lower officers.
    He is obviously one of the most corrupt, arrogant, bastards I’ve ever seen. But he is at last gone.
    It is concerning to see a leader go as low as photoshop to improve his outlook…. But it’s over…..

    ACP’s challenges are still plentiful, rebuilding a legendary army, fixing it’s reputations. But I can say this.
    *ACP’s Challenges are numerous, but the worse is over*


  20. cas banned me for calling him a girl FOREVER. and tori should be leader again


  21. I like Flipmoo and personally I think he is a great leader but I don’t see how having a single leader who is AUSIA time zone will help the army.


  22. The NDA is dead. Literally.
    Rocky, see me on Nacho chat.
    You too, Bluesockwa1.


  23. Thanks Flippymoomoo ❤ now I can come on ACP chat again


  24. Cas is a scoundrel. He would have killed ACP because he was annoying other people and other armies who would then declare war. Thanks Flip for overthrowing ‘him’


  25. die die die in a hole cassiuss


  26. I knew this was going to happen.


  27. I loved Cassius tbh here he was funny


  28. To Flip:


  29. The day after Cassius couped Tori I told him, “You can’t run ACP like this. You can’t run it as if it was UMA. You need to acknowledge that there are other people in ACP with opinions, if you keep this up you’ll end up overthrown”

    He then proceeded to ban me forever & called me an idiot.

    I think this means I win.


  30. inb4 Cas comes back as leader in one week.


  31. Cassius Brutus said, “When I took 2 days out of armies, I was knifed in the back by people who I thought were my friends.”

    Damn I’m your friend Cassius


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  33. Salute to flipmoo, what a true hero, he saved ACP from being Anti-Cp lol cass was a corrupt greedy and a pathetic cheater, how can we say he was a leader? lol


  34. […] ACP Empire – Following Cas’s removal and the creation of the “Sercmoo” leadership, Flipmoo has announced he will be […]


  35. “for a prince of average powers to maintain himself in his state, unless he be deprived of it by some extraordinary and excessive force; and if he should be so deprived of it, whenever anything sinister happens to the usurper, he will regain it.”


  36. Now look at ACP lol…


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