The Retirement of Buritodaily // Gannon

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom — Today the longtime leader of the Army Republic, Buritodaily, has retired. To view the original post click here.

If anyone quits or retires from AR just because me, Vinny and A are, I will be very disappointed in them. Also, this will be a long post, so get comfy. :P  

My heads spinning as I look at the title. I’ve imagined writing this post dozens of times in my head, wondering how I could ever describe such an amazing journey with simply words, but I think I found the truth. I can’t. A mere post couldn’t explain the memories, friends, experiences, and lessons I’ve gained from my army career. When I really think about it, I realize i’m not just leaving a game, I’m leaving a chapter of my life. I’m leaving real friends that I’ve come to know and trust. Before I get into the real bulky part of my retirement, there is one thing i’d really like to say.

If you helped me in my career, I thank you for encouraging me to go further. 

If you hated me, I thank you, because you were my motivation to keep trying to improve.

If you were there with me through it all, I thank you, because without you, none of this would have been possible.

Yes, now you can read on to read what you really want to hear. :lol:

Almost every retirement post I’ve ever read, has included a story of where they started, and how they got where they are now. I’m not one to break tradition, so I figured why not? Now, if I were to try and put EVERYTHING in this post, it would probably take forever to get done, so instead i’ll be as detailed as I possibly can.

My days in Club Penguin started when I was young. Like, really young. I believe I was in 2nd grade when I made my first account. I remember making the account because my neighbors, who I was close to at the time kept pressuring me to make an account so we could play together. I agreed and they showed me how to make an account. When I got home I begged and begged my mom to help me make an account and buy me the treasured membership. After a little whining she agreed and we logged on and started creating it. She asked me which name I wanted and I really loved Pokemon so I chose Blastoise with a ton of numbers after it. I would go on all the time to play with my neighbors. I remember running to their house every few minutes to tell them what server to log on to. :P One of the neighbors and I spent 4 hours after school trying to beat the surfing game on survival mode, it took us forever but we finally beat it. I remember she controlled where we moved while I did tricks. However, like most young children, my love of Club Penguin slowing grew less and less, until eventually I forgot about the game completely.

It wasn’t until around 3 or 4 years later when I rejoined Club Penguin. I remember seeing one of those puffle plush toys and all the memories of that game flushed back so I decided to create another account and join once again. I was older, but still pretty young, so I could still ask my mom for a membership and I re-created another account. I was thinking of all kinds of names for the penguin. I didn’t want numbers because I thought that look “n00by” and I thought a funny name was the best. After some thinking I came up with “Buritodaily.” I started out small, just touring the island, meeting a few people and hanging out on a few servers. It wasn’t much, but it was a start. Then I met someone named Mr Bongers 2 or something like that. Me and him were both around the same age, and we both had the same dream. To get famous on Club Penguin. Slowly we started our own youtube channels. He started one called Jeffhardyfan then a ton of numbers like that or something. I started ClubpenguinBIGstuff I believe. Well, I never really got famous, but I did get some views, which at the time was a huge deal to me. Here’s one of my videos I was able to scrap up.

Yes, I was a total noob.

This lasted for a few months, but then as summer of 2010 came I stopped once again and Club Penguin started fading out of my life for the second time. That was until something big happened that would keep me in Club Penguin for the next 3 years. I was getting back on once for the end of the summer since I was bored and had nothing to do. I decided to log on a server I hadn’t gone before, so I found Mammoth and went on. Right away I was amazed when in the town, I saw 5-6 people in squids costumes running around chanting “Join the squids!!!” This was incredible to me, so I quickly got out my Squidzoid costume and suited up. For around 15 or 20 minutes we ran around the server trying to get people to join us, and we got A LOT. When we were done I imagine there were around 25 or more Squids running around. When we went to the forts I saw some more things. I saw the SWAT army (Rogue at the time) fighting rogue ACP soldiers. This was really cool to me, because to know there was armies in Club Penguin caught my attention right away. Memorized my these armies, I quickly created the Squids army of Club Penguin. I remember starting it on a really low quality free website maker, but I forget what the site was. Over the next few days I would log on to Mammoth trying to get people to join my Squid army. It was rarely as successful as the first time, but I didn’t give up. One day when I went to the Snow Forts, I saw a new army. I didn’t see any SWAT, but I did see some ACP, however a two new people were attacking ACP. They were wearing some sort of ghost costume. They started asking me to help them out, so I agreed. I shouted “THE SQUIDS ARMY IS HERE!” while attacking ACP. After like an hour of battling, we finished at the Ice Berg. I had found out that the ghost army was actually an army called the Army of the Republic, or “AR” for short. The two people on at the time, 122344a, and Bart simps51 (sorry if I got your name wrong Bart) quickly begged me to join their army and find their website. Miraculously, I found the website, even though it probably didn’t even have a 100 page views yet. I quickly explored it all over, looking at the battle posts and the ranks and the organization. Eventually I came to the chat, and there my career officially started.

