Doritos and Ice Warriors Duel in a Practice Battle

CHINOOK- As the Doritos continue to rise while the Ice Warriors have appeared to have fallen, the two brother allies fought in a practice battle.  The battle was also the final battle fought by IW leader Albert417.

DCP have been rising, recently reaching third in CPAC’s Top Ten Armies.  IW, on the other hand, have fallen, and are now ranked at ninth.  IW have been doing well this week, and will likely find themselves in a higher spot in the next edition.  This week was also the final week of Albert417’s leadership of IW.  In over six years, he was the only person to ever lead IW besides the creator himself, Iceyfeet1234.  This battle was the final battle of Albert417.

Below, IW does the E+L tactic while DCP does the E+Z tactic in the Town.


Below, IW does the E+Z tactic while DCP does the E+K tactic in the Mine.


Below, DCP does the joke tactic while IW does the E+C tactic in the Town.


Albert417 was pleased with the results of the battle, as stated in a post on the IW website:

Today I had my final battle as leader, and I’ve got to say that it was awesome. We faced the Doritos army in an epic ally battle, which took place in 3 rooms: the Town, Ice Berg, and Mine. We averaged 20+ Ice Warriors and maxed 26, so nice job.

West004, who was recently promoted to leader of DCP after Mustapha10 retired, was also pleased with the results of the battle, as stated on the DCP website:

Today, we logged onto Chinook to face our brother allies, the Ice Warriors. We managed to max around 25 with an average of 20 throughout the battle. *Note that this battle took place while a lot of troops were still in school*

Albert417 believed that IW won the practice battle, as he stated in the post:

Now, I’ve got to say that the battle was somewhat of a tied off battle in some parts, but it didn’t last long. I believe we had just a bigger size and even better tactics to prove that we have won.

When asked about the battle on chat, DCP claimed that the practice battle was a tie.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the battle?  How did DCP and IW do?  How will this affect their placement in the Top Ten?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Editor in Chief

9 Responses

  1. I think iw won




  3. Give Alb some slack, its his last battle and It was tight so just let IW win.


  4. Sup. I’m going to link this in my post.




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