Army Republic Raids Tuxedo || War on The Horizon?

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – After a terrorizing few days in the Rebel Penguin Federation army involving a so-called hacker named Ceonz, Elmikey, RPF Legend and leader furiously demoting his troops, “Vendetta” being appointed as new RPF leader and Snaily, claiming that she was demoted to Advisor, the Army Republic decides to step in and cause even more trauma; aftermath.

For the past few weeks, we’ve seen the RPF being featured or talked about nearly everywhere in the Army Community – from rising, to hacking, DDoS claims, Mammoth wars and 2007-styled battling, we’ve seen the new generation of the RPF grow right in front of our eyes. But over these past few days or weeks, the RPF has been part of many controversial or let’s say, meaningful news.

It began with them claiming they had been DDoS’ed multiple times during battles and events which sparked massive debate regarding the maturity of the army. Followed by Ceonz, we saw the return of “Vendetta” – this fact hasn’t yet been digested by many of the Army Community elders and then massive demotions by Elmikey who blames CP Army Central’s style of warfare being the reason how he can’t manage to recruit a thousand troops in a month.

Yesterday, the AR, who have been part of the major debate of the summer’s best armies, decided to raid the RPF’s capital, Tuxedo. Prior to the raid, a Red vs. Blue practice schedule was being dealt with. The AR managed to number above 20 while the RPF only managed to bring a few troops online at the night’s raid.

The AR form the letter X and number about 19-21 troops while I assume only two RPF troops can be seen

The AR numbers over 20, form the letter X and chant “Fear The Republic” while the RPF numbers better than before

Interview with Burr, AR Leader

I then interviewed AR’s leader, Burr, about the raid, his thoughts on the RPF leadership and the AR’s future plans.

Stefi: First thing’s first: what brought you up to the matter of raiding the RPF’s beloved capital, Tuxedo?

Burr: Well, we were bored and felt like logging on CP, and since RPF had caused quite a bit of trouble for us last week we decided why not have some fun on Tuxedo?

Stefi: When you thought about raiding, what were your expectations?

Burr: IDK, not too much. It was unscheduled and later at night so I just wanted us to log on and stay active. I thought some more RPF might show up, but only a few did.

Stefi: Seeing as the RPF and AR have had quite some mingling, what would you like to say about the RPF’s leadership style?

Burr: I feel Elmikey believes RPF is unstoppable and has become arrogant because of that which AR doesn’t deal with well.

Stefi: For now, which path will the AR take this time around?

Burr: Whichever path we feel is necessary.

Stefi: Anything else?

Burr: Nope.

Interview with Commando717, RPF Leader and Founder

I caught up with Commando717 to get some detail on RPF’s side of the show and see what he had to say.

Stefi: When the AR raided Tuxedo, what was your reaction? How did the troops respond and how did you start to deploy as many troops as possible?

Commando: I’m not going to be very knowledgeable about what AR does in their free time.

Stefi: Burr, AR leader, mentioned that Elmikey believes that “the RPF is unstoppable”, what do you have to say about this?

Commando: Well, I’m glad Elmikey, leader of the RPF, would believe in the RPF. Personally, I think RPF has the best soldiers around myself. 

Stefi: In the recent turn of events, how do you think the troops will cope (demotions, hacking and debates)?

Commando: I’ve been looking into the demotion issue and it seems that most of the RPF is actually OK with these changes. From my point of view, nobody in the army deserved a demotion though. Not after all these guys accomplished in this summer. I am strongly looking into those who were needlessly demoted and are upset about it. For the RPF leaders who face DDoSing and hacking attempts, I feel bad that they have to deal with those things. It’s unfair and I hope that issue is resolved soon.

Stefi: Anything else?

Commando: Thanks for interviewing me. I hope some of these issues in RPF are cleared up. RPF is a strong army and I’m concerned with some of the latest developments.

As we now see, the RPF and AR are on the course of forming a very strong rivalry which could cause much drama, controversy and media coverage. But for now, let’s focus on the future of this tyranny of events that have taken place and what aftermath we can expect.

What do YOU think? What will be the outcome of these events?

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтєρнaηιє нєρвυяη«||●

CPA Central Reporter

Amor Vincit Omnia
Love conquers all

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  1. I like how Commando is chill with everything, this is why we like him. You don’t have to be spastic, rude, and arrogant to be successful, and he’s a perfect example of this.


  2. fuck yeah. Oh yeah.


  3. Commando is a pretty good guy. Elm is just kinda full of himself I mean I get that he works is butt off but he needs to be humble


  4. Nice post as always


  5. Great post.


  6. This post SUCKS.


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