I started out as member in AR. I loved it so much. The thrill of battle, rising, and hanging out with my army friends. I use to shit on chat while it was empty just waiting for people to come so we could log on. The leader when I first joined was Juliansk8s. He was hardly ever on, in fact, he probably came on two or three times while I was a member in AR, and eventually, 122344a forced him to retire. Now he decided to put Bart in leadership. The army started growing. We were doing better than we once did, although we still weren’t very big. 122344a’s hatred of ACP starting showing more and more. ACP, who were huge at the time, became our biggest targets, even though we only had around 10 soldiers altogether. We started going onto their chat and heckling them begging for them to go to war with us so we could destroy them all. We started making up lies about how we could get 30 soldiers at battle. They knew we were lying obviously, but one day Mchappy was sick of it, and actually agreed to fight us. We scheduled an invasion of Mammoth, and the war was off. I remember going to bed the night before the invasion so excited to fight ACP. I actually thought we had a great chance at beating ACP. I came a bit late to the battle because of baseball, but when I logged on, needless to say we were getting slaughtered. The war came to an end as 122344a and Mchappy agreed to a peace treaty, and we even became somewhat allies. 122344a put the blame on Bart for the disastrous attempt at war, even though he really didn’t have any say in it, :P and he was overthrown and my big moment came. I was promoted to leader, after having some 3ic and mod experience. I believe A joined me as leader or 2ic, I can’t quite remember. However, after I took leadership, good things started happening.

AR started growing as we began going to war with more armies in the small community. We invaded the Earth Warriors, who were high in the SMAC top ten, and we won with ease. We moved on to armies such as BMA, which was led by Ioioluk, in which a peace treaty was designed. Yes, even at the beginning of our careers, me and Ioio were going to war. AR was doing pretty great, then from there we just took off. Firemanhg, or as you guys know him, Austin, left Team Red to join AR where we continued to grow. We started rising on the SMAC top ten to top 3 positions consistently. By the end of November, (after a lot of me begging Skloop) AR was chosen as the army of the week on the CPAC Top Ten. This was a huge milestone for us at the time as not many armies join this top ten. Seeing our success, SMAC head and long time army leader, Grant 42 decided to join our army. At the time he was a big inspiration to me due to his success in being chosen by Skloop as the first SMAC head and after a while he convinced me to let him lead with me and Austin. AR continued to grow, and after a few weeks AR saw its first appearance in the top ten at the tenth spot. This was incredible for me, and I couldn’t be happier. Then a real chance to shine came for us. The Christmas Tournament (I forget it’s exact name) came to CPAC that year as December started, we were invited. Our first battle was against the Watex Warriors and we wanted to really prove to everyone how good we could be. We trained our hardest and recruited more and more soldiers that week in hopes of doing really good at the battle. When the battle came, we did excellent. We maxed around 25 soldiers with perfect tactics and a very big diagonal line. Tons of people from armies were stunned at our size. However the judges ruled the battle a tie, (Which we disagreed heavily too) so we had to have a re-match with them. In the re-match, we did even BETTER where we got sizes of 30. Now we proved that we were the real deal, and we even got 9th on the CPAC top ten.

After that, we went on to face ACP in the second round, which I couldn’t even attend, and we got dominated. From there, we gradually started slowing down more and more. Eventually we fell out of the CPAC top ten, but, in January we got right back in at 8th after a ginormous practice battle against FW in which both armies had very big size. However, problems began to arise in the leadership. All 3 leaders and A at the time, started having their differences. Grant got power crazy, while me and Austin had different ideas for AR’s future. Eventually Grant left AR and deleted some very important posts and pages while doing so. After Grant left Ar decided to try and get back in the name by invading the Ice Vikings, who had just come off a huge upset in the Christmas tournament making it all the way to the finals. We were riding high and we really felt we could win this one, but after a disastrous invasion, I made the decision to shut the army down. The army was dead for a little while, and Austin was not happy with me at all, however both me and 122344a couldn’t resist from bringing it back. AR made a few runs in 2011, although mainly staying at low medium status. New figures in AR popped up as our army began to change more and more. Slowly summer started coming though, and AR hadn’t improved too much. I wasn’t working nearly as hard as I could at the time and AR remained stale. Then one day, 122344a made a new face leader. He went by the name of Kush at the time, although he changed his name a lot. I had honestly not remembered ever seeing him before, and all of a sudden he was my co-leader along with A. However, since I didn’t really care as much at the time, I agreed to it, and slowly I learned that this person, who would later go on to be named Vinny, :P was a great leader, but not a great buddy. Me and Vinny didn’t always get a long well in 2011. I was inactive that summer due to a lot of baseball, and a lot of not caring about AR nearly as much, however Vinny was still able to keep AR afloat. Me and Vinny both fought a lot, and were always planning to overthrow the other. Somehow, AR stayed alive and trudged our way to new heights AR had never seen before. In our first battle of the Legends Cup against NW, AR got 25+ and advanced to the next round.


