Vendetta Unmasked: Red Gush24’s Return to the RPF Leadership

TUXEDO, RPF Empire — As Vendetta is added to the Rebel Penguin Federation ownership, exclusive CPAC sources can confirm that he is Red Gush24, a former leader of this generation RPF who only recently retired from the army. 

Just two days ago, a new leader was appointed to the RPF Leadership, followed by continued changes in the army which can be read up on here and here. Just two days ago, this statement was made.

As of today, I am now one of the leaders of the Rebel Penguin Federation. My name is Vendetta, I am not known as of modern times, for my main time of interest was in 2007, where I was working “behind the scenes” or “Undercover” as of my request in RPF.

Now however, CPAC has learned exclusively that Vendetta was not a figure of 2007 times who worked undercover, but was in fact a much more recent member of the army. CPAC can now confirm exclusively that the Vendetta who has been recently appointed leader of the RPF is, in fact, Red Gush24, who only recently stepped down from his rank of leader in the army. Red Gush24’s plan, from what we know at this point, is to reveal himself as who he truly is in a matter of weeks.

In a statement to CPAC, Vendetta said the following when asked if he could confirm or deny on whether or not he was Red Gush24.

I’ve had enough people ask me who I “am”, frankly the only answer to that is either my real name, or Vendetta. I have gone by two things in my time in Club Penguin Warfare. The first in 2007 being the “Commissioner”, and now Vendetta. Nor am I this “NW Leader” because if you’ve been gone for six years, you don’t know anyone, or if they ironically have the same name or personality as you.

Upon asking Snaily5 for a comment, she stated she could provide no information at this time regarding the issue. ZAkster, who was also identified as someone who was aware of the issue, said the following in a comment to our site.

It was with good intentions. 

 Just now, CPAC has received confirmation from the first of what we believe will be multiple sources as the night goes on. I have spoken to a legend in the RPF who has requested that I leave him anonymous in this post, but can provide proof that “Vendetta” is Red Gush24.

As always, we know this story is just developing and you will know everything we know as soon as we know it. 



CPA Central CEO

21 Responses

  1. (shrug)


  2. Ahaha, bastards.


  3. None of this suprises me. RPF is an old man’s club.


  4. Meh


  5. Well that escalated quickly.


  6. Leave when RPF is falling, come back with RPF is back on the rise!1!!


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