The October 2013 Legends Inductions Results

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters — Both the public and the committee have cast their votes, and two new names will be inducted onto the list of Legends. 

Following the final decisions on how the committee is going to work, we’ve worked out a schedule for each year, and we conclude 2013 with the final inductions of the year. First, I’m going to go over the members of the committee, as some new people were adding following others being MIA.

  • Boomer20
  • Bluesockwa1
  • Bluesockwa2
  • Fiasco121
  • 122344a
  • Mchappy
  • Trickster
  • SaW
  • Iceyfeet1234
  • Zakster
  • Ambrosha
  • Viewer Vote

Commando717, Puckley and Tanman626 were all unable to be contact throughout the duration of the elections, and thus did not place their votes.

As for the votes you, the public casted — well, they were extremely split, as usual. However, three candidates did make it past the 30-vote mark, and despite that being nowhere close to 60% of the 101 votes casted, these three people were each given one vote from the Viewers due to reaching that landmark. Those people were Buritodaily, with 35 votes, Flipmoo, with 33 votes, and xiUnknown, with 36 votes.

The committee also voiced their opinions on who would make it onto the page, and out of the twelve people who voted — including the viewer vote — two candidates have tied for first place with a total of seven votes. The other candidates range in votes from five all the way down to one.  

And now, without further delay, I present to you the full statistics of the October 2013 Legends Inductions.


Four committee votes, 18 total public votes. Not inducted to Legend.


Three committee votes, 12 total public votes. Not inducted to Legend.


Two committee votes, 33 total public votes — reaching the 30-point baseline, one point in the Viewer Vote category — three total. Not inducted to Legend.


Four committee votes, 35 total public votes — reaching the 30-point baseline, one point in the Viewer Vote category — five total. Not inducted to Legend.


Four committee votes, 27 total public votes. Not inducted to Legend.


Seven committee votes, 25 total public votes. Inducted to Legend Status.


Two committee votes, 23 total public votes. Not inducted to Legend.


One committee vote, 18 total public votes. Not inducted to Legend.


Six committee votes, 36 total public votes — reaching the 30-point baseline, one point in the Viewer Vote category — seven total.  Inducted to Legend Status.


Congratulations to Wgfv and Unknown, who after countless times on the ballot, have finally been inducted to Legend Status! This concludes CPAC’s inductions for this year, make sure to stay tuned in January when the winners of the CPAC Person of the Year will be considered for Legend Status. Very soon, Wg and Unk’s personal entries will be added to the Legends Page which can be found here for anyone who is interested.

And for now, I leave you. Stay frosty.


CPA Central CEO

93 Responses

  1. Go Flip!


  2. GO UNK #WIN


  3. Congrats to Wgfv and Unk on making it.


  4. Where the hecks Wwebestfan hes not onn list? GAAAY


  5. Two excellent choices for legend. Congrats Wg and Unk.


  6. wg got legend but not wwe?


  7. Wgfv got legend for getting UMA to 2nd on the top 10 by going on 5 bar servers and making people turn red / using allies in UMA uniform. Yet, people who have led their armies to 1st like a million times, to great sizes, ect. aren’t even on here. Come on guys!!


  8. Congrats my moose father! By the way Musta, don’t hate.


  9. Finally, Wgfv got what he deserves.


  10. Congratulations Wg and Nico. You deserved this, and should of been a Legend much sooner.


  11. Congrats Wg and Unk! Legend status is something these two people truly deserve.


  12. Daww.

    Though congrats Unk! I’m glad that you were awarded the proper title for your triumphs in this community.

    Grats to you as well, Wgfv.




  14. Congrats both.






  17. Congrats to Wgfv and unk.

    But if Wg gets legend for leading an army to 15(20 with a 5 bar server),

    Where is wwebestfan ?


  18. Elmikey should won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. The system to induct legends is flawed.


  20. AS well as a question, did anyone notice Blue1 added himself without getting elected?


  21. Lmfao the DCP leaders are raging at cpac for wwe not being legend. DCP is officially corrupt with Must and Soldiers’ al qeada


  22. Biased Wwebestfan should be on the next dang Legends Ballot end of story


  23. Lol. The legends page has just got even less respectable.


  24. Here’s two things that Wgfv did that makes him a legend and beats whatever Wwebestfan did

    .Started Communism in cp armies and considering everyone in cp armies has at least some understanding of history communism in school is usually portrayed in a bad light so what he did COULD HAVE RUINED HIM!…but it made him stronger UMA’s golden age was under the hammer and sickle back in 2011.

    .Colonies EVERYONE USES THEM But who started them? THAT WAS ME Berat2beti the Sultan Mafia I wanted to force Watex warriors to serve UMA back in 2010 but was overthrown for it by Harv(Jackass). But Wgfv in 2011 did it to DCP and used his new colony!(Mostly to abuse them for his amusement but hey its something) then he did it to GT, and TG, and a lot of other armies I can’t remember back then. That could have ruined him as well hell it did ruin his image he’s now seen as basically a Dictator and not the good kind but as like a Hitler or Stalin of Cp armies but hey guess what like you remember those two dictators you remember Wgfv as well so that makes him legendary.


    • Oh I forgot to mention this but GETTING ALOT OF PEOPLE ISN’T EXACTLY LEGENDARY! Unless you break the record for getting most people on a server I’m pretty sure Boomer20 holds that record for so unless you get 100 something people on a SINGLE SERVER and Someone impartial counts and makes sure getting a lot of people doesn’t fucking mean shit cause you could lose them all by next month.


  25. the logic of people who commented above is just laughable. the term ”legend” does not and will never make anyone’s past deeds or
    accomplishments more or less valuable. it’s not about the title, its about how it’s earned. now please shut up about the offenses of Russians and Japanese and how we can all ”smoke on it”.


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