We had proved we were back. Over the summer we would go in multiple wars, while at the same time being a highly unstable army that could be collapsed and proclaimed dead at any day. Still, we were able to work all the way to 4th in the top ten. We even stayed in the top 5 for a few weeks which was monumental for us. This would not last though as the summer went on, and eventually, after some huge fights between me and Vinny, some bad events, AR was declared dead as both leaders moved on our separate ways.

This was a weird part of my career. Because there was no desire to bring AR back at the time, yet I didn’t want to leave armies quite yet. Vinny went on to the Tacos, while I created the Freeze Troops. The Freeze Troops only lasted a few days, before I decided to join the Tacos as well, where me and Vinny sort of resolved our issues. The Tacos would rise quite well under Np3000, Vinny, and Billy Mays, but after Vinny and Billy retired from the army, I was placed under the leadership spot right in the middle of an intense war between the Light Troops. However when the Tacos sided with ACP in an intense war against the Nachos, Billy Mays, who was highly loyal to the Nachos, deleted the Tacos site and declared the army dead. At this point, neither me, Vinny, or A had anything to do so we tried once again to re-create AR. This generation got low in the top ten a few times, which was nothing new for us really, but like the last gen it quickly died out. We tried once more even in the winter, however still, it died. I dabbed around for a while in different armies. I re-joined Np3000′s Tacos, while at the same time being LT 3ic. However I quit LT and joined Taco’s for a 2ic offer instead. I spent some time as an ACP mod, seeing if maybe I could rise through the ranks to owner, although I never did. After all this, I had become quite bored of armies, there were other things I wanted to do instead so I left armies for about 2 or 3 months. I was Ninjas 2ic for a few of those months, after the Tacos merged into the Ninjas, but to say I was inactive would be an under statement as I probably came on a few times every week. Finally I made the decision to retire, and leave armies in general. For about a month, I came on chat maybe once or twice, until I heard about 122344a’s retirement from armies. At this time A had built up white a reputation in the community, so it was kind of a big deal. I remember coming back on Xat for the first time in like a month and seeing a lot of old, yet familiar people so excited to see me. This was when Vinny, A and I all discussed a meeting to re-create an AR that would go on to be virtually unstoppable.

So we brought AR back. On our original return join post, we got exactly 29 comments. Nothing incredible, but passable. Vinny started the generation off with a bang, after we got 25+ at a practice battle against the Ice Warriors. At the time, I was still the weaker link of leadership combination between me and Vinny. I was still considered that lazy and inactive leader of 2011, but I was determined to prove that I was not THAT any longer. I was going to help make sure AR did great things, and great things we did. We started off with a war on NW that was surprisingly close. Both armies made a big comeback from some of each other’s darkest ages and after about a week of battling both armies settled on a peace treaty. Then we decided to put AR into high gear. We quickly got ready to invade SWAT, which were led by Ganger90 at the time. SWAT had taken a fall recently, but they were still a powerful army at the time. After coming off a huge war with ACP in which they surprised everyone with large sizes, we, an army that had just come back from the dead, decided to take them on. Most people expected us to lose, considering we were very low in the top ten at the time, however AR preserved and battled them incredibly tough. We invaded them server by server, and slowly started wearing them down. The hatred between both armies came strong, which only fueled us to battle harder. After about 2 weeks of constant battle, SWAT surrendered the war to AR. Me and Vinny decided it was best to keep our war ways, so we quickly moved on to ST. This war was much closer, and included a lot of flame. We won some battles, and we lost some, but in the end both armies agreed on a peace treaty. Now was when things would get really interesting.

