Light Troops and Army of CP Clash on Ice Age || Multi-Logging and Ally Usage Controversy

10/10/13 9:40 AM EST: An ACP owner, Sercan, provided a screenshot through the comments section of this post; the screenshot depicts a situation on the LT chat.

ICE AGE – The war between the newly revived Light Troops and the Army of Club Penguin continues to rage, with some confirmed victories and the common disputed battles. But regarding the battle of Ice Age, the two armies speculate whether or not the multi-logging and ally usage claims are true or not.

On October 8th (yesterday), the two forces, ACP and LT, dueled it off for a hopefully decisive victory on Ice Age, but to the Community’s dismay, we are yet to know the results of the battle on the grounds that both sides still contradict on victories.

At the battlefront, the two armies displayed a reasonable show of tactics and the ACP numbered approximately between 9 – 13 while the LT look to have numbered the same.

Below, the LT perform the E+7 tactic, numbering between 10 – 12 whereas, the ACP perform the E+T tactic and number around 10 – 12 as well.

Here, the two armies are slightly clustered up; the ACP perform the Joke Bomb and number within the 7 – 10 margin, while the LT remain silent, numbering within the 7 – 10 margin as well.

As the end of the battle, however, much confusion and speculation ignites the debating atmosphere as the ACP’s leader, Cassius Brutus, claims that the LT multi-logged. He stated:

Hello ACP,

Today we completely annihilated the Light Turds on Club Penguin. Even though they were multi logging, using stupid penguin names like ”Light Troops” and ”lulacpcring”. When will this army EVER learn.

When faced with claims about summoning the Rebel Penguin Federation troops to aid the ACP, he said:

LT seem to allege that RPF helped ACP, this is a complete misunderstanding, and I will prove to you why. What LT doesn’t seem to understand is that there are soldiers who are in both RPF and in ACP. It is very hard to round everyone up for events at times, so we usually go to other army chats and tell the corresponding soldiers to log on.

On the other side of the debate, LT’s leader, Waterkid100, stated the following about the battle:

ACP, what kind of ”NO ALLIES” do you NOT understand?? This is a 1v1 war, asking RPF to help your asses is just cheating. In fact, I bet you asked RPF before to help you in the USA defenses, too. We have proof of Sir Pj commanding RPF troops to dress up as ACP for the battle. Nice try, Cassius. Due to this the Light Troops automatically wins the battle.

When we first logged on, ACP had like 5 and we had around 12. Then all of a sudden they got sizes to 15. I saw some troops in their line that I haven’t seen before. Then I realized something. Some black penguins were logging on and turned naked, went to green, and went in ACP’s line. RPF.

Here, Waterkid writes that the ACP summoned the RPF to aid them in the battle, with the reason begin ACP kickstarted the battle off with 12 troops but proceeded into an extra three, which Waterkid says he recognized as RPF troops.

To provide further evidence from both sides, we begin with Cassius Brutus:

Oh and if you’re going to multi log, at least try and make it look convincing:

Above, the two screenshots depict stories surrounding Waterkid100 – what sparks debate, to Cassius Brutus, is shifting from one computer to another one, which he believes is multi-logging.

Waterkid100, in order to prove the usage of allies, provided screenshots of what was spoken with Sir Pj in his private chat:

In summation, the two armies have begun the typical showdown or the blame-game tactic in the war, as some might say. For now, the Light Troops will be invading Yeti and Winterland at times suitable for American and European troops respectively whereas, the Army of Club Penguin will be defending numerous servers of its nation, such as Winterland, Yeti, Zipline, Fog, Sparkle, Cold Front, Misty and Ice Berg. Also, both armies remain in the CPAC Champions Cup; the ACP faces off against the Army of the Republic and the LT faces off against the Rebel Penguin Federation.

What do YOU believe will happen? Will this war run in the favor of the LT army or the ACP? Or will cease-fire take its stand? Also, do you think that this game of claiming the opponent multi-logged or used allies will continue to be reasoned with? Only time will tell.

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтєρнaηιє нєρвυяη«||●

CPAC Editor-in-Chief

Amor Vincit Omnia
Love conquers all

34 Responses

  1. If you find anything wrong in this post, please tell me. Thank you!


  2. are u dumb cassiuss waterkid was lagging on his comp so he went on his comp he wasnt using his other comp secondly rpf was helping u guyz so waterkid took pics u nob


  3. That pic of water saying he was lagging meant he was lagging and switching his XAT account. If you’re active enough you’ll see water switch his accounts before/during events depending on occasion. If its one of the bigger invasions,he switches onto his faster computer for better results. He doesn’t have a 2nd CP account.


  4. How did he wulti log did you see how many were on LT chat.


  5. “lolacpcring” and “Light Troops” are actual penguin names people gave, not multi-logged penguins.


  6. Sir PJ has the sexiest dang Namecolor *wary* sooo there 😛


  7. I saw the post jerry made on GT site. It said “cheat if you have to”. I think I pretty much understand it now jerry is leading acp. I’m not biased I’m staying neutral


  8. the fact that water scrolled up in my PC with him to hide the part when I said “me and another troop” really says a lot about him.
    Both me, and the other troop (which I didn’t know at the time) are in ACP.


  9. Cassius has me added loool


  10. Let’s clear things up, faggots.

    ”Light Troops” is owned by Ana. ”lolacpiscring” is owned by Reece. You have no proof of LT multi logging apart from their usernames.

    Second, I know ACP used more RPF soldiers than 2. And even if they DID use 2, that’s still a usage of allies as if they didn’t then the Light Troops would be getting higher sizes than the ACP and would’ve won the battle with ease. And if they WERE in the ACP, then why did you have to tell them to wear green? (to Pj). Also, on LT’s post there’s a picture of an RPF troop saying ”we’re helping ACP?” which implies she isn’t in the ACP.

    Finally, when I said to switch to my other computer I did it because I was lagging on my crappy one (the one I am using now) which doesn’t load CP well. I use my other laptop (which is fast as hell) for most of LT’s events. That’s why when you go on chat you see another guy on chat called waterkid, that’s me on my fast laptop.

    It’s a shame ACP has to shout out ”multi log” just because the Light Troops are bigger than them and most of our troops are drilling (our uniform), and to top it off, use their AUS division to invade 10 servers at the space of 30 minutes in a single day in hope of winning a war. I honestly don’t know why ACP troops are still in this pathetic army, I really don’t.

    18-3 to the Light Troops, ACP. 18-3.

    PS: Why the hell is Light Troops in green? Make us amber you retard.


  11. I asked that cause Teal does love Michael Jackson too she would do ittt with him IFFF hee was still alive (WARY)


  12. The reason Owen said “2 waterkids again?!” was because some noob kept stealing Waterkids name on xat.


  13. Well I have heard some rumors of ACP getting RPF’s help in the war just because WW declared war on ACP about the same time as LT.


  14. Okay, I like that you have another post about LT and ACP but what about the other Invasions?

    I would have said something about Cassius’ claims of multilogging but I think Waterkid cleared it up for me.


  15. ACP


  16. Y’know what? If the other side uses allies… USE THEM TOO. It’s much better than wasting your time arguing.


  17. Like

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