Tensions Rise in the Army of CP

BREEZE, ACP Empire — Just as the ACP makes a move into the Top Five once again, a leadership issue rises as sources report to CPAC that Flipmoo, currently 2ic in the army, is demanding the leadership rank from Tori and Casius Brutus — the two incumbent leaders. 

The Army of CP has been wobbling in their place in the Top Ten for many weeks now. Just days ago, Capncook retired from his rank in the leadership due to being forced to end his career by family. Tori, on the other hand, was recently on leave from the army due to personal issues, appointing Casius Brutus and Flipmoo temporary leaders.

Now, however, a source outside the ACP Leadership has informed CPAC that shortly after Tori’s return to an active role in the ACP Leadership, Flipmoo, current 2ic and Ausia Division Leader in the army, is requesting he be promoted to a third leadership position in the army.

Casius, on the other hand, has lead ACP to sizes maxing 35 since his appointment as leader only a week or so ago. At the time of Cas’s appointment, Flipmoo did publicly speak out against Capn’s decision, saying the following.

It comes from the quote Capncook told me in Private chat after Cas was made temp. leader.
“You deserve leader more than Cas does, but we just chose Cas because of his time zone, really.”
This can be interpreted as,
“You’re from Asia so you can’t be leader. gtfo.”

I’ll be going to America in Winter this year, so I will continue my service as long as things don’t get out of hand.

There’s a bunch more I have in mind, but I prefer not saying it out loud in the public.

Am I butthurt?
Not really. I understand why I was unable to achieve leader, but I’m still in Summer Vacation. I can still generally improve the ACP for the remainder of the Summer vacation as a temporary leader, but Capn thought otherwise.

What else can I say?

Flipmoo was also noted saying that before this appointment of Cas, he thought his rank of Ausia Leader was a blessing — now, he feels it is “just a curse”. For more on this issue, I requested comments from Cas, who agreed to briefly speak on the issue.

Interview with Casius Brutus, ACP Leader

Blue1: May I ask a few questions regarding the current leadership tensions?

Cas: Yes.

Blue1: So, can you sump up for us what’s going on?

Cas: I made Flipmoo Temporary Leader this week due to Tori’s illness. Now that she is back, he is demanding to be made leader by both of us.

Blue1: And what was your reaction to this?

Cas: We have yet to make a comment.

Blue1: Well what do you plan to say to him? What are your feelings on the issue?

Cas: My gut reaction is to say no to this. I believe he does his job very well as a Second in Command, but because he is a good 2ic does not mean he will be a good THIRD leader of the ACP. But I will, of course, consider the matter very carefully.

Blue1: Do you feel that these leadership tensions are only further hindering your work to rise ACP?

Cas: Well, one just has to look at a historical precedent, from 2012. When ACP took its topple from dominance, one of the main causes of this was all the petty internal squabbling that took place in the army, which distracted the owners from what they should have been doing — getting the army to rise.

Blue1: Any final comments?

Cas: Yes — to all who said ACP was dead, you have been proved well and truly wrong.

Blue1: Thanks for your time Cas, always a pleasure.

Cas: 🙂


When asking Flipmoo for a comment, he said the following.

I would like to remain silent until a proper conclusion is announced. 

At this point in time, no decision has been made regarding the issue and, as per the answers in his interview, it seems Cas and Tori have reached no final decision regarding whether or not to fulfill Flipmoo’s request. As always, we’ll be keeping you posted on everything we know as we know it; make sure to stay tuned for more updates on this issue. For CPAC, I’m Bluesockwa1, signing off.


CPA Central CEO

32 Responses

  1. Nota Bene – Capn said that just to stop Flipmoo from moaning at him in PC.

    Oh dear Capn. What drama you cause.


  2. ACP didn’t get 35, I am sorry but they max 20 and whore rogues by saying phrases such as ‘TURN GREEN FOR COINS’ and then getting ACP members to say ‘I GOT COINS’.


  3. i likz big buttz an i canot ly


  4. Sometimes people tell everyone things they really should keep to a small group of people. :/




  6. “Yes — to all who said ACP was dead, you have been proved well and truly wrong.” Yea sorry to be the ass here. But one week of getting above 20 doesn’t really prove anything.


  7. o-o’…..


  8. > the way everything gets leaked here


  9. Imagine what would have happend if Max gave it to him….


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