Emmarose and Slick Appointed AR Leader || End of Isolationism for the Ice Warriors?

TOBOGGAN, AR Empire — Following the retirement of AR’s legendary duo Vindaily, Emmarose and Slick/Boofgall have been appointed to succeed them in the Army Republic — many predict the army will fall, but we await results that can only be gathered over time. Also, on the Ice Warriors homefront, Bearsboy10 is appointed to replace Albert417 as the incumbent leader. The Army Republic has been at the helm of news for awhile now, due to their recent war with the Rebel Penguin Federation — which, contrary to AR’s claims of the war coming to an end, the RPF continues with various invasions. However, now comes a pivotal time in the leadership as Emmarose and Slick succeed Buritodaily and Vinny in the AR Leadership. Many issues and debates have risen up between the AR ownership in the past few weeks, the majority of which were reviewed in the first edition of CPAC’s Through the Looking Glass.

However, a decision has finally be made. Emmarose has been seemingly guaranteed one of the two leadership spots for a while now, and questions rose as to who would fill the second spot — prominent names including Slick/Boofgall, Lord Jay, and Theory. Last night, information came across our wire that suggested Slick had denied the offer for leader, but that now seems to not be the case. In an address to the army earlier today, Emmarose said the following.

I will say last year August when I came onto AR chat for the first time, I had no idea I would be special enough to lead this army and be apart of the family. Victory88 recruited me into AR from Navy Troopers which was the first army I lead but sadly it is dead now. I wasn’t active when I first joined but once I got mod in AR I quit all armies and only focused on AR, and I don’t regret doing so. Once I got 3ic I stepped up my game and did everything I could possibly do. I helped every troop when needed and I updated ranks every night and posted when issues occurred in ar chat. Being owner was amazing to me I never thought I’d get that far. It took about 3 months to get 2ic and once I got it I did everything I could do for AR so I spent my entire summer on AR. Now here I am leading the army I’ve always loved being in. I hope you all can look up to me as a leader and appreciate what I do in this army.

So far, the response to the promotion of these two has seemed favorable for the army — at this point, it seems the troops have come to realize that they cannot continue on with Burito and Vinny forever, and that sooner or later, there will have to be a transition period into a new leadership. Slick spoke to CPAC earlier today about his promotion to leader — his statement is below.

I feel like the army will take a slight fall due to the changes in leadership. However, with the solid structure and owners the AR has, and the experience of the new leaders, the Army Republic will continue to succeed time and time again. 

The retirements have not stopped with the Army Republic, however. Over on the IW Homefront, longtime leader Albert417 retires the army. Albert was the original successor of Iceyfeet1234, who had lead the army for many years. Assuming the leadership role in early June of 2012, Albert led the army into many victories — majorly in tournaments, due to IW’s reputation as an “isolationist” army. The full retirement of Albert can be read here.

The question that many in the army world are now asking revolves around that very reputation. For many years, the Ice Warriors have held a reputation as isolationists, the so-called “neutral Switzerland” of armies. This is not to say the army has never fought in wars, but for their size, they have been involved in few conflicts. A post made a few months ago on this topic can be found here.

For the year of 2012 under Albert, the isolationist practice seemed to be working very well — the Ice Warriors would go on to become the first major dominant army following the collapse of ACP that year, before giving way to the Nachos. From late July to August of 2012, the Ice Warriors held first place in the Top Ten for seven consecutive weeks — the Ice Warriors would also go on to win Largest Army of 2012 during the CPAC Christmas Awards.

I spoke to Marabubamara and Aquabluejet1, Second in Commands in the Ice Warriors army for their thoughts on both Bears’s appointment as Leader, and the possible breaking of isolationism. An interview with Bears will likely be inserted once he is online.

Blue1: How do you think Bears will perform as IW Leader, and do you expect the Ice Warriors to break isolationism? If so, what do you believe the result of that will be?

Marabubamara: I think Bears is the best choice for leader. We had our first event with him as leader today, and I have to say we did well. I think we will have improvements in the future for the better. As for isolationism, I don’t think we will be breaking it soon — but if we do, it will be for the best. 

Aquabluejet1: I think IW will flourish under Bears’s leadership. And I’m not saying we will, but we will possibly break isolationism, depending on how Bears wants things to play out. As a result, I have no comment — because it’s unknown until it actually happens. 

The Ice Warriors will be in the spotlight in the coming weeks as we await to see how the first weeks with Bearsboy as leader play out for the army. Overall, the troops of the Ice Warriors seem to be optimistic in the new leadership, and are looking forward to working with Bears as their new leader.


So, what do YOU think? What will happen to the Army Republic now that Burito and Vinny have retired? How will Albert’s retirement affect the Ice Warriors; will they rise under Bearsboy? And will the army break isolationism? Comment with YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO

31 Responses

  1. You know shit gets serious when IW comes out of isolationism.


  2. And Jay is not the AR Leader


  3. Boof is a great leader. Wonderful 2ic in the Pre-Golden Age of GT and one of the few successful leaders of CPST that was NOT a creator. Bears is also a very good leader being a longtime member of both CPST and GT and lead DW and HSA to great numbers along with being a very good 2ic for WV.




  5. no! iw will never leave isolationism!!!! nevarrrr


  6. AR will do fine with both Emmarose and Slick as leader.


  7. Making funof Christohper got boring stop being total Judgemental Faggots please kthnksbai




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