Retirement of Team Blue Leader, Wyoskyguy

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters — Team Blue have recently made an appearance on the CPAC top ten, as they spent a few weeks lingering at the top of the SMAC medium top ten. This appearance was a great achievement for Team Blue, but questions are now being asked about their future as critical leader Wyoskyguy, retires from CP Armies. This retirements follows the defacing of the army. Sky, as he is commonly known, has also been Global Defenders, Pretzels, Rangers and Heroes leader. He also held an owner rank when the Water Vikings were in the top three at CPAC. Sky has been replaced by Brain and Baller and his full retirement post can be viewed here.

Well… this has been a rough week for me. I found out I’ve been selected for some bullshit, and I have to leave everything behind that could distract me. So, here’s my farewell. I have to delete my kiks, and leave this. So, I’ll cut to the chase.

Don’t retire because I’m leaving ~ Lead your army, so to speak, in my name.

Don’t make this harder on me, it’s hard enough as it is.

Don’t ask for my powers, they already have a home.

I chose this because I didn’t want to give up the opportunity – But that means sacrificing this.  I’m willing to make it.

I will be passing on my leadership of  Team Blue to Brain and Baller. I’d like if Mkll was an owner rank as well. I’d like if Sonic got 3ic too.

What’s up, I’m Sky. Call me whatever the hell you want. Wyos, Sky, I don’t really care. I run on of those fancy-shmancy graphics shops. We’d love it if you ordered :P
About me-
I’m pretty chill, but if you piss me off, be prepared for hell. The same goes for my friends, especially the people on the list below.
Favorite Book Series: Percy Jackson, The Heroes of Olympus
Favorite Movies: Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Breakfast Club
Favorite Superhero: Iron Man :D
Favorite Bands: Fun., Imagine Dragons, The Wanted, OneRepublic, Coldplay
My Main Experiance
Team Blue Leader [SMAC Top Ten #1 and CPAC Near Top Ten #10]
Rangers Leader [SMAC Top Ten Small #1]
Global Defenders VP/Leader [CPAC Near Top Ten #11]
Watex Warriors 2ic [SMAC Top Ten #1]
Water Vikings 3ic / Temp-Leader [CPAC Top Ten #3]
Heroes US Leader [CPAC Top Ten #9]
Elite Marines Leader [SMAC Top Ten Medium #7]
Pretzels Leader [SMAC Top Ten Medium #1]
I’ve been in other armies, mostly small & medium armies.  I’ve been called an army hopper by some, but I tell them all the same thing. When you’ve been in small armies as long as I have, it’s acceptable to army hop. Why is it acceptable? Because small armies don’t last as long.

5 Responses

  1. copy and paste, right? *wary*


  2. Bye wyo, hope the best for you in life! One thing, you were never WW 2ic..js.


  3. Sky, if you’re reading this, I just want you to know how much I love you as a great supporter, literate person and most of all, great friend in CP armies and I will always say that there aren’t so many guys like you in armies. I’ve always enjoyed jokin’ around about Pungy and all and just talking to you casually.

    You had always been there for me and helped me through thick and then when no one else was there, and for that, I don’t know how I can make it up to you. Those chat nights at near sunrise with Pungy, Splasher and a few others are very memorable moments and I hope we can continue this for a while.

    Moreover, I just wish to talk to you one last time before you leave because I will miss you entirely and deeply, knowing that you helped me shape my career, along with a few others whom you will obviously know of, I will miss you deeply.

    Good luck in life!


  4. Ive known sky for about 4 1/2-5 years and he has ben an amazing friend.


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