The Retirement of Pungy1234

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom — Today, Pungy1234, kingpin of Small of Medium Army Central and one of the longest-serving heads of CPAC’s small and medium army partner, retires armies. The original post can be read here. 

As I post to you today, I remember that morning, when I registered the Penguin Militia Army blog. I remembered thinking, this army won’t rise, but it will be fun running it. After registering that blog, I got a few troops who logged on chat a few times here and there, but nothing much. PMA had a simple beach theme and was really quite noobish. A few days later, I asked a particular penguin named Redd Kool, to join the PMA. He refused. A few days later, after fruitless recruiting, I asked again, and still nothing. Then I asked once more, and Redd, forgetting I had asked him before, agreed. When I first recruited him, I had no idea I had just recruited GD’s greatest soldier, and legendary Owner. I had no idea I had just recruited a future CPAE Head. I had no idea I had just recruited a future CPAC reporter. I had no idea I had just recruited the next Leader of the Global Defenders of Club Penguin.

As I post to you today, I remember that evening when I submitted my application to SMAC. It was one of my best pieces of writing at the time (nowadays, it looks like the worst). Nonetheless, I was hired. I remember looking at my list of blogs and seeing SMAC. I remember the ecstasy that I felt when I knew I had been hired. I worked hard in those days, getting a post out every few days, each better than the next. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was improving.

As I post to you today, I remember that afternoon when I was promoted to Head Reporter. I was to replace Piper, a longtime SMAC employee and a friend of mine. It was then that I truly realized that I might be able to climb the SMAC hierarchy, with a little bit of luck and a little bit of skill.

As I post to you today, I remember that afternoon in which Grant, my longtime boss and mentor of sorts, retired. Splasher and I soon came to succeed him. I like to think that Splasher and I worked quite well together. Under our leadership, SMAC did quite well.

As I post to you today, I remember that afternoon in which I was couped by Bep and various other accessories. I felt truly betrayed by people whom I considered my friends. After I was reinstated as Head, this distrust never truly left me. For the rest of my time at SMAC, I was paranoid that it would happen again, which it did. It nearly brought me to tears, both times, not because I was distraught at losing my position, but because these people breached my trust.

As I post to you today, I remember this morning when I decided to retire. The sky was blue, not a cloud in sight (we have good August weather in SF). I am, honestly, bored of CP Warfare. However, that’s not to say it wasn’t fun. It was really fun. I wouldn’t trade my time in CP Warfare for just about anything else.

It’s been a wild ride. I enjoyed it, although I’m not usually a thrill seeker.  I’d like to give some shout-outs to a few people who made my career really fun (or not so much). Keep in mind, I wrote some of these years ago and may be a bit out of date.

Redd Kool – I don’t know where to start with this. You are truly an amazing guy who I will remember all my life, as a guy who was always faithful. Semper Fidelis. You could do well in the Marines. You never let me down, no matter what I asked. You always shed light when I needed help. You were truly the best Vice President anybody could ever ask for.  You could search far and wide, throughout the world, encompass the universe, and not find a Vice President, and later leader, to top the ability, kindness, dedication, tact, and experience of Redd Kool.

Negi 123 456 – Negi, you were one of the greatest friends I ever had. I met you when we were both little nooblets on Nacho chat, and we’ve been friends ever since. You and I have grown so much since we met, and I know you will grow to be an even stronger soldier and leader. Though the Ducks never took off, you persevered and became the Negi we know today. Thank you for all you’ve done for me, and GD.

Red Dude877 – I tried about 3 times to recruit you from Nacho chat, but I was rewarded for my efforts. Particularly in the early days of GD, you were a headstrong, courageous, and one of GD’s key troops. Towards the end of your career you lost your activity, but you never lost my respect. I haven’t seen you since your retirement, but I’m sure you are doing well.

Hbk300 – You’ve always been a good and loyal troop, as well as a fierce friend. You will, no doubt, continue to thrive within GD, and your army career, as well as your life. I could always call on you to be a great friend, no matter the circumstances, as well as for advice, which I endearingly needed in mid-2012. Thank you for everything.

Jacknat02 – My favorite (and only) Banana, Beer, Brunette buddy. You were one of the greatest friends I could ask for. You knew what you were doing and even though I doubted you in the beginning, you turned out to be great. Thanks for everything, my man.

Wyoskyguy – We’ve had our fair share of conflict and raging, but you were always a true friend to me. You were always there for our late night chats and various revelries (oh the stories). Most importantly, you were (almost) always there for me when I needed it and that is what I owe most to you. Go forth and multiply!

Zipyman – Yes, you’re here. While I’m sure you aren’t reading this, I still had to put you in. Our first meeting was a bit shaky, given the whole Cone Heads war and all, but we pulled through and became great friends. Thanks for everything.

