Ice Warriors and Army Republic Practice Battle

Klondike- In the midst of a fierce war between the Dark Warriors and Army of Club Penguin, the Army Republic and Ice Warriors duel it out in a friendly practice battle.

The Ice Warriors, ranked 5th in the Top Ten, took on the Army Republic, ranked 6th, in a practice battle on Klondike. With both armies being ranked close, and only .06 points separating the Ice Warriors from the Army Republic, this was sure to be a good battle.

The Army Republic was able to average around 20, while claiming to have maxed almost 25. The Ice Warriors, on the other hand, averaged and maxed around 15. As you can see from these former superpowers’ sizes, the school year has taken a large toll.

The Army Republic, performing an E+2 tactic at the Forts during the pre-battle.

The Ice Warriors, performing an E+8 tactic in a backwards L line at the Forest.

The Army Republic, performing an E+C tactic at the Forest.

The Ice Warriors, performing an E+3 tactic in a horizontal line at the Iceberg.

After all was said and done, despite the Army Republic’s seemingly superior sizes, the armies agreed on a tie. Neither army was very impressive during this battle, however, most tactics appeared to be very synchronized and most troops listened. Following the results of this practice battle, Army Republic leader, Proteus, had this to say:

Thank you to the Ice Warriors for being a good army and having a good battle. Hopefully there will be more in the future. As for AR, we did great tactics and ok sizes. Everyone needs to work on getting people on chat and logging on quickly. Other than that, good job AR!

The leaders were pleased at their results. However, there was no mention of the battle being a tie, which is odd.

The Ice Warriors Leader, Bearsboy10, also posted results. He said:

Today we had a PB with the Army Republic. Logging in was chaotic and confusing. After both AR and IW got on different servers we agreed to get on Klondike. At the same time we were on Klondike ACP and DW were having a battle there (a lot of troops chose to go to DW event instead D:) We were still able to manage a tie with AR. We maxed 15 and averaged 15 as well. That is shaky for a weekday event and I NEED you owners to step up. I can’t be the only one trying to get people on or the only owner on. (Tes was on chat but afk as usual, have fun being mod until you aren’t afk at an event)

The Ice Warriors, opposite of the Army Republic, were not pleased. Bearsboy even went so far as to temporarily demote Tes, a 3rd in Command.

While neither army’s performance was very impressive, it still was a very close and fun battle. Who do YOU think won? Comment below. Until next time.


5 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. We need Alb back, he would always keep us in high hopes and kept us positive, even if the event was a loss or a tie, he would be a tiny bit worried or… pissed but he’s overall very friendly, now instead we have Bearsboy and all he wants to do is scold us at any opportunity. If I had a choice between Albert417 and BearsBoy, I choose Alb!


  3. 3rd + Christopher, if you can’t handle IW without Alb then retire or quit IW. Easy


  4. oh wow of course this is the results post to go on CPAC (wary)


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