Editorial: Why the Chaos of 2012 Really Happened and What Could Have Been Done to Prevent It

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom — While the year of 2012 may have been a high point for some armies here and there, 2012 will be forever remembered in our history as one of the most chaotic times. The Black Wars raged on for months at a time, and armies at the top held sizes of 30 or 35. The chaos of 2012 has, no doubt, brought prosperity to armies this year, but this editorial will take a look at why 2012 could have been avoided, and why that one simple fix could have also averted some of the major issues we now face. As always, all views in this post are mine and mine alone. 

We start our story in the early years of armies. Shadow2446 is the kingpin of the Nachos — Oagalthorp, while no longer leader of the ACP, is still heavily involved in the community. Well-known names like Itachi6dark, Commando717, and Iceyfeet1234 sit at the helms of the five most powerful armies.

At this time, there were 5 major armies in Club Penguin: Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA,and IW. The 5 armies were all apart of an alliance known as the Army National Treaty Alliance also known as ANTA. The ANTA was an alliance organized by Oagalthorp in early 2008 where the major armies in Club Penguin could unite and discuss issues of the day. It also decided basic rules over nations, etc. 

[excerpt from the CPAC History Page]

ANTA was the first major council of armies. Formed around the same time was the Club Penguin United Nations, which is most well-known for their uniting of Small and Medium Armies against Order 67, one of the first major acts of ANTA. More on this can read in the “Order 67” subset on the CPAC History Page here. ANTA eventually collapsed in 2009 due to Person1233 deleting the site. On the topic of ANTA, Boomer20 said the following.

ANTA wasn’t designed to be influential, and was considered Oagal’s worst idea because it politicized armies and pulled them away from the natural competitiveness of consistent warfare — because 2008 was a sort of Dark Ages for armies because nothing happened; everyone was in one big alliance. I mean armies are fairly politicized now, but back then they were completely independent, and went to war just to beat an opponent, not because there was a true hatred. 

Following the collapse of ANTA, the CP United Nations continued to thrive under the leadership of Mr. Deedledoo — however, the CPUN is not really a council in the terms many of you think of it. As per its name, it was basically a place where Small & Medium Armies could meet to discuss various topics. The second major council to be formed following the collapse of ANTA was Boomer20’s in 2009, which was formed out of what was a desire to bring back the “Golden Ages” — which, at that point, was considered 2007.

This council was probably one of the most successful. Now, you might ask why that was — it was overseen by the exact same person that oversaw the council of 2012, was it not? Well, there was one major difference between the councils of 2009 and 2012. In the CP Army Council formed in 2009, the members of the organization shared one goal — bringing back the Golden Ages. Armies like the ACP and Nachos worked together with armies like IW and HSA, helping them recruit and bring them to higher sizes than before. The armies shared a common goal.

If you look at the council of 2012, you can see that the complete opposite was the case. 

The council formed last year was completely polarized, with two major sides trying to agree on one set of rules. One of the major reasons the council was reformed last year, was to establish a set of rules due to the fact that many armies were no longer following them — this shadowed one of the goals of the 2009 council, with one major difference. 

In 2009, the major group that wasn’t following the supposed “rules” was the Renegade movement, led by Omega39. That was a group of 5-10 penguins, who fought in a sort of “Guerrilla Warfare” style. In the case of 2012, the Renegade movement was much, much stronger. It was the Black Alliance.

Yes, in case you haven’t noticed, one of the major reasons the council of last year failed was because the problem it was made to handle had grown far too large long before the council itself was finally together and functioning. I’ll be honest, I understood the Black Alliance movement when it first was formed. It was a group of armies standing up to the oppression of ACP, which had limited many armies to the number two spot in the Top Ten for far too long.

The unfortunate part is, the Black Alliance became extremely demonized, straying away from its original roots when people like Weatherboy1, Sir Proditor and Mr. Machado were at the helm of the alliance. The Black Alliance in and of itself wasn’t a bad thing, but the way they went about their work was. In case you haven’t noticed, topics like ignoring invasions and being against any and every form of authority have only recently rose to prominence. In a way, the wars of last year turned us into a much more hateful society than we had ever been.

Going back to my original topic, long before 2012 but following the collapse of the 2009 council, many other attempts were made at forming a council. One of the most relevant of which was Woton’s return to armies after his retirement two years ago, in which he pushed for a forming of the “CP Army Senate”.

The original graphic of Woton’s senate.

This senate was met with the most opposition of any council in history, basically because of the extreme amount of regulation Woton pushed or at the initial forming of the council. A much smarter way to do it would have been a sort of stairway process, to start simple as a group of leaders meeting to talk, and then evolve it into a bill-passing forum. Woton’s council was met with extreme opposition, both in the Large and Small/Medium army community. SMAC marketed the idea as an “gross overreach of CPAC’s power”, and by that point, the damage had been done. Even though the council was not involved with CPAC, it was now thought of as one, and Woton’s council never got off the ground.

Another council attempt was made later in 2011 by Sklooperis, who was met with opposition, but not nearly as much as the opposition Woton’s council had seen — Sklooperis’s plan for a council was much smarter than Woton’s plan, but was still never got off the ground as at this point, no one believed we were heading in a bad direction.

Now, here comes the important part. What happened in 2012, and what we could have done to prevent it — and how we can learn from our mistakes last year, to deal with some of the problems we are currently facing. Before I continue, be warned that in no way am I trying to ruin the mood because 2013 is definitely a Golden Age, I’m just trying to explain how we can do better. I also DO NOT WANT TO REFORM THE COUNCIL IN AN OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF SITUATIONS. Please do not take that message from this post. 


