What is a Legend?

MAMMOTH, CPAC Philosophy Desk – The word “legend” gets thrown around a lot in CP armies, but what does it really mean? Who deserves to be called a “legend”? What does it take to reach legendary status? We explore the answers to these questions and more at the philosophy corner.

What is a legend? There is no clear definition on our own Legends page, so let’s hear some answers from the community:

Trickster, CP Army Legend – I think what makes someone a legend is that they have to do something new, something so different that’s never been done before.

Sercan, ACP 3ic – Doing something so great that they need to be recognized for a long time (which 80% of the legends haven’t done).

Blizzard880, Blizzard Warriors Creator – A legend is someone who has dedicated themselves towards an army they have led or is leading.

Klug1234, Former ACP 2ic – Legends are people who changed armies-it can be for better or for worse- but they must be people who changed armies in general, not just whatever particular army they were in.

And let’s look at the dictionary:

leg·en·dar·y  (ljn-dr), adj.

1. Of, constituting, based on, or of the nature of a legend.


a. Celebrated in legend.

b. Extremely well known; famous or renowned

Legends Come in All Stripes

Looking at definition 2b, you can see that one does not necessarily need to have a positive impact to be considered a “legend”. For example, if someone is obsessed with Adolf Hitler, decides that they’d like to emulate him through CP armies, creates an army that later becomes massive and uses that army to go on a conquest of all armies and nearly destroys them all, wouldn’t that person be considered a legend? Considering that said person created and led their own army to the top, and took down major armies galore before being brought down, wouldn’t that make the person “legendary”?

Adolf Hitler, Evil Legend Guy

Hitler himself was evil, but he was a legendary figure nonetheless. If there ever was to be a relatively evil figure in armies, shouldn’t they be considered a legend if they did something that’s never been done before? In CP Armies there have been a few figures that while making a huge impact on this community have been widely hated. Waterkid100 with the Pirates and Black Alliance, Lord Pain with his many leaderships, and the reviled Purple President Violantealleta himself. Is it fair that they not be legends due to the fact that they’re not as loved as McHappy or TanMan?

Unfortunately such a problem arises when people are asked to vote for legends. They tend to vote for their friends or people that were nice to them when really they should be voting based on how much of an impact they’ve had on this community. But voting only for the “nice” people to become legends is like deleting part of our history, like refusing to acknowledge the bad that comes along with the good. Let me ask this: if there was no evil in the world, how could you possibly appreciate the good? One cannot exist without the other, and we should keep that in mind when voting for legends. Looking at the big picture we see that the lines are blurred even more. In CP Armies, nobody actually dies or suffers injuries (except to their pride), so in this community what really are good and evil? In the Black Alliance vs White Alliance war, both alliances believed that they were the “good side”. The world is not simply black and white, rather it’s all shades of grey.

Legends Impact Armies as a Whole

Oagalthorp, Explorer7777 and Pink Mafias essentially created the modern CP army community by forming organized groups with a central forum/WordPress base. Commando pioneered the idea of nations with the USRPF. Omega39 played a huge part in multiple rebellions against many different armies and wrote the first army constitution as well as creating the first army boot camp in ACPTR. Trickster was the first to lead multiple armies into the Top 10 and created the “L” line. And let’s not forget Boomer, ACP’s greatest leader as well as leader, troop and helper of many other armies (RPF, UMA, WW, etc.) who also created some of the rules our community lives by today such as the 24-hour rule.

Leading an already large army to 1st place on our Top 10 may make one a good leader, but does it really make them a CP Army Legend? Unless they did something else of note, the answer is usually no. CP Army Legend should be the ones who have done something new that has wide-ranging impact. McHappy for example, though a great leader in his own right, essentially kept the ACP at 1st–a position they held long before he stepped up to the helm–and used his name recognition to get people to join Elites and Arctic Warriors. Violantealleta on the other hand started from scratch and gathered 1,000+ people from 4chan’s /v/ board to raid events as the Purple Republic, sending every single army scrambling in fear and giving birth to the Pink Alliance.

Who will be more remembered in 2015 when the Soda Pop Army is reigning supreme in 1st place? The guy who kept an army at first or the guy who overpowered armies as a whole and made them all beg for mercy?


A legend, in the opinion of many including myself, must do something to impact the entire community whether they’re considered an all-around nice guy or a thorn in everyone’s side. A legend need not be heroic as long as he’s done the insanely great.

What do YOU think makes a legend? Who do YOU think should be a legend that isn’t yet? Write a comment and share YOUR thoughts below!

~Philosopher/Historian, Smartuin

12 Responses

  1. Wgfv no legend.


  2. I agree. There’s people in this community who deserve to be on the legend’s page but aren’t; and vice versa.


  3. wooo good post yeah (Wary)


  4. Ioioluk and Waterkid are not legends.


  5. i vote albert417


  6. I think we should look at a legends page as a baseball hall of fame. Just because you weren’t the most revolutionary and successful leader of all time, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be legend. If you were a top figure in armies and had a lot of success, then you should be considered imo.


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