ACP and Nachos had been in war for nearly 3 weeks and the war just got closer and closer. After Mchappy went AWOL, ACP was in need of help more than ever, and quickly called on an old alliance to come back. They asked for our help in the war against the Nachos. We decided it was best to join because it could really help us get on the scene and continue to rise. In a daring move, we declared war on the Nacho empire and scheduled an invasion. The invasion went incredibly well. AR got sizes of 40 with amazing tactics. The huge invasion even landed us a spot in the top 3. AR had officially reached it’s heights point of the war. A look back at the event.

Things would get much tougher, however, as the Nachos realized that they couldn’t just keep letting us invade them so they called on some allies of their own. The infamous Light Troops led by none other than Ioioluk. The LT had done some incredible things during AR’s dark age. They took on ACP in a very close war, and in some opinions even almost beat them. But now they were being brought back from the dead to take us on, and hoping to take us down. The battles were close. ACP didn’t really help us as much in battles as we helped them, party because they were being destroyed by the Nachos at the time, however the Nachos and LT came at us full throttle. But we wouldn’t disappoint as AR fought both the Nachos and LT together in one battle and actually won. It was an incredible day for AR and helped us rise even further.

After a few more weeks of fighting, ACP eventually surrendered to the Nachos, and the AR, LT, war ended with it as well. Now AR had our eyes on a new prize, the Legends Cup. AR would win the first two rounds, with decent sizes, while staying in the top five, but then something huge came up. Vinny retired AR, vowing to never return. This left me with the main leadership. It was basically put in my hands to keep AR afloat, but I had a desire to do more than that. I wanted to make AR rise to become better than ever. AR would continue in the Legends Cup, dominating army round after around with sizes of sometimes 30+. It was an AR no one had ever seen before. We fought our way to the final battle against the Ice Warriors, where we lost, but gave some incredible effort. Here’s where the real challenge began. School was starting, and an incredible Summer was coming to an end, and somehow I had to keep AR rising. I kept recruiting a lot, and actively having events, and AR continued to rise. We stayed in the top 5, and the top 3 a lot of September, going to war with LT a few more times, and having several encounters with the Black Alliance. Then October came, and I was set to make sure AR had a VERY good month. And that we did. AR rose further and further, advanced more and more. We got first in the top ten two weeks in a row. Then November came. My computer broken down during this month, and without me AR took a devastating fall to eighth. However, 122344a renewed his efforts in AR after retiring, Capncook stepped up to leadership, and Vinny made a shocking return to AR, and we were right back in the game. My computer was fixed later that week and we continued to rise further and further. AR’s golden age was set to take place. When we got to December, (my favorite month) none of us predicted the success we would have. We only took first once this month, but our sizes were incredible. Often AR got 30-40+ at events, circling rooms, and rising to heights we once again had never seen before. A look at AR in December.

AR would continue to do well through January, and the first month of 2013, even reaching first a few times as well. However this wouldn’t last. Capn and Vinny had their fair share of differences. Eventually, Capncook would leave, taking Austin and Lbk with him, and causing a near civil war in AR. We took a drastic fall, and at a weak point DW declared war on us where we surrendered quickly. The following week LT declared war on us seeking revenge. We were determined to beat them, but after so much had fallen apart, the army itself broke down and we surrendered once again. AR was at its lowest point in nearly 7 months. It was just the few remaining loyal soldiers, and me and Vinny who were left to repair the wreckage. But we vowed to everyone that we would be back, and stronger than ever, and those who destroyed our once great empire, would be sorry for ever touching us. We started off by getting vengeance against LT. We basically invaded their army to their death. Then we moved on, continuing to rise more and more, until just around a month ago, we decided to go after ACP. The war was long, excluding the cease fire in between for the Legends Cup. However in the end, we were victorious in our long standing vendetta against ACP, and more specifically, Capncook. AR had risen to sizes never seen before. Even getting 50 at battles. We stunned so many people, and in that time, we made a true claim and stained the history books forever. After a bit, we moved on to the Rebel Penguin Federation, and I don’t think I need to describe what happened from there. All in all, after all that, It’s safe to say I was ready for retirement.  😛

My Biggest Accomplishments

  • Getting AR Leader
  • Helping AR reach first in the CPAC Top Ten 5 times.
  • Getting nominated for CPAC Legend (Hope I get inducted someday. :P )
  • Being voted one of CPAC’s best leaders of 2012 & 2013 Summer
  • Defeating the Black Alliance
  • Defeating ACP
  • Defeating RPF
  • Maxing 50 at a battle
  • Working my hardest to enjoy the incredible things I’ve experienced

Now I guess I should get to everyone’s favorite part of the post. The part where I hopefully include them. The thank you’s.

If I forgot you, please comment telling me so! There are so many people that it’s almost impossible for me to remember them all. 


