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I recently got accepted as a CPAC Reporter and I have decided to make a little series that I like to call, ”Armies Without”. I will be making posts about what armies will be without something, such as xat. 

I am sure we can all agree, xat plays a huge role in the army community. When someone wants to join your army, they ask if they get a member rank or a moderator rank. When you want to make a army, one of the first things you do is to make the xat chat and then get friends on xat via PC. Every single army, small or large, with a site (wordpress, blogspot, etc) has an xat chat. 

Why is this? It’s because xat is the main communication from leader to troops. When a leader sees he/she has a lot of troops on his xat chat, he/she decides to make an unscheduled event on Club Penguin. When a leader needs to talk to another leader of an army, they make a meeting on a secret xat chat that’s members only, or use the rankpool power to make an owner pool and have meetings with his/her generals. There’s a lot of ways that xat benefits an army for it’s troops and leader, here’s the main points:-

It is very simple to xat recruit, and a method many major army leaders prefer than twitter recruiting or club penguin recruiting (which requires a lot of people). You can PC a friend to come on your army chat, or go on a popular Club Penguin chat and ask the mascot trackers to join your army. This method is extremely good, as retired DW leaders and army legends, SaW and xiUnknown, have shown it can be very affective if you do it correctly. 

The main reason armies started using xat is for better communication between each other. In fact, I believe the only reason why armies used it because Club Penguin started being strict with their filters which made it extremely difficult for leaders to command their army. With xat you can easily talk to your troops, monitor your troops, and discuss important matters with other army leaders in meetings. 

Despite the stupid powers xat are producing lately, they have some amazing powers that can benefit an army. There’s the rankpool and banpool. If you want an enemy not to be able to view your chat size, you can simply add a banpool. With rankpool you can make another pool, most armies use this to make an owner pool for important discussions (war, training, etc). You can also buy superkick to kick moderators who aren’t paying attention during the event, or the infamous shark that wakes everyone on chat. Powers also helps in recruiting. In some armies, you can bribe some people to join your army or help your army for a specific amount of days, xats or powers (I’ve seen it before).

xat is extremely fun. On a friday night you can hangout on your army chat, or ACP’s, and talk about topics or share pictures that will make you laugh and have a good time. For example, on Light Troops chat we do a lot of things to entertain ourselves. One thing we do is make fun of each other with ni**a jokes, or play an awesome game of atWar. Other armies like to link funny pictures and then spam ”LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL” (ACP), while others like to talk about things that’s not really meant for a Club Penguin chat (Nachos), and a few have let their nooby troops go wild and entertain the whole chat . However in the end everyone enjoys it and finds it extremely fun.

However, what happens when xat decides to shut down? What will happen to armies? How will we communicate and recruit? Twitter, Facebook, Skype?! 

The correct answer is, we can’t. We have all experienced this before. It’s 30 minutes before an event, and all of sudden xat says you have lost connection. You check your internet to see if you’re getting DDoSed, but it seems everything works. You then refresh your army chat 50 times and it works. Then it happens all over again. You then check your army site to find a post stating xat is down. What happens to the event? Cancelled. As you can see, if there’s no xat, then there’s no event. Last week’s tourney events, RF vs. Nachos was ruined due to xat being down. With xat being down at important times such as an invasion or a tourney battle, people will get pretty mad.

So, what will happen to armies when xat is down? I believe armies all together die. There is no other way for a quality communication between each other. We cannot move to Skype as you can’t recruit on Skype, Facebook isn’t an option as no one wants to reveal their real facebook. Twitter COULD be an option, but unlikely for army xat users to migrate to it. 

To sum it all up, armies can’t survive without xat. xat plays a huge role in the army community, and without xat you cannot communicate with the troops, thus not being able to lead battles. You cannot lead on CP as the Club Penguin staff have made it difficult to do so.

Have a different point of view? Share it in the comments.

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  1. Title needs some improvement.


  2. first


  3. aw shit


  4. Awful post. Horrible grammar, and horrible punctuation.

    The ”Drake” thing at the end proves the extent of your intelligence.


  5. tldr; Armies were better before xat and we used the site comments, more people were informed and it was easily moderated, and it felt more fun you also wouldn’t miss out on anything someone said.


  6. If we didn’t use xat more kids would join our armies and we’d be more cp based therefore making “CP Armies” much better and fun because we appeal to the players of CP. ..


  7. tldr


  8. am i the only one who thought this post was pretty cool?


  9. If there was no xat… we just switch to another online chat provider… no big deal…


  10. Xat will never shut down, it’s making money from people buying powers, days, xats etc…


  11. Another gay post WTF mans


  12. Chatango ftw *wary*

    Nice post 😀


  13. Because this topic has never been used before?


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