For War to Be Just, There Need Not a Just Cause

KLONDLIKE, CPAC Philosophy Desk- Often in armies we hear complaints like ‘we don’t have a good reason to declare war’ or ‘why are they declaring war? They don’t have any good reason!’ The bigger question, however, is do we actually need a good reason to declare war?

Note: the following post is an editorial and is not representative of the general view of CPA Central, simply of the opinion of the author of this post.

Recently, the Army of the Republic declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. Their reasons for the declaration of war were stated as the following:

We have many goals in this war, but the main goal is to put down the rebellion. Take them out of power so smaller armies have nothing to fear from the bullies of the RPF. And we’re going to expose Elmikey’s corruption. Taking the rebellion out of power, will definitely help the CP army community.

The RPF, understandably, felt that the AR’s justifications for the war were hardly good reasons. Sir Pj, in an interview with CPAC, said that “I think it’s pathetic that they have absolutely no good reason for declaring war”.

But do you need a good reason to declare war?

Just War Theory

Just: based on or behaving according to what is morally right or fair.

The belief that for a war to be just, there is required a just cause originated from Thomas Aquinas, a medieval Catholic

Thomas Aquinas, the sexy just war theory dude

philosopher who laid out certain rules for warfare.

  1. War must occur for a good purpose rather than for self gain (i.e for the nation’s interest) or just for exercising power. This might include regaining lost territory, punishing the enemy for some major offense to the nation, etc.
  2. Just war must be waged by the proper institution, such as the state
  3. Peace must be a central motive even in the midst of violence.

The whole thing can be summed up in one sentence:

For war to be just, there is required a just cause. 

Let’s explain this a little. Say, country A declared war on country B because the President of country A simply wants to gain more territory for no real reason other than to enhance prestige. This is not considered a ‘good motive’ (good purpose) to declare war, and is simply something that will waste lives. However, if country B had invaded country A for no reason and country A simply wanted to regain these lost territories that had been stolen from them by country B, then that could be considered a just cause.

In fact, there’s much more to Just War Theory than simply the cause of wars, but I don’t feel like there’s a need to get into it because it mainly deals with how the war is conducted and how we should conduct it so that the damage is minimal. Since this is Club Penguin armies and we’re not going around killing anyone anyway, that’s not needed.

In any case, Thomas Aquinas’s basic list of rules on how for war to be just, there is required a just cause has influenced political thinking over the centuries. Even before Aquinas, states would often have to find good ‘justifications’ to go to war, but with the influence of the hugely influential Aquinas, political thought from then up until modern times has been influenced by this.

Why Wars Need No Reason

As armies has evolved to become more and more complex, we have often lost more and more the memory that this is all just a game.

The word ‘game’ is a truly significant thing. You don’t need a reason to go against someone in a game. Manchester United does not need a reason to ask to play against Liverpool. Why is this?

That’s because the main motive of all of this is, remember, to have fun.

You don’t need a reason to have fun.

However, as we are ‘armies’ and so we wrap our little fights in the word ‘war’, we have unintentionally bought into the concept of the Just War theory that for war to be just, there is required a just cause. In imitation of world leaders, we have to all come up with a list of long justifications for why we’re declaring war.

I know I’m usually a person who writes posts that says we should always be bringing in real life into armies, but for this it’s the opposite. Why would you have to find a way to justify having fun in a Club Penguin game? It’s a bit ridiculous to be honest, and you don’t need good reasons to declare war if you want to.

People are even becoming angry whenever a just reason can’t be provided, because they really feel that for war to be just, there needs a just cause. Here’s the thing though. As I’ve mentioned earlier, we’re not killing anyone in CP armies. No one’s being hurt or killed (unless you’re being on CP for like 8 hours a day, in which case you might hurt your head, eyes, bladder, and butt- but then that’s your own fault). T

he just war theory was made because wars in real life do result in horrible casualties, so you really should have a good reason to be wasting so many lives- but in the case of armies, we’re not wasting any lives, only a bit of your lifetime.

The result of us assuming we need a just cause in a game, however, means that providing reasons is standard procedure, even when you don’t have any real rasons:

Hi Splasher Troops! Today us, the ST, will be declaring war on the Shiny Troops of CP (ShiT). Here are the reasons why we’re declaring war:

-The leader of the Shiny Troops is always bashing Splasher on chat, saying that he’s stupid. We should not allow this sort of behavior to go on.

-The Shiny Troops recently went to war with our allies the Bepboy Boxers and conquered a lot of servers from them. We want to reconquer those servers for the BB.

The Shiny Troops keep calling themselves ‘ST’. We, Splasher Troops, are ST because we were created first. They are ShiT, not ST. This war will decide this once and for all that we are ST and they are ShiT!

-The Shiny Troops of CP keep recruiting on our chat.

…the list goes on and on and on.

Really, a lot of the time the only reason you’re declaring war is because you want to go to war and have some fun fighting. But as I’ve explained, we still have to come up with a list of war justifications because we’ve forgotten this is a game and in a game we don’t need reasons to declare war.

Of course, it’s perfectly fine to be declaring war and giving a list of justifications if you actually feel those justifications are valid. That army may really have given you some sort of offense, or may be doing activities that is weakening your army. It’s funny, to be honest. You can guess sometimes that there’s a leader who’s just dying to be declaring war on someone, but doesn’t have a good enough reason to, so he decides not to; another thing that happens is that the leader has to try to come up with a long list of random justifications that really doesn’t even fit into the concept of making a war just. If there’s no real reason other than you want to have fun in a war, I don’t see why you need to be trying to justify a war with a just cause. It’s all a game.

We’re playing a game. However, as a game that imitates real militaries, we unintentionally brought the concept of how a war requires a just cause into the game, and so now not only do we have to provide a long list of reasons every time we declare a war, but we’re also becoming angry every time someone declares war on us and doesn’t provide a good enough reason.

Just remember: there’s no reason to be angry. This is just a game for fun, so the other army doesn’t need a reason to declare war, and you don’t need a reason either. For war in CP armies to be just, there need not a just cause. 


CPAC Vice President

P.S Thanks to everyone who voted for me as the best philosopher in the CPAC Summer Award voting. I truly appreciate it and I’m really glad that such a significant amount of people are enjoying my posts (they’ve now been nicknamed the ‘Intense Philosophy’ column by Blue1). I love all of you too. ❤


16 Responses

  1. not as good as my previous posts. but okay i guess.


  2. Shiny Troops = ShiT ahahhahah.
    Also, AR’s reason is just anyway.


  3. I feel like Klondikes the freakin only server used for wars and thats plain stupid lmao


  4. The only thing that matters is that both armies can’t admit defeat.


  5. Servers are valued 100x more than how either army does.Even if you lose but still improve you don’t really care because you value servers more than armies.The fact that we still use servers is ridiculous and is easily proven to be a hassle to keep track of who actually owns servers.


  6. A lotta words and a lotta history… I can tell why Blue calls it ‘Intense Philosophy’ xD


  7. For me, the only misuse of war is when one of the leaders is just butthurt after getting offended by another army’s leader. Like seriously, don’t drag your army into your own personal conflict. Stop bitching and handle it yourself.


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