All Quiet on the Slushy Front

The standoff between two current top-flight armies (ACP and DW) ends in a pedestrian, well-predicted fashion.

Stalemates are becoming more common than surrenders these days.

After about 6 days of battle, the Army of CP and Dark Warriors have ceased hostilities.

An agreement between the night of September 20 and morning of September 21 was made between the DW and ACP leaderships. The conditions of the treaty are as followed:

  • Slushy will be transferred to ACP
  • ACP earns 50% control of Crunch
  • No war may be waged between DW and ACP until March 2014 (Any war before then will be declared null.)
  • Any attacks by either party (acts of war or not) can be ignored.

Pictures of the meeting are shown below:

The war is notorious for it’s extremely disputed war score.

ACP claimed to have won 13 battles and lost 2. DW claimed to have won 12 battles and lost 6. There has been much controversy about accusations of not admitting defeat from both sides.

In the beginning of the war, it was a tough and propaganda-fueled conflict with respectable sizes. Toward the end, both sides began to lose sizes rapidly as well as the overall will to continue the war.


Seeking to rise their way up to the top, the ACP is believed to have agreed to end the war to continue their rebuilding. Though they are listed as 1st, it is not guaranteed they will retain the spot nor remain that high when armies such as the Nachos, Army of the Republic, or Rebel Penguin Federation begin to recover from the army-wide school-induced depression. From Summer 2012 and on, the ACP have been in a state of uncertainty and hope, going through several leaders and wars since then. Surely with this effort, they can rejoin the conversation between the top flight armies once more.

This goes for DW as well. DW has remained a solid Top 5 army for the last month, rising to 2nd in this week’s edition. The DW have historically been an uncertain army; being massively huge some weeks and totally dead other weeks. A solid fight with an army such as ACP may help them make a solid name for themselves at the top.

The war showcased several key strengths of each army. Historically, the DW have had the advantage of a powerful North American force. Since recent times, the ACP have become known for their powerful force in Oceania. Throughout this war, the ACP’s recently-weak North American force was able to go toe-to-toe with DW’s school-weakened forces. However, ACP almost always came out with the win in Oceania-timed battles.

With that said, I believe this war proved key ideas about both armies.

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Executive Producer of the CPAC Network

7 Responses

  1. ACP’s historically weak American division? It’s been weak recently but historically it was their pride and joy.

    Good post, by the way


  2. mlp-season-4-soon-and-breaking-bad-finale-is-gonna-be-hot-yo

    i concur


  3. “All Quiet On The Western Front” was one of the best books of the 20th Century.


  4. Why would DW not go for a surrender and settle for a tie when they were completely clowning ACP?


  5. Since Tori isn’t ACP leader anymore, ACP and DW are still at war.


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