The Smell of Success

The term “success” likely means you have achieved a lot in life. You have successfully accomplished everything that you needed to be done. But to be a success in armies, you have to work very hard.

Success in armies is the hardest thing you could ever do. Making life goals is the first step to do this. One of these could be just to be nice to everyone you meet, and not to be cruel and rude to others. You can shape this step by making new friends first. Friends help you with your social skills on the Internet, in real life, and everywhere you go! Social skills help you with talking to more people you meet and not to be the shy kid that’s standing in the corner. You never want to be shy because then you won’t have anybody to talk too!

Success starts with the letter “s”. The letter “s” also starts with strength and social. When you have strength, you can have the power to make everyone like you and you don’t have to feel alone. When you are social, you can make everybody friends with you because that’s they way you are.

Success means that you have been selected to become one of the very few in a list of only hundreds to reach this level. Success is when you achieved the max of what armies have to offer you. Examples include have the soul make your troops happy , having led an army with a big, kind heart, or making yourself have the tenderness of having a brand new small army and brining it all the way into the new Top 10 Armies that just came out. You have to have to guts to be the most beloved person to be that one succesful guy.

Success is the same thing as winning. If you’re the top dog, you’ll get to become very famous. You could even become popular in any army you visit, even if it’s another army! Any army could except you no matter where you are!

Success is when you become a famous gfx designer. Making high-tech graphics could help you in the future. Even though making gfx is extremely hard, with practice to help make it just right, you could be selling a lot of graphics either for free or by making people pay. You get popular either way! Nice deal, huh?

Look at all your fans!

Success is when you stay in armies for a long time. Yeah, we all know what most of us stay in armies for 2 years and that is about it, but some of us stay in armies long enough to earn legend. The legend status is only made for a handful of people. Also, 2 new legends were added this month: Wgfv and Unk! Congratulations to you both! Earning legend is the hardest thing you can do to achieve success, and that might be one of the hardest ways of being succesful for now…

Success is when you become a legendary reporter. If you report things for a long time. I mean, just look at all the wonderful people at CPAC. Every one of you who work here, let’s all become the grandest thing we can ever be, a…

I hope you liked my first post on CPAC. I work very hard on these.

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8 Responses

  1. Don’t bold everything, please. It defeats the purpose. 😛


  2. So to be successful you have to get legend on CPAC? I don’t think so. I know plenty of people that contributed and done way more for armies than most people on CPAC’s list.


  3. Odd post…


  4. I smell women hueehueehue *wary*


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