The AR Troops: This is just a thank you to anyone who served under the AR banner. You made AR what it is today. Even your shortest of service shaped AR for the better. You all contributed into what AR is today. This spot was also kind of for anyone I didn’t mention, simply because there are so many of you.

122344a: I think back to 3 years ago. The day I met you, the day you changed my life. (Sounds like Im proposing to you) It’s been an incredible ride. Through thick and thin we’ve always been working together to make sure AR’s going smooth. I consider you one of my closest friends in general. I’m sure no matter where life takes us, we will always be in contact. AR Forever.

Vinny: It’s right that we retire at the same time. We’ve done everything in AR together. Since the beginning of 2011, we’ve led together. Although we’ve gotten in some of the biggest fights and some of the most drama of any leaders, :lol: we stuck it out, worked together, and combined made AR unstoppable. Like A, I consider you a great friend and I’m sure we will keep in touch. AR Forever.

Lbk: A long time ago I promised I’d put you high up on my thank you’s list and somehow I remembered. :P I remember you first joining, and how fast you rose through the ranks. I remember you proving you could lead, while at the same time you were one of my best friends, especially after Vinny left. It’s a shame you retired so soon, because I can picture you doing great things in this army. Either way, thanks for being a friend, and thanks for all the memories.

Austin: We have definitely had a rocky road. Like so many people in my career we’ve been great friends to bitter enemies at times. Especially when you defaced AR. :P I remember you first joining AR after leaving Team Red. Either way, AR wouldn’t be the same without you, no doubt, thank you for all your help and being a great friend. And also the graphics. xP

Grant 42: I doubt you will read this, but even today, I still don’t like you for what you did to me and AR. You were definitely very arrogant, and you took advantage of me in my n00b state. Then as I started to mature, I started speaking out for myself, Well, you did help me mature and help AR grow while you were there, but power hunger can get the best of us all.

Bart: You are definitely one of those troops that always seem to find their way back. xD I remember joining around the same time as you. Well, I hope your career continues to advance in AR. Congratulations as owner. You’re one of the only 2010 soldiers still around, just remember that.

Ianroach: Hey old pal. I still have you added on Xbox Live. :lol: For the record, I DID recruit you into AR. :P Well, I hope you are enjoying life on retirement island. You were one of the very best AR ever saw.

Frigido: You’re also one of the only troops from 2010 left. Although you haven’t gotten a chance at leader yet, and you did lose 3ic, I admire you a ton for your loyalty and dedication to AR. It’s troops like you that have kept this army so great for so long. Thank you so much Frig.

Juliansk8: Haven’t seen you since months and months ago. I remember every now and then you would randomly pop in. :lol: I doubt you will read this, but I thought you deserved a mention since you were leader when I first joined.

Jujuflower: Your first army was AR, then you lived quite an interesting career afterwards. For a while, AR and you did not get a long too well. :P But then recently we overlooked our differences and you rejoined. It’s nice to see you back. :)

Sheep: I call you sheep since it’s easier to spell. :P Your incredible lifestyle of sheep has impressed me. You’ve been an incredible AR for owner. Whether it be the sheep times, graphics, or the chat bot, AR, and I personally owe a lot to you. Sheep on! AR also owes you so much with your incredible AUS division.

Emmarose: You’ve been a great owner in AR. Ever since the Tacos died and you decided to step up, you’ve risen through the ranks with extreme activity. I wish you the best of luck as one of AR’s future leaders.

Slick: I’m very excited to see how you do leading AR. You’ve got not only experience leading, but experience leading AR specifically. If you really put in the work, i’m sure you can do wonders with the army. It was great to lead you.

Candy: I remember you way back in 2011, but obviously most of your lasting impression was left when you became owner in AR. You have a bright future in AR, you just have to keep maturing and stay loyal.

Blondie: I remember when Astro got you to join. Despite your challenges with your timezone and region, you’ve proven to be a fantastic owner. You are as active as you can possibly be, and contribute in anyway possible and I admire that. I wish you the best of luck in AR in the future.

Astropeace: I heard you retired/quit? That’s a shame. You were one of my first real recruits. I think you could have gone much further in AR had you truly cared, but it’s alright. Good luck in life.

Slip: Thanks a lot for the domain. I remember when you threatened to deface AR. Bad times. However overtime those wounds have healed and I still consider us friends. It was nice to lead with you when Vinny first retired.

Yoan: You were a fantastic owner to have. You and all of your siblings really impress me with your loyalty to be honest. I’m glad you found your way in AR and worked through the ranks people you are one of the nicest people I’ve met in my time here. I wish you the best.