The Summary

Now, let’s look at where we stand currently in our world. As I said before, the CP Army Council formed last year failed for one major reason: the opposition was real and larger than ever, it was something you could actually see. It wasn’t just comments on a post, and it wasn’t just 5-10 troops on Club Penguin — it was multiple armies, all united in one alliance.

Once again, I’m not saying the Black Alliance in itself was a bad thing — but no one needed to try and tamper with the rules just to bring down ACP, you all seem to have done just fine seeing as ACP hasn’t seen a Top Three appearance in a little while now. I don’t believe the council needs to be used for things like exiling people from armies, that’s a blatant overreach of power for any organization.

In the long history lesson you just read, you can see that councils over the years have died time and time again for various reasons. While the best-case scenario for any council would be for it to have been formed at the beginning of armies, there’s no going back at this point. At the end of the day, I’m not saying that warfare would be good with a council, I’m just saying that in an overwhelming majority of situations, it would be better. 

Last year’s organization was formed to combat not the Black Alliance as a whole, but the rules they were breaking, mind you. And now, even though we are in a “Golden Age”, we see more rule-breaking now than ever before. Admitting defeat in battles is a lost concept — no one I’ve talked to can identify the actual count of the Nacho-RPF war, but it can be estimated as the below number.


Yeah, that’s right. Thirty-two undecided battles.

Have we not gone too far? Just a week or so ago, the Army Republic brought an end to their war with the Rebel Penguin Federation due to an overwhelming majority of battles — an AR owner informs me almost eighty percent — were left disputed due to faults on both sides of the war. My point is this: had we stopped nitpicking a few years ago — we didn’t need to accept the exact idea of people like Sklooperis, but if we had been open to working with him to solve our problems, we might have been able to avoid the massive size drop and chaos of 2012, and the problems we face this year.

These people knew we were coming to a tipping point, and that sooner or later, someone was just going to develop an absolutely f**k-all attitude and do whatever they wanted. If the council had been a strong, established organization before the Black Wars and the chaos that followed even began, perhaps we could have prevented the collapse of order that culminated in the forced truce last December. Councils do not solve problems; their purpose is to prevent those problems from happening at all. But the climate that was created by the lack of an established council only made the situation in late 2012 even more dire and led to the chaotic collapse we saw then.

If you lead an army, I ask you this: can you honestly say that you have 

A.) Never ignored an invasion.

B.) Been open to working with a council to established an accepted set of rules.

C.) Admitted defeat each and every time you believe you lost.

If so, congrats to you. You are part of a very slim minority. 


♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEOs

-with help from Boomer20-

30 Responses

  1. Sexy post


  2. k.


  3. Very true post. The BA were interesting characters, but easy to defeat, because they almost always beat themselves since their leadership was so sporadic.


    • Our leadership failed because we allowed too many people in on it. We needed to be more secluded and should have kept Water out of it despite him being a driving force against the ACP. He was too Radical… My biggest regret now is being associated with them, I feel personally responsible for having this happen… I made my own theory come true…. What have I done?


  4. For all of you tl;dr-ers out there, just read the Summary if you can’t be bothered to read through the whole history lesson.


  5. So tell me, how can we fix the mess we are now neck deep in.


  6. Good post. Says what needed to be said. There has been something fundamentally wrong with this community for a long time. That’s no secret. As time progresses, this becomes increasingly evident. 32 disputed battles? That’s pathetic. In my opinion, the reason the previous council failed so miserably was because at first glance, it appeared to be a select few trying to take complete and total control over the entire community. People were scared of change of this magnitude. In addition, the timing was just atrocious. I do beilve this community desperately needs something along the lines of a Council. So we can come together, share ideas, create laws, and dispute things that would not be disputed otherwise. The question is not do we need it. The question is how will it work so that everyone can be an equal part, so that we can prevent any individual or party from gaining too much influence.


  7. i missed 2012. whats black alliance


  8. A.) Never ignored an invasion.

    Wwebestfan and DCP. That’s all I have to say


  9. Elmikey needs a job


  10. I like that word… “kingpin.” ;D


  11. lol i joined armies back in 2011 and still missed 2012 whats so bad is i couldve just rejoined armies in December and experienced alot of this


  12. Look here. This is my last warning. I know all you pathetic people are just laughing into tears by my threats. But I swear on my grave, I will destroy all armies consisting of adults and teens. Which leaves out ACP (I mean come on, they have a safe chat and they won’t admit defeat). Remember, remember the 30th of September.


    • Alright ACP won’t be the only one left standing. Also don’t like the game…get off! Playing a game you are too old for… another reason to get off! I was cyberbullied horribly. And I want all you to stop ruining me! By leaving before you all burst into tears!


      • why is your name “the idiot” why do you have to hide your identity? it makes you look like a pussy


      • What are you going to do? By commenting on CPAC we can match your IP on all sites and find out who you are. We then can remove you as a threat, if you even are one or just some kid that is throwing a fit, and nullify you. Your threats fall on deaf ears as you are the least of our concerns. If you have problems with people, leave.


        • You can do that. And are you telling all the kids of the CP army community should leave? Because I bet that most of them have been bullied. And are you telling all the people in the CP community to leave? I bet most of them are sick of you guys recruiting and getting rooms full. Are you telling the CP Team to give up on CP? I know they have problems with the hardware, and bullies. And yes even armies. I’m not alone. I have a right to speak up and give my opinion.


  13. My name is “the idiot”. I’m not hiding my identity.


  14. Yes it is.


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