The Retirement of Freezie66, DW Leader

Frosty, DW Empire- As the ACP v. DW war ends, an ACP leader is couped and a DW leader retires. For more information on the retirement of Freezie please read on..

Freezie was most notable for  leading the Dark Warriors to 2nd in the CPAC Top Ten and even more recently, through a war against ACP.

Below is an extract from his retirement post but for the full post please click here.

I have been leading this army exactly for a month now, and it was awesome for me. The way this army just got huge wasn’t just because of me, it was you guys, the troops who helped me through this. I really hate to leave you guys hanging, but DW’s a strong army. An army with stronger troops than ever before, and an army which is most effective when it is at its lowest. It’s not hard be a good leader, all you need do is not be lazy. A month ago I was nobody in DW’s history, now I hope I have made my mark.

A lot has changed since I returned in 2013. To imagine this army getting 15 without SaW would be a miracle, but ever since the rise of recent leaders such as Khimo, xiunknown, Puf, Crazy Flo etc all of this has been made possible. It truly was an honor to lead in this generation, which was undoubtedly the best ever. It will never be passed, and that is a fact.

I decided to ask some DW troops and former leaders on what they think about Freezie retiring:






So what do YOU think will happen to DW next? What do YOU think of the retirement of Freezie, how will DW cope without him? Leave your responses and thoughts in the comments below!


5 Responses

  1. Great words from Beary


  2. 1st and Bye Freezie


  3. second


  4. I feel sorry for everyone in DW, having an “awesome” leader retire. And the war between us and DW must have tired freezie out.




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