Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Army Republic: Beanie

BEANIE – The outrageous war, which has been an ongoing war for some weeks now between the Rebel Penguin Federation and Army of the Republic continues to rage and for now, it seems that neither side is willing to call for a ceasefire or treaty for the time being.

Just recently, Buritodaily and Vinny, well-known and strategic leaders of the AR army retired from the army. As always, any army whose longtime leader decides to retire is predicted to hit a major crisis or downfall, and in some cases, that is true. So, on September 3rd (yesterday), the two armies battled it out on the server, Beanie for approximately 45 minutes throughout the town; the RPF claims to have numbered between 27-30 and the AR seems to have numbered over 20 and was lead for the first time by the incumbent leaders, Slick and Emma.

The picture below displays the initial stage of the battle; the RPF perform the E+8 tactic and number around 15+ while the AR remain seated and number around 15+ as well

Below, the AR number between 18-20 and perform the E+C tactic whereas, the RPF remain silent and number between 17-20

Below, the AR perform the E+9 tactic and number around 13-15 while the RPF perform the E+6 tactic and are in a crowded pack

The RPF admits defeat

At the end of the battle, the RPF third-in-command, Garrett, admitting defeat, stated the following:

Hello RPF! Garrett here with today’s results. First, the RPF logged on to Beanie to fight the AR. We maxed 30 and averaged 28. Click “Read more” for the pictures.

On the other hand, AR’s Possywillo’s stated the following:

On Beanie, we’ve witnessed something. Something we’ll probably see once or maybe twice in a lifetime. Along side our awesome sizes and great tactics came across something. I’ll state what this something was…

Yup! T’was true! For once RPF accepts fate and accepts their defeat. The reason? Well they invaded our server Beanie. But once a raid the invading army must switch rooms. RPF failed to do that and in 45 minutes we just stayed in the Town. Here are a couple of great pictures of our tactics.

In summation, both sides gave it their best and performed very well with decent tactics and formations. While the AR leadership continues to settle itself into its new positions, they will be recruiting and training to a particular extent and work on their European division whereas, the RPF so far have no events scheduled (as far as I can see). This battle will also go down in history as one of the very feeble amount of battles in the war that had its victor decided. So, for my beloved Michael Jackson, I’m Stephanie, signing off.

What do you believe will happen? Will the RPF continue to schedule invasions until it fulfills its desire to sweep the AR’s nation clean of its servers or will the AR conquer the RPF and show they are well-lead even without their old leaders?

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтєρнaηιє нєρвυяη«||●

SMAC CEO and CPAC Editor-in-Chief

Amor Vincit Omnia
Love conquers all

13 Responses

  1. First AR say the defending army has to follow the invading army, now they say the invading army has to follow the defending army :/


  2. The RPF lost because there are a bunch of noobs serving as mods. This is the exact reason why EXPERIENCED VETERANS should serve as mods, and noobs should stay at member and low mod. They have two noobs serving as temp-2ic at the moment. It’s truly pathetic.


  3. Elmikey is just butt hurt that me and Vinny brought RPF to it’s lowest point under his reign, and now he’s going to try and get “back at us” over an army we have left to focus on the out side world. (Something he wouldn’t know about) Now his strategical plan is to march his 8 year old highly experienced and tactical Navy, Marines, and Air forces RPF to attempt and invade AR mercifully. In short, the dude needs to grow the hell up.


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