Theory: You are one of the longest serving AR owners, and your activity shows. I know you have your struggles in your real life, but I respect you staying active and loyal throughout. Thank you for sticking with AR for so long.

Sanmiasha: You found your way as owner very quick, but you definitely earned it. You kept your loyalty and focus on AR from the start, and the results showed. You have a great future in AR, just work your hardest to make sure that future is great.

Wheelo: Many UK divisions have been attempted in AR, but despite your small experience leading, you were the first one to establish and create a real and successful UK division. It has helped us so much, and i’m sure as your career goes on your power in AR will continue to escalate. Keep maturing and improving your leadership skills and try not to rage so much in battles. :P

Tori: Don’t think I forgot about our little Valentine’s promise. xD I probably won’t be on much around then, but you can still pretend. ;) Good luck in life and AR Tori.

Poke: You retired then re-joined for some reason. I don’t know if you regret retiring or not, but I hear you simply retired so you could be in more armies. I’m not going to judge your decisions, but I think you will regret that in the future. However, you were still a great owner while you cared. You were probably the next leader until your dedication dipped down a bit. Good luck in life.

Royilumbo: You were definitely one of the best soldiers AR has ever seen while you were in AR and that showed when you earned the troop of the year award. I wish you had accepted 3ic back when you were offered the rank, because I think you would have done great. Wish you the best.

Whats Up: I’ll be honest. You really are an army hopper at heart. I think that proved when your loyalty to AR wore down more and more. I think your biggest problem is you struggle to put the army before yourself which makes it impossible to keep ownership. Having said that, thanks for serving under me for as long as you did.

Rikuns: You are a great troop while you can be active, and It’s been a pleasure having you be in AR so long. Besides AR though, you are a really great guy and you’ve helped me out a lot with the memberships. :P Enjoy life my friend.

Sapper: You were a good owner until you really stopped getting active. Personally, you probably would have earned AR owner back by now if you were more active and less involved in Chaos. Having said that, you’ve really helped the Chaos army become a notable army, so I congratulate you on your success with them.

Stormer: You have a bright future in AR. Don’t give up, and keep trying. Don’t stop until you’ve accomplished all you feel you can possibly accomplish. Words of the wise right there. :P Also, if you can, try being a bit more active. I think it will help you out.

Greeny: You’ve got huge potential. I really do hope you use that potential for AR, however that’s up to you. Remember your career is still so young, so don’t ever give up on AR. I can see you doing great things in this army one day, possibly even as leader. But it’s all up to you.

Yankees: You’ve been very loyal in AR. Despite your retirement, your activity and dedication helped you rise straight back to where you left off. I wish you the best of luck in AR and life. It was a pleasure to lead you.

Pewdie: I really enjoy seeing your epic music videos and also reading your cadence of AR which is still on the empire page btw. :P I hope you have a good career!

Lollypop: You are still young and have A LOT of career left so don’t forget that. I really hope your career in AR goes far. Enjoy life. :)

Foldez: Thanks for coming over to AR in the war against ACP. You are smart, I know that, and i’m sure if the chance comes you will be a good leader someday if you’re up for it. xD

Tracker: You were a good owner before you went inactive. I heard you rejoined but you are still really inactive sadly. Be on more. D:

Poppy: You post nice. xP I think your career in AR could go far if you are bit more active. That would be my only tip to you. Have a great life!

Morty: The golden voice. That is all. :P

Meg: Great person, hope your career goes far in AR and.. ily2 :P

Members Of AR: I decided that there are simply too many of you to list all of you, so I am going to give you all one big one in hopes that I don’t leave any out. Just remember, that even if you are an unknown private, you ARE the future of AR. Almost every high ranking AR solder you see started where you are starting at, and look where it got them. Just do the best you can, and improve in any way possible and success will come to you.

If I forgot any of you, I’m terribly sorry. There are just so many. Maybe I’ll remember and add you guys at another time.


I’ve had quite a rocky road with this army. I started out being told to hate you guys, so I did, then I was told you like you guys, so I did for about 2 and a half years, and then I hated you guys again. Rough road. :P

Capncook. I’ve had more history with you in 6 months, than I have with a lot of people my whole career. We worked alright together as co-leaders, however I always think you were really in it for the power. You did leave a huge wound on AR, that took us quite a while to recover from, but as promised, we would avenge that wound. But that’s over now, hope you enjoy life and Sycamore park.

Skloop: I remember when I first joined armies and I thought you were so amazing. I mean, ACP 3ic and CPAC head, my mind was blown. xD You were definitely a big help during my noob days, and served as a big inspiration for me. Thanks for being able to tolerate my endless questions.

