The Importance of 2ics/3ics

CPAC Philosophy Desk– One pressing issue that has come to my mind as of late is the true “importance” of two army ranks that not too many people pay attention to- the 2ics and the 3ics.

All throughout the Club Penguin Army Community, there is a troop who has told themselves, “I am going to become the leader of this army one day.” As you read this story right now, there is a troop in some army loyally logging onto Club Penguin to prove that they are an important part of their army, which of course they are. However, notice how all troops want to stride towards the top of the army, the Leader position. This is perfectly understandable, nearly everyone in the Club Penguin Army Community is fighting to earn a coveted position held by as little as one person to as many as four. They fight for the fame and the glory of being able to reach the mountain peak and assuming the role of the Leader.

Surely, it is the Leader that gets all the credit for the success of their army, yes? They are the one who controls what happens in their army, and they are singlehandedly responsible for their army, of course? Dead wrong. Leaders are only one part of an enormous system that is an army. In essence, leaders are just as important as the members. Without one, there can be no army. However, this post serves to shed light on two seemingly underrated roles in Club Penguin Armies: the 2ic rank and the 3ic rank.

Basically, 2ics and 3ics serve as the Vice President and Secretaries to the army, respectively. They pick up on the Leader’s slack, doing whatever the Leader may forget to do or is too busy to do. This includes a plentitude of jobs: writing results posts, setting up events such as Recruiting/Training Sessions, and even maintaining the site to make it attractive to the new recruits. When a Leader is not present, they are the first to step up to the podium to take control and lead their army in an event. Although it may not seem at first, these jobs are very important. The 2ic/3ics are keeping the army in tact, and helping to keep the army efficient and up to date, and assume control when a Leader is unable to. Of course, the Leader must make sure to choose whoever he/she sees best fit to trust with such a heavy task. It is a hard job, and one that requires commitment and responsibility. One can even say it requires just as much work and gives just as much stress as the Leader position!

One thing that displeases me is the apparent underrating of these 2ics and 3ics. They do just as much work, sometimes even more, than the Leader, and they do not get the attention or revering they deserve. One should not receive extra fame or attention simply because of the rank they are, but because of the work and time they put into their army.  It’s a bit disappointing that it takes becoming Leader in an army to even get noticed or appreciated.

Additionally, a phenomena that I’ve seen occur multiple times is a certain troop doing an amazing job as a 2ic or 3ic, doing their job perfectly and essentially flawlessly. All of a sudden, when this troop becomes the Leader, the flare that they had when they were a 2ic/3ic magically disappears, and they become some other run of the mill leader. This shows that it doesn’t just take Leader to epitomize greatness in an army.

I managed to get an interview with Club Penguin Army Legend and former Nacho leader, Puckley, regarding the subject.

Interview with Puckley, Retired Legend

Me: Do you feel that 2ics/3ics deserve a little bit more recognition in the Club Penguin Army Community?

Puckley: Certainly. These people have worked their way to the top of their respective armies and have most likely proven themselves as a valuable asset to their army and to the future of the army community. A strong set of leaders behind the actual leaders is a necessity for any army to succeed, and they definitely should be a little more recognized for their efforts.

Well, there you have it folks. In conclusion, the 2ics/3ics of an army are essentially the future of the leadership of that army. We ought to start recognizing them BEFORE they’ve become Leader.

Additionally, I do NOT think that only owner ranks are important. As mentioned before, an army is a machine. Every rank, every troop essentially is part of the complex machine that makes up the army. Without one, the army cannot perform to its full potential. It’s simply that the Club Penguin Army Community cannot remember all the names of EVERY single army troop. Why not start small, and give the 2ics/3ics some recognition?

I now leave this posts unto the hands of you, the reader. What do YOU think about the importance of 2ics/3ics? Are they underrated, or does it not really matter?  When is Wgfv going to start paying child support for 2 month old Ladafapuisha, whom I am 1000% sure is my baby daddy! ?

*Side note: For those reading this, tell me in the comments what topic I should make a post about next. I am always looking for issues regarding the Club Penguin Army Community, and I will surely take any suggestions in mind. In fact, you may even get  a shout out in the post! So, shoot me any ideas you’ve got that you want me to write about in the comments.


-Wolfie1215- CPAC Head of Philosophy Dept.

13 Responses

  1. Write on the lack of unity in the army itself.


  2. Furst, LIKE


  3. Years ago, “2ic” and “3ic”‘s wouldn’t have nearly as much responsibility as they do today.


  4. The importance of 1 army rule plz


  5. Make a post about troop stealing


  6. I am so proud to read this cause I am a 2ic myself in uma and I was a 3ic too in rf well what I think is for me no ranks matter at all I stayed in uma as a mod and worked so hard as if I was a leader and thats why uma owners/leaders liked mee sooo much that they immediately made me 2ic and called me the “future of uma” which I will be. So what I think is that ranks dont matter it matters about your dedication when I joined uma I honestly dint even care to get owner all I was concerned to do was to be loyal and active and I got the prize I never begged for so thats my experience and advise to those of you who wish to be 2ic/3ic’s in your respected army please dont worry or beg for it. Cause it will only come when you work for it and trust me it doesnt take long at all infact its really fun to work as a member and then mod and then finally owner for me its a experience I cant properly share but I mean to say is please never beg for high ranks cause high ranks will not accept you until you prove you are made for them. 😉


  7. Same here.


  8. gud post check plus


  9. Great post 🙂
    As leaders are quite busy sometimes, 2ics and 3ics takeover, and should aim to be good role-models for the other troops. There are many hard working 2/3ics that need recognition.


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