Introducing the CPAC Training Center | Reporter Application Results

Hello CPAC, First off, I’d like to introduce the new CPAC Training Center. In a nutshell, it’s a place where we’re going to train people who we believe have the potential to become excellent reporters, but do not have the quality that CPAC requires yet. The majority of the people who we accept for training here will be people who have good grammar, but do not yet understand CPAC’s post formatting.

The site can be viewed here.

Now, I’ve recently closed reporter applications. I’ve skimmed through all of them and while I believe that a lot of the people who applied have the potential to become great CPAC reporters, none of them seem to quite be there yet. Therefore, while no one has been accepted for CPAC, the following people have been accepted to be trained at the Training Center:






Congratulations to everyone who was accepted! You may view the instructions on what to do next on the home page of the Training Center. You have also all received invitations to become an author on the training site so that you may post on there. To the people who weren’t accepted- you may reapply at any time on our Work Here page, when you feel you’re ready. Don’t give up!


CPAC Vice President

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  2. ill try better next time. :3 with a better post :9



  3. Try better next time ;D



  4. Cool beans.


  5. one day one day


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