Bobcatboy: I believe the day I discovered ACP, Matre had just retired so you were the first leader I saw. Naturally I saw you as some sort of CP army god for leading an army so large. Even though your career ended pretty short you were still a really cool guy. :P

Boomer 20: You are definitely one of the greatest leaders armies have ever seen, and have been monumental for armies themselves. You helped us out a lot in the WA/BA wars so I thank you for that. I hope you enjoy life and college. :P


Iceyfeet1234: Another one of the best leaders armies have ever seen. You did crazy things with IW and I wish you the best of luck later in life. You are also pretty much the only person only in IW I have to list. :P

Albert: You’re a good guy, and congrats on keeping IW alive and in the top ten after Icey Left. Hope you enjoy retirement.


Vendetta: When I first joined armies I thought NW was awesome. Your one army rule and strength really shocked me and the way you took on ACP. I still think you were a great leader, and were definitely a big inspiration to how I lead.

Tomb 147: You’ve been a friendly person for some of the time I’ve known you. I have some weird memory of us sitting on Nachos chat linking stuff I won’t talk about on here. xD


Puckley: One of the truly great leaders of our generation. You’ve definitely earned legend. It was nice to be one of the main leaders of armies while you were at your prime. What you’ve done with the Nachos is amazing and I’m sure you will be remembered by it.

Shadow: I just met you recently during the AR vs ACP war, but I know you are considered one of the best army leaders period. You are a very nice guy, and I thank you for the ways you revolutionized armies while you were still around.

Tanman: You were a super nice guy, even though you deleted me on Facebook. Congrats on legend, you earned it!

Shiv: I remember me and you hated each other, (or you were just trolling me) but then as I started to turn against ACP you started showing me some respect. :P


SaW: You’ve been pretty cool with me sometimes, and other times you were a nightmare for me with your doxing and ddosing stuff. No hard feelings I guess. Enjoy life.

Unknown: You really rised to the occasion with DW. Sorry you didn’t get legend, but i’m not up there yet either so.. maybe we will get up there together some day? xP

Donut: Just started talking to you recently, but you are definitely a very cool guy. I hope you and Puf do great things with DW


Wg: I remember hating you in 2010 when you declared war on AR right as we entered the top ten. xD But you are an extremely funny guy, and don’t let anyone judge you or take you down, over the internet or in real life. UMA has already taken a massive rise, and I can see you doing even more with them. I wish you the best of luck.

Eyes: Over the past few months with you leading UMA and me leading AR and our alliance, I’ve started to lead a lot with you and we’ve helped each other’s armies out a lot. Great job leading UMA, and it’s funny that we retired around the same time.

Neos: A good leader and an incredible GFX artist. Thanks for being a friend throughout my career and also making us some awesome graphics. Enjoy life!

Light Troops

Ioioluk: You’ve definitely been one of my biggest rivals throughout my career, but I respect you as a leader, and you helped me out a lot in the long run of leading. Enjoy life.

Roberthoe: Like the name? :P You were a cool guy, and I hope you enjoy retirement.


Elmikey: One last message to Elmikey. GROW UP. MOVE ON. You’ve made like 15 rage posts about AR. Seriously, you’re like 19-25 years old. Get a dang job and don’t throw away your life just for Club Penguin armies because I’ll be honest, and this is called constructive criticism, You are a total loser and life will pass you by if you don’t do something while you still have time.

Snaily: Like Yoan, you are a great person. I wish you best of luck with your plans. :P

Commando: I know you got really mad at me during this war, and that’s too bad. Maybe you’re over it by now? Whether you are or not, I really respect you as one of the best army leaders ever.


Zak: You are a good guy and a good friend. Despite our rough start in the AR vs UMA tournament battle we turned out to be pretty good friends. :P Good luck with the rest of your career.

Aaron: I know you aren’t in WV anymore, but you came to mind when I started filling out WV. We didn’t talk too much, but good luck with your career.

Brass: I didn’t know you too well, but you seemed like a good leader. Have fun with your life.


Bluesockwa1: You’ve been a good friend for the time I’ve known you. You’ve done some great things with CPAC and congratulations on legend. Good luck with the rest of your career though.

Bluesockwa2: Didn’t know you too well, although I remember one fight we got in. Good luck with your career though I guess.

Tymatt: I don’t even know what army you are in now to be honest, you always rage about how stupid armies are then you come back like a week later though. Oh well, I’m not one to judge you. Enjoy life.

Airhead32: We weren’t really friends to be honest, but you were pretty cool when you weren’t ripping on me out of fear I was recruiting on CPC, lol, which I never did by the way. I wish you and CPC the best.

