Isolationism: Are We Better Off Alone?

Hello CPAC readers, today I bring to you some thoughts about the policy of isolationsim in Club Penguin armies, and whether or not this method is beneficial or harmful to them…Firstly, I will give you the definition of the word isolation, in case some of you do not know what exactly this means.

Isolation- eye-so-ley-shun -noun- 1. to set or place apart; detach or separate so as to be alone.

So basically, isolationism is when an army decides that they no longer want to be left alone to themselves, and as a result: 1. No more allies 2. You’re entirely on your own.

So, why would an army want to enter into a state of isolationism? Well, there’s quite a number of reasons actually, as I will describe down below:

1. Troops are being stolen by other armies.

 Allow me to give two scenarios that would explain this reason.

#1. Say there are two armies- Army A and Army B. They have the diplomatic relationship of “allies”- they have each other’s backs when a problem occurs and have a mostly friendly relationship with each other. However, secretly, Army B is secretly sending troops to go chat recruit off of Army A’s chat. Army A thinks nothing of seeing Army B’s troops on their chat, as they are allies- no harm done. However, when Army A begins to notice that their size is decreasing, that’s when they begin to realize they’re being leeched off of by supposed “allies.”

#2.In a completely different universe, Army A and Army B hate each other’s guts. They’re both in a heated war, and one Army is looking to get the edge on the other. Army B sends some troops to recruit off of Army’ A’s chat, in order to gain a possible size advantage.

Both of these scenarios are perfect examples of why an army would decide to enter isolationism. They are simply tired of losing troops to other armies, and decide that cutting off ties with every army is the best solution

2. Armies don’t want to deal with other armies’ business.

Another scenario to explain this reason: Army A is an army striving to keep itself above water and is busy enough dealing with its own internal problems, and really doesn’t have enough time to deal with their allies’ problems. However, close ally Army B is in a war with Army C. Army B comes up to Army A and strongly pleads for their assistance in fighting Army C. Army A is left with an internal struggle- Army B has had their backs in previous situations, and both army leaders are good friends. If Army A declines, Army B could possibly lose the war and be mad at Army A and either break ties with  them, and when Army A needs assistance, Army B would turn the other cheek, or  Army B could possibly declare war on Army A. However, if Army A decides to assist Army B, they could possibly risk putting the war’s needs over their own, or putting their troops in a situation they do not want to be in, which  could cause resistance and an internal implosion of a fall in Army A.

3. Armies want time to recover.

A scenario: Army A has just finished valiantly fighting Army B in a hard fought war- and they have come out as the winners, however at a heavy price. The war was very lengthy, and as a result many troops have quit from both sides. Army A simply wants time to recover from the war, so they declare isolation in order to recuperate.

To counteract, there is also some reasons why an army WOULDN’T declare isolationism.

1. If a war starts, the army would want to have backup to protect themselves.

2. An alliance could help both armies become the new “it” factor in the CP Army Community, and with each other’s help, they could reach the top of the food chain.

3. A friendly alliance between two armies could give way for cooperating with each other and creating events, thus keeping each other busy and their troops active and fresh

4. Troops might be unattracted or turned off by the idea of isolationism. For example, most armies have a clause of isolationism where  troops can only be in either only that army, or that army plus one other army. Therefore, troops who are in multiple armies, or army hoppers,  would not like this idea, or would have to choose what army they feel is more important to them, which puts them in a tough position.

Aside from all of this, The Club Penguin Army Community has seen their fair share of armies who have declared isolationism. In particular, three armies come to mind when the word isolation is mentioned: the recently-declared Underground Mafias Army, the long time isolated Ice Warriors, and the newly declared Dark Warriors. All three of these armies have enjoyed success, and to some extent. Whether or not their success was due to isolationism or not is up to debate. However, I managed to get interviews with the leaders of all three of these armies: Donut from DW, who you may also know is a Reporter on CPAC, Bearsboy from IW, and Wgfv of the UMA.

Interview with Bearsboy10

Me: How do you feel isolationism has affected your army?

Bearsboy: We have been able to stay out of many unnecessary conflicts due to it, helps us not to lose our heads in flame wars, and it keeps us consistant.

Me: Do you plan on keeping your policy upheld? Or will there perhaps be a change in the near future?

Bearsboy: I’m unsure for now, if we do break isolation it won’t be for a while, unless there is a very big reason that will benefit the community.

Me: Any last comments?

Bearsboy: Yes, verse itchy (I have no idea here either, folks.)

Me: Sure, why not? Thanks for your time.

Bearsboy: No problem.

Interview with Donut

Me: Why did the Dark Warriors enter isolation?

Donut: Because other armies were stealing recruits off of our chat.

Me: How do you feel that isolationism has affected your army in the past few weeks?

Donut: For the most part it has had a positive effect on DW. We now have more loyal soldiers, and less chat recruiters.

Me: Do you feel thar your policy of isolationism is a major reason for your recent jump in the Top Ten?

Donut: I wouldn’t say it has had a major effect, but it has contributed. The main reason was the combination of work from our leaders, and the dedication of our troops.

Me: Has your policy of isolationism brought any negatives towards your army?

Donut: The only negative was the initial introduction of our policy of isolationism. It wasn’t planned in advance, and it took time for the troops to get used to it.

Me: Haha, Thanks for your support and your time.

Donut: You’re welcome.

Interview with Wgfv

Me: What exactly made you decide to become an isolated army?

Wgfv: What war has become as of late. There is absolutely no point in fighting  a war when both sides claim victory.

Me: How do you feel isolationism has affected your army in the past few weeks?

Wgfv: It’s made leading a lot easier. Especially with the back to school crunch that has UMA and other armies in a slump.

Me: Has isolationism brought any negatives towards your army?

Wgfv: Not to speak of.

Me: Any last comments?

Wgfv: ❤

Me: ❤ to you too. Thanks for your time.

Wgfv: You’re welcome baby cakes. Why don’t you come on in for some coffee?

I know leave this post unto the hands of you, the readers. Is a policy of isolationism beneficial or harmful towards armies? SIs it a major reason for success (or perhaps failure) behind the drive of armies who have adopted a policy of isolation? Did I have any encounters with a very emotional, sensual Wgfv?  Do you think that armies are better off alone, or are allies good to have around?



15 Responses

  1. wolfie
    you were hired to be a reporter, not a philosopher
    can you do that




  3. I agree that becoming an isolated army for a short period of time is smart.


  4. Isolation seems like an interesting idea.


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