CPA Central Invasions Review — 10/11/13

CPAC Headquarters – As another exciting week in the warfare community passes, we have the latest on invasions and defenses.


Table of Contents

1. Invasions/Defenses of the Week 

  • The basic format for this section of the post is as follows, the first thing that will appear is the date (for example (8/27)), secondly will be the full name of the invading army (ex. Rebel Penguin Federation), followed by a green arrow (arrow1 which indicates a successful invasion for the army) or a red x (x1 which indicates an unsuccessful invasion for the invading army). Followed by that will the the name of the server that was scheduled to be invaded, and finally in quotations will be the army who owned the server before the invasion.
  • Note: This list will be only based from an invasion point of view to avoid confusion.
  • Another note: It is important to note that CPAC will not decide the winner of battles by this, we will solely be basing this post on what armies have posted on their site as the result of an invasion, so if both armies do claim victory they will both be noted as winning the battle.


Invasion/Defenses of the Week 10/4-10/11

(10/4) Light Troops arrow1 Snow Day (Prev. owned by ACP)

(10/4) Light Troops arrow1 Snow Globe (Prev. owned by ACP)

(10/5) Light Troops arrow1 Outback (Prev. owned by ACP)

(10/5) Light Troops arrow1 Wind Chill (Prev. owned by ACP)

(10/7) Golds arrow1 Ice Pond (Prev. owned by LS)

(10/7) Light Troops arrow1 Avalanche (Prev. owned by ACP)

(10/7) Light Troops arrow1 Fiesta (Prev. owned by ACP)

(10/8) Light Troops arrow1 Ice Age (Prev. owned by ACP)

(10/8) Light Troops arrow1 Sherbet (Prev. owned by ACP)

(10/9) Golds arrow1 Pine Needles (Prev. unowned)

(10/9) Army of Club Penguin arrow1 Halfpipe (Prev. owned by LT)

(10/9) Army of Club Penguin arrow1 Windchill (Prev. owned by LT)

(10/9) Army of Club Penguin arrow1 Breeze (Prev. owned by LT)

(10/9) Army of Club Penguin arrow1 Snow Day (Prev. owned by LT)

(10/9) Army of Club Penguin arrow1 Outback (Prev. owned by LT)

(10/9) Army of Club Penguin arrow1 Crunch (Prev. owned by LT)

(10/9) Army of Club Penguin arrow1 Snow Globe (Prev. owned by LT)

(10/9) Light Troops arrow1Breeze (Prev. owned by ACP)

(10/9) Light Troops arrow1 Outback (Prev. owned by ACP)

(10/9) Light Troops arrow1 Crunch (Prev. owned by ACP)

(10/9) Light Troops arrow1 Windchill (Prev. owned by ACP)

(10/9) Light Troops arrow1 Winterland (Prev. owned by ACP)

I’d like to once again point out that this is solely based on what armies claim to have won, whether they did or did not win these invasions is at the discretion of the armies.

-█Lucario564█[★CPAC Guidance Counselor/Associate Producer★]

5 Responses

  1. The fact that all of these are wins is what sickens me about armies. It’s a game that we play in our free time for fun. These wars aren’t going to go on your college records and your friends won’t see it like a KDR on a multiplayer FPS game. Nobody really cares if you lose a few times, but you will get respect from other people if you grow a pair and admit you were beaten.


  2. I know it’s just a game if u don’t admit defeat now u can’t do it further in life it makes a habbit


  3. i wud luve to say first


  4. All wins. Armies need to start admitting defeat.


  5. ACP’s already lost honestly LOL


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