Alina: I just met you recently at OldCP but you are a nice person and maybe I’ll talk to you a bit when I retire. :P

To anyone whose ever been there for me, this spot is for you. I’m really very sorry if I forgot ANYONE up there, but there have been so many people to thank in my career. I’ve got a lot of people to owe for all my success, and I wouldn’t be anyone without any of you. So this is just a section I made for everyone, just because I didn’t put you up there, does not mean you weren’t important or helpful to me. I couldn’t describe how much thanks I give to all of you. Thank you so much for helping me on this incredible journey.

My last wish…

My last wish is for the current and next generation of soldiers in AR. A lot of people think AR is going to die without me, Vinny, or A. Please do me one favor, and make sure that no matter what, the spirit and pride of AR lasts as long as any other Club Penguin army. You guys have the ability to take that army to heights never seen before, but it starts with you guys. Anyone can step up and rise to become the best leader AR has ever seen. Anyone can become such a good AR leader that they will totally forget Vinny and I ever existed. I want everyone to remember who AR was, what we meant, and how much we accomplished. We are a truly legendary army, and not just because of the leaders, but because of the loyal and dedicated troops who helped us for so long. You guys can do anything you believe in. I trust you all to carry AR even further, but it won’t just happen by sitting on chat and waiting for someone else to do it for you.

Even if your current rank is private, you can be the difference. You can be the next Vindaily. You can be better than Vinny or I ever were. You just have to make the right decisions, and truly work hard to make that happen. This AR didn’t happen over night, and I didn’t wish on a star for this happen. I worked my butt off for it. I’ve grown to love the people in this army and respect them as some great friends. I will never forget the memories and lessons I’ve taken from this army for the rest of my life. I hope to visit back on AR some day and still see it thriving and growing. Any one of you can make sure of that. AR Forever. Also, I don’t plan to just disappear from xat like Vinny. You will still see me now and then.

Also, if anyone ever deletes or messes with the history on this site, i’ll rip your bones to pieces and feed them to my dogs. :)  

For one final time, the last message from your 3 year, proud AR legend and leader…


26 Responses

  1. i can do anything i leave for a month i be yankees i be on during my empty slots in life (which is most of my life) and dont be dissapointed i might leave for 3 days to read house of hades!!!!!!


  2. Lolz I am in the picture with Night Warriors.


  3. Thanks for all the memories guys. My only advice would be to take a second, and appreciate what we are all apart of. A self made miracle and community ran by kids and teens themselves. People often dout the power of kids as young as us (well most of us, Elmikey) but it’s truly incredible what we’ve accomplished and I think if more people knew about us, they’d be impressed to. Thank you everyone!


    • To be honest Burito i will never forget you haha. I first you met while i was leading expedition army when ar was bout to declare war on us and we raged for an hour and came to agreement lol. Good time, good times. Becuase of that I matured leading expedition army and stuff and it really helped me later on. So in a way i owe you, A and bart alot, and we did later on become pretty well friends I did join ar later on for mod the next year and stuff and you were always a cool chill person to talk to. Welcome to retirement island, and keep having fun in life. You achieved a lot in armies, and hopefully ar will continue doing well without you.


  4. Bye Burr, have a great retirement! Although we didn’t really chat much, you’re always a great leader to AR and a funny guy 😀
    Good luck in life.


  5. I actually read the whole things. I never knew Burr that well, but he is indeed a great leader and will be missed in the community. Good luck in life Burrito!




  7. “Elmikey: One last message to Elmikey. GROW UP. MOVE ON. You’ve made like 15 rage posts about AR. Seriously, you’re like 19-25 years old. Get a dang job and don’t throw away your life just for Club Penguin armies because I’ll be honest, and this is called constructive criticism, You are a total loser and life will pass you by if you don’t do something while you still have time.”

    damn thats harsh


  8. []


  9. At least he wasn’t in Kendrick’s verse.


  10. I remember when I used to like you, and then you went all cranky after I decided to join ACP’s UK force and leave AR (who didn’t have a UK division).

    Anyway, good luck in life and I see your retirement as a chance for other armies to beat the crap out of AR, just like they did with ACP a year ago. Bye Burr


  11. Welcome to the club.


  12. R.I.P. AR.
    They will be remembered.


  13. Gannon, I believe you misspelled something… “I use to shit on chat while it was empty just waiting for people to come so we could log on. “


  14. typos, theyre great:


  15. […] just had a recent change in leadership with the retirement of Burr and Vinny which can be found here and here. However at the time of the battle both of these armies we’re in good condition and […]




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