Hacking For Dummies


Hey CPAC readers, sorry I’m late on this post but school has been very unkind to my schedule hence I will be trying to do these on weekends now where my time is free and I have the mood to post.

Hacking, probably the most feared and least desired thing for some. A hilarious laughing session for others. Depends what side you favor right? In the end everyone is a little bit scared and creeped out when the big bad hacker ddos attacks or dox them, wondering how they did it unless they already know how too. Well, honestly this is probably the most laughable subject all you dummies actually need. Didn’t think people would need it as bad as it is right now. So who in their right mind hacks Club Penguin Armies, smokes everyday, has intercourse everyday with a different girl and calls themselves names with numbers in it? If you answered Black People, you’re wrong. Well you might be right somewhat but lets not get into racist terms, Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a Dream’ Speech had its anniversary after all. Back into topic, here’s how “hacking” works for you dummies who fear these guys.

  • Ddos is a block of your internet using you IP address, rage when your internet is out for an hour or two but honestly, they’re doing you a favor, lets be honest how long has it been since you’ve stepped out of the room?
  • Dox is a search of your IP address and social medias for personal info they can release on you. (323)-MEX-ICAN hit me up ladies.(;
  • Site hacking is probably the stupidest thing ever, no hack, just someone sold you out for a dollar or something and let another guy take your site.
  • Xat password stealing is more like having another main give the pass to someone in return for oral fun.

In the end guys, calm down about the hacking and just find some porn, if your under ddos attack find a magazine, that’s how they do it in Mexico, I mean, you really think they know Internet has been invented over there?

Remember anything named 4C1D or P00P or 41D5 is probably some noob ‘haxx0r’ group and you should just laugh as they walk buy asking you for powers. Even when a guy who can code and stuff comes at you for virtual money, simply press ‘x’ on your upper corner and play some Xbox or play station, like I said, watch some ‘videos’ or use a magazine. Don’t lose your money when they probably will pray on the ones who will cave in faster because they are noobs who happen to be rich on xat.

So leave a comment please and remember to leave suggestions on next weeks topic.

– Army Girls For Dummies

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– Rankings For Dummies

๖̶ۣۜۜCнιєƒ Paco ɪ

CPAC Associate Producer

33 Responses

  1. If someone in chat says they’ll hack me if I don’t give them powers, I just laugh in their face and then they leave lmao.
    Do Army Girls for Dummies (if mach isn’t already doing it)


  2. Deleting your SYSTEM 32 is actually a really great way to clear up lag I’ve tried it and it works wonders


  3. Army girls for dummies maybe?


  4. Ranking for dummies


  5. Tactics for dummies


  6. Hot girls for dummies.


  7. The grammar in here is horrendous.


  8. Dummies for dummies


  9. army Girls for Dummies!


  10. Grmmar for dummies.Or losing for dummies.


  11. If all of you are expecting fappable images in an Army Girls for Dummies post… you may be disappointed on the results.


    i dont know if i should feel offended because i just so happen to be a girl, but i really want to see how this shit plays out xD


  13. Do army girls for dummies


  14. I want to see army girls for dummies.


  15. do Noobs for DUmmies


  16. Every “hacker” here is new a script kiddy. A real hacker wouldn’t waste his/her time on Club Penguin armies, because no one would waste their talent on hacking kids. All you need to know is how to defend against script kiddies, and you’ll be fine.


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