Josiah Fett – You and I go way back. I remember when we were both little nooblets hanging around our own armies. And look at them now. Though we lost contact in between, we pulled through and remained friends. Thanks for everything.

Grant42 – You were my boss at SMAC, and the best I could ask for. You guided me through my career there, and you were there when I needed it. I hope your life is well and thanks for everything.

Pikachu/Stephanie – You were a good friend and great employee at SMAC. Although you supported my coup attempts (which I have yet to forget), you were always there for SMAC. Although SMAC may not have been quite what you were hoping for, you did well in it and really improved it.

Puckley – Puckley, you were my mentor. You taught me everything I know about leading, without even knowing it. You were the first Owner to ever treat me as an equal, and I looked up to you. You gave me the tools I needed for leading an army, and it turned out okay. I couldn’t ask for a better former leader. Thanks for being there.

Joker – Another great leader of the Nachos. Our first real encounter was when you made a header for GD, which I still have. Later on, you’d still be making graphics for GD when you finished your stellar chat background and site background. Thanks for the great designs, and thanks for being epic.

Influence – Flu, you were like none other. You were always there on the front lines, defending GD. And when we had you, we had no trouble with hackers. Thanks for defending GD, and thanks for being such a great friend. Keep up the CityVille too.

Branblue2000 – Bran, you were no ordinary friend. You were always there for GD, and you never lost hope, or gave up. You stuck with us, through times good and bad. I respect that, and I respect you. Thanks for everything.

Waterkid – We’ve had our ups and downs, but in the end, I realized that you are really a true cocksucker. I really hope you rot in the depths of hell.

Gares – I still remember when I first recruited you. You were a loyal soldier. Though we lost contact in between, we met up again and you returned as a very loyal troop, as well as a great friend. Thanks Gares.

Tay – Tay, we had our ups and downs, but overall you were a great friend. I remember when we recruited you. You kept our chat alive, which really helped us rise. Your attitude could range from cheery, upbeat, and comedic to  dark, depressed, and annoyed. Thanks for everything.

Adro – You were the one member of the SMAC Upper Administration who was always loyal to me. You never supported or participated in coups and I could always count on your support in the Board. Thanks a ton. You will make a great Head, even without me by your side.

Greeny2250 – Greeny, you were a great friend and virtual son. We go far back, all the way back to Dream Troops and BDCP. Though they didn’t take off, you learned a great deal from them. You always stuck with us, and I respect that. You were kind and brave, both of which I hold high respect for. You will go far, and sorry I forgot your dog chips. Thanks for everything.

122344a – I remember when I made that deal with Vinny where I’d join AR if he joined GD. He never really joined GD… Anyways, you were a great friend, even if you had to nag me to get on AR chat. That’s what a leader has to do. Thanks for everything. AR will go far.

Ralphmets1 – Ralph, we go way back too. All the way back to the time that I made a header for the Black Hawks, who later merged with the Dream Troops, to make BDCP. Thanks for introducing me to Greeny, one favor that I can never repay enough. It was devastating to lose you, and I won’t forget you. Thanks for everything, my favorite Domo fan.

Sledderboy – How could I forget you. You were like an online brother to me, and one of the best ones imaginable. It’s a shame that the Scouts had to go the way of the goony bird. I’ll never forget your cheerful attitude and tireless devotion to your armies and your friends. Thanks for everything you taught me.

Ganger – We had our ups and downs ranging from “I want to kill you and hang your skin on a clothesline” to “I’d trust you to lead my army.” After the “I want to hang your skin on a clothesline” we became pretty good friends. You taught me a lot about how to stand up to your enemies, though I didn’t quite take your advice. Thank you.

McHappy – You were a really cool guy who taught me a lot about leading. Your time in GD highly benefitted me and the rest of GD, so I humbly thank you for your service.

Sidie – Our beginning was rough with the whole flaming and what not, but you turned out well in the end. You’re a cool guy to hang with on chat, and a good army leader. Don’t sell yourself short; go for the gold.

Shadowstar – So I didn’t know you were actually Hwhwk for like months and months of knowing you, but it’s all cool. You’re a cool guy and fun to talk with. ❤

Warrior99 – You’re a cool guy with some “interesting” fun facts. Keep it up.

Jodie – We’ve had some wild times. ’nuff said.

Bluesockwa1 – I used to hate you, but you knew that already. However, after we declared a truce and a partnership between SMAC and CPAC, I like to think we became pretty good friends. You’re a really great guy and we had some fun times. CPAC is doing very well under your headship. Thank you for being a great partner in business as well as a good friend.

Totidile – You’re an interesting guy to hang out with. You were a good friend to me, so I thank you for that.

If I forgot you, it’s not your fault; it’s mine for not remembering you. Don’t take it personally, because everybody I met changed and influenced my career in CP Warfare.

