CPAC Champions Cup II – 2nd Results for Group C and D // Information for Battle 3

UPDATE – 11:39AM EST: The Watex Warriors and Water Ninjas battle has changed from a WW victory to a tie, after discussions with Administrative CPAC Staff. 

Today has been a great day for the tournament, with the big clash of the group stages taking place in LT vs RPF, while we saw the first army in the tournament qualify for the Quarter-Finals in group A, the highlight of this group being Golds vs RF. This is a must see results post.

GROUP C Results:

  • Nachos maxed 25 and beat Wizards who did not show up.
  • Golds maxed 13 and beat Redemption Force who maxed 11.
  • Golds have become the first army to qualify for the Quarter-Finals in the tournament.
  • Wizards have been knocked-out of the tournament with a battle to play.


GROUP D Results:

  • Rebel Penguin Federation and Light Troops maxed 35 and drew.
  • Watex Warriors and Water Ninjas maxed 15 and drew.





Now for the times and information for the next battles of Groups C and D. Although the WN and Wizards are out of the tournament, we would very much like both armies to still attend to try and get some some redemption and maybe even get 3rd in the group. Information for Group A and B are out tomorrow.

Sunday 20th October

These battles will take place at Klondike, Mine


Golds vs Nachos: 2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST, 7pm UK

Wizards vs Redemption Force: 2:30pm EST, 1:30pm CST, 12:30pm MST, 11:30am PST, 7:30pm UK



Watex Warriors vs Rebel Penguin Federation: 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST, 8pm UK

Light Troops vs Water Ninjas: 3:30pm EST, 2:30pm CST, 1:30pm MST, 12:30pm PST, 8:30pm UK


What do YOU think about today’s result? Will the Golds be able to make an impact in the Quarter-Finals, and which armies will join them there? Comment YOUR opinion on results and future battles.

-Kingfunks4 CPAC VP & Former Head

8 Responses

  1. Nice and 1st

    Mite be fail


  2. I judged them all mwahaha. That’s right guys, feel nervous, I’m judging all of you right now.


  3. Golds vs Nachos: Nachos
    Wizards vs Redemption Force: Redemption Force
    Watex Warriors vs Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF
    Light Troops vs Water Ninjas: Light Troops


  4. WW vs RPF holy damn..


  5. Video of full RPF vs LT Tournament battle will be posted on RPF site


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