Light Troops Invade Multiple Servers from Army of Club Penguin

KLONDIKE, ACP Empire- As the war between the two fierce rivals rages on, the Light Troops invaded many of their previously owned servers from the Army of Club Penguin, who had invaded those servers earlier with their AUSIA division.

Because ACP invaded many of LT’s servers using their powerful AUSIA division, LT fought back with their UK division and invaded all of the servers.  The following was posted on the official LT website on October 7th:

So obviously ACP can’t play fair and keep wanting to use their AUSIA division everytime in this war. You’re in for a delivery, ACP.

LT had scheduled invasions for Snow Day, Half Pipe, Outback, Wind Chill, Crunch, Breeze, Snow Globe, and Tea.  However, only invasions for Wind Chill, Crunch, Outback, and Breeze took place because LT claimed that ACP’s previous invasions of the other four servers invalid.

Following the four battles, both ACP and LT claimed victory for all four servers.  ACP leader Cassius Brutus posted the following on the official ACP website:

Once again we have repulsed LT, we successfully defended ALL of our servers which were captured by the AUSIA Division earlier in the day. Congratulations to our troops on a great victory.

I must start thanking LT troops for summing up my posts for me, its really quite helpful having one’s entire post wrapped up in a small sentence.

Cassius Brutus then posted the following pictures:

The following pictures from the battle were posted on the ACP website:




In response to ACP’s claims of winning, LT leader Spi101 posted the following on the LT website:

These was 10 minute invasions to begin with.

In your first pic, LT has 11 and ACP has 12. That isn’t much of an ACP victory to anyone.

In your second pic and third pic, LT was logging off to another server because as I said, 10 MINUTE INVASIONS.

Nice try Cas, but our nation is re-claimed.

The following pictures were posted as proof for LT winning the four battles:

When asked about why ACP won the four battles, ACP leader Cassius Brutus replied:

“We won them [the battles] because we had superior sizes and better tactics.  Even LT’s own troops know we were bigger, as demonstrated by the pictures on my post.”

When asked why he believed LT won the four battles, LT leader Spi101 said the following:

“LT was bigger and had better tactics, ACP can’t even match up to those terms besides their idiotic AUSIA division.”

As of the now, these battles still remain disputed between ACP and LT.

Comment with YOUR opinion on these battles?  Which army do you think won?  Who is winning the war so far?  When will it end, and who will be the victor?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Editor in Chief

9 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. Can we just shoot them both and end this?


  3. the pictures cas used were from the battle of breeze, didnt use any for the others thus victory to us


    • What utter crap. It’s amusing that you block out ACP’s larger size by having the settings screen up. We all know how cheap Waterkid is.


      • Waterkid Spi and Professor Cargo noo offense but you have a few abusive idiots on your chat that kept banning me and shid just cause I amm 19 years old I think you need sinbin to handle the abnoxious ones on your chat theyre worse than Ioioluk when hee abuses


      • We did that as proof of us going on those servers.


  4. Those pics were from the only of the four servers we tied/lost. Poor cassius idiotus.


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