I, Pope Pungy MCCXXXIV, Vicar of the Pear, Bishop of Pearusalem, Speaker of the Pearusalem Curia, Supreme Head of the College of Cardinals, and Lord Speaker of the Pungocratic Regime, do henceforth relinquish my position of Head of Site at Small-Medium Army Central as well as the rights, privileges, titles, and responsibilities which accompany the position.

Now of course, to what you’re really looking for.

Pikachu/Stephanie shall, henceforth, be instated as Head of Site of Small-Medium Army Central.

Once again, thank you for everything. CP Warfare has truly been a wonderful experience in my life, one which I would not give up for the world. For the last time:

-Pungy1234, SMAC Head Emeritus-

46 Responses

  1. Bye you evil Stark Loyalist


  2. No more SMAC adspace xats. How will he live?


      • cring


        • go sit in a corner u nw noob who hangs out with other nw noobs ur a horrible nacho 3ic who do u think u r akabob? no ur not ok stahp just go sit in a corner and cring all u want ok


          • ah hell naw come at me brah who do u think YOU r fevr all watex warriors do is get 5 all day and sit on chat w8 not evn sit on chat bcause itz ded all da time an u hangon acp cht


            • well u r on acp chat!! i cant beleive u call urself a nacho 3ic because ur on acp chat and ur in acp!!!! what kind of lozer does that!!! yea i remeber when u were in the ninjas! u were such a noob LOL u never deserved 2ic of that army anyway i cant beleive that ur nacho 3ic. nachos must be stupid or something!


              • aw hell new brew every1 and their (blue) brother go on acp chat, and i r only in acp bcause i like meh white pawn, but i agre only losers in acp, and ninjas were bomb yo, they were like “nigga we gonna get perfect tactics every event but never get first on top ten because funk rank us 2 all time, but we kool with that cause we chill and coolest army” and i earned 2ic i dedicated meself to ninjas and nachos r smart they know that this is how i roll i got experiance yo and i active as hell dawg


              • u just mad cause we bet you at that one pb in 2011, then WW died, and u left, and then newbs like luc and Fluff try to restart, then they fail, and u try and u fail.


                • U JELL?


                • ok now look here u punk i am wexfief not jell!!!! second of all i bet if u were ww leader ud kill it in 46 seconds ok?!! i am better leader than u, and u no i should have been ninjas 2ic instead of u!! u cant lead for ur life, well if u have one LOLOLOLOLOLOL

                  and i agree. i blame funks for not putting ninjas as number 1!!!!


                  • How can i killz Watex warriors if they is already dead? You killz dem already.


                    • tey arent dead tho ok?!! ur dead cause u dont have a life LOLOLOLOL


                    • cringz lowz blow dude


                    • haha u cring too much mr mrgpv!!!!


                    • u retire more times than i cring


                    • LOL failll!!!!!!!! i only retired 14 times and counting ok but how many times do u cring? 23 times PER DAY! oooooooooo


                    • 4 ur information, i haven’t retired at all ever since i joined, just moved on to 9000+ armies, i biger army hopar since hurrican ex 1




                    • okok it all startzed when oagal said the werds, let theres be the light in teh house, and armies were made. I was a young noob on club penguin, and didn’t join armiez untilz ’09, even thougz i fout in teh roman vikin wars of ‘7. meh first army waz nachos, but waz nver active, then joined Night Warriors in begining of ’10 after NW died from vendetta retiring i joined acp and came leader in armiz like sun troops, tacos, golden troopz and finally ninjaz. in ’12 i was mod in acp and nachos and was done being leader, soz i joined uma for 3ic and became leadr and was 2ic and leedur for a long time, then decided to quit after Aaron destroyed uma, and decided to focus on nachoz, it took me likz 3 months to become 3ic, and heres we are


                    • oh wow u are an amzing army hopper!! i envy ur skill to do such difficuly task! well i am very impresed! keep up the good work mr mrgv!!!!


                    • y tanksies wex, and don’t gives up on teh latex wariorz


  3. all i know is that pungy was that cool guy that led gd and was smac head. ur cool good luck in life


  4. Pungy was a great person to be head of SMAC with, whatever the haters say — nobody mocks the Pungocratic Regime.


  5. R.I.P. SMAC


  6. Wow, it blows my mind that I basically got to see you come and go. You were an amazing guy Pungy, going from just being some Nacho member to creating GD, and being head of SMAC. You’re a great guy Pungy, welcome to retirement island buddy. 😉


  7. I’ll miss you Pungy! Good luck to the life ahead of you and best regards!


  8. Goodbye Pungy, I’ll never forget you. You were an amazing friend and I’ll never forget the times we fought alongside each other (: Goodluck to your life ahead and best regards


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