The CP Army Central Top Ten — Version 2.0

After four years of operation and two years using the current Top Ten Formula, major changes have been made to the way we judge armies — all the changes are not done yet, however, so if you don’t have the time to read this post, I at the very least encourage you to place your vote on the polls at the end of the post. Major army leaders, this is something you’ll definitely want to check out. 

The Top Ten Formula that has been used here at CPAC for the past few years was originally formed by Sklooperis at some point during his term as CEO. It was used by Funks during his computation of the Top Ten, and by me since I took over a little more than a year ago. The only major changes that have been made to the CPAC Top Ten Formula since its creation in 2011 was the introduction of the 1.5 multiplier when it came to Ausia Events — for those of you who did not know, this was put in place during the original forming of Ausia Divisions to encourage their use. What it means is this: if an army has an Ausia Division and achieved sizes of 10 at an event, those sizes would be recorded as an average of 15.

This does however, cap at 25, because if your army can get 25 at an Ausia Event than your division is clearly good enough that we do not need to pamper it. The second and final change made was the removal of the ten points Skloop originally bracketed for “Number of Posts” — it was replaced with Number of Events. For anyone who wants to review, below is the Top Ten Formula we have used for the past six months or so.

Size = average size/40

Tactics = rating/8, 8/8 is a perfect score of 25.00, 7/8 is a score of 21.88, 6/8 is a score of 18.75, etcetera. 

Chat Size = average size/25

Number of Events = x/10

Also bear in mind that these points carry — if an army had an average chat size of 30, but only 5 events, they would receive 5 more points in the category of Number of Events due to the fact that we can not accurately account for their average Chat Size.

However, some changes are being made to the current formula. I have had many discussions over the past few weeks with people who I have worked prominently with on many different projects. Some major problems that some armies list as issues include “overuse” of rogues, refusal to post bad events, and inaccurate reporting of size. 

Now, some of these are much more easily fixed than others. To all armies, I ask you personally not to neglect any event that you have throughout the week, be it an Unscheduled or anything. The reason is this: the purpose of the Top Ten in any given week is not to glorify your army, mind you. The purpose of the Top Ten is to provide an accurate representation of the performance of the Ten major armies in Club Penguin Warfare. When you neglect posting bad events, you are essentially censoring your performance both from CPAC and from the rest of the community. Do us all a favor, and accurately report your performance.

The issue regarding armies sizes comes from the same thread as the above problem. First off, let me make a few things clear — if you want to report your max, that’s fine, but also be sure to report your average size throughout the event, as the maxium size is not what our program computes — the average is. Failure to report your average will result in me subtracting 5 or 10 troops to try and account for the fact that I have no idea what your average was.

The third issue, regarding rogues, will be discussed later in the post. First, I’d like to talk about the changes that already have been made. Boomer20 and I have had major discussions regarding the problems with the current Top Ten, and thanks to his lovely internet-savvy he has presented me with a Macro-Enabled Excel Spreadsheet (I say that like I know what it is), that can rank up to 25 armies in order due to the information I compute in the system. Allow me to walk you through.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Above is the input tab. This is where all of the numbers regarding the categories of US/UK Average Size and Number of Events, Ausia Average Size and Number of Events, Tactics Rating and Average Chat Size will be entered by the Top Ten Maker every Sunday. Now, please keep in mind that if your army does not have an Ausia Division, this will not at all subtract from your average. The Ausia Size is in the exact same category as the US/UK Size of average/40, but it is in a different column for a reason. Any army who has an Ausia Division should read the following.

The 1.5 multiplier has not been removed, only changed. It has been replaced by a size curve for all those with Ausia Divisions — the point of which is to encourage the forming and growth of troops in these countries. The curve is as follows: 

5 Ausia Troops = Average of 8

10 Ausia Troops = Average of 15

15 Ausia Troops = Average of 23

20 Ausia Troops = Average of 30

25 Ausia Troops = Average of 36

35+ Ausia Troops = Average of 40

Please bear in mind the Ausia multiplier caps above 40. No army will receive the curve for any sizes above 40 in the Ausia Division. 

The second part of this program is the Output Tab. The Output Tab takes the numbers I have inserted for the categories above and automatically calculates the ordering of up to 25 armies; basically making the Top Ten for me. Top Ten Makers, all that has to be done now is input the averages and other rating categories — the actual ordering of the armies is done by the script.


Click to enlarge.

This is a fantastic upgrade for the way CPAC makes its Top Tens, but it is not the only upgrade. There are a few things that have also been open to discussion among the CPAC Upper Staff, including the relevance of server population and the use (and overuse) of rogues. These two subjects have been highly debated among the staff, so we have left them to the viewer. Please make sure to submit your vote in both of the following polls.

We will weigh your answers carefully when we make a decision regarding these two subjects. If you have any other major changes you believe should be made to the Top Ten, and want to inform me of them in a constructive way, you can always meet me on chat or comment on this post and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Also, always feel free to email me at

Make sure to vote on the above polls, and comment with YOUR opinions on the new and improved CPAC Top Ten Formula!


CPA Central CEO

27 Responses

  1. This is the saber-metrics of CP Armies.



  2. Clearly, ACP is gonna really benefit from the AUSIA size curve.


    • Well it wont matter if the rogues thing happens becasue according to every person in any army other than ACP: “ACP 1S 4LL R0GU3Z, TH3Y CH34T3D!!!11!!!111ONE!!!1CAPS!!!!1111!!!!1!!”


    • Also, it is not unfair to benefit from having a good Ausia Division… If it’s good then the army should be rewarded. This cant all be based off of USA/UK troops only. that’s not fair.


    • Actually, the more points you get from the Aus/Asia division, the less you get from US/UK. It’s not a bonus, it’s a way of averaging all events, so in the end it evens out.


  3. And seeing that WW is one of the few armies that only goes on one bar server, WW might shoot up in the Top Ten rankings 😆


  4. And we continue to push the boundaries of how much analysis we can put on small gatherings of penguins on an online chat game. Good Show.


    • Well, due to the fact that the weight Top Ten Armies put on their ranking is ever-growing, I only think that we at CPAC owe it to the armies to attempt to rank them more accurately than ever before.


  5. And I think people are gonna get confused with the second poll, cause they’ll think that 50% will be more strict when it’s not.


  6. The redundancy!


  7. I’m the 3rd bluesockwa can I work here??


  8. Daymmmmm…..

    complex bro.


  9. You keiled my boner fckyou


  10. Size of the server should NOT be considered when creating a Top Ten. Armies should be able to use any appropriate means necessary for appearing large. The more bars the server, the larger the army will be. Also an army could get 20 on a 5 bar server with no rogues.. just because the server is heavily populated doesn’t mean they’re rogues.


  11. […] heavily updated to reflect the more modern age of the army community. In a post titled “The CP Army Central Top Ten Version 2.0“, Bluesockwa1 stated a new formula would be put into effect from then on. It would feature a […]


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