Water Vikings Leader Aaron Demoted; Quits Army Soon After

FROSTBITE, WV Headquarters – Aaron, a Water Viking’s leader, has just been couped after “ignoring duties as leader” and instead of accepting the rank of 2ic, has officially retired.

Around 5PM EST, after multiple attempts to try and get Aaron more active in helping the army, Dash, another WV leader, removes Aaron from his role as leader and demoted to 2ic. Minutes later, Aaron chose to retire from the Water Vikings, saying he would return to the Underground Mafias Army, which he considered “his home”. The Water Vikings have many leaders and owners in their ranks, largely reminiscent of the Hot Sauce Army of early this summer, and will not be largely affected by this coup d’etat. For some more on this issue, I caught up with Aaronstone.

Interview with Aaron

Hello Aaron


So, mind filling me in on what happened?

Uh, so I got fired/demoted for being not ready for leader, I guess missing 3-5 unexcused events is frowned upon in this establishment.

And you retired after this?

Yes, I’ve done a lot here. There’s really not much left to do.

Were you okay to leave your position, or did you  try to put up a fight?

I was okay with it.

Who is going to be taking your position?

Not Sure.

Are you happy with the current leader(s)?


And do you think they will be able to keep WV alive and help it to rise?


Do you think you will ever come back to armies?

Probably, not sure.

Thank you for your time, I wish you luck

Thank you, Bart.

Next, I spoke to Dashing Snow, currently leader of the Water Vikings.

Interview with Dash

Hello Dash, Mind filling me in on what happened with Aaron?

Hello, Well, we decided that Aaron just didn’t do enough as leader in WV. He would spend his time on Pokemon rather than recruiting so we decided to give him a warning. He said he’d step it up but he never really did. So we reset the chat and boom. Made him 2ic. However, rather than being a 2ic, he just retired.

Hmm… Interesting. Who has/is going to take his position?

That has currently been undecided. We will be sorting out the ranks later tonight, but right now, we have promoted two people to 3ic. Jodie and Taytastic.

Do you have any concern for the size/morale of WV being affected by this?

I don’t see our size being affected much by the loss of Aaron. I think it will pretty much stay the same.

Do you have any other concerns for the army?

My only other concern would be that school is starting for most people so we might become more inactive. But other than those things, we should be okay.

Well, thank you for your time, Dash. Good luck.

Thank you.

From the interviews above, there seems to be some differences between perspectives of this situation. Only time will tell what will happen with Water Vikings.

What do you think?

Do you think its good that Aaron is gone, or do you think Water Vikings will fall because of it?

Comment below!

– Bartsimp52

18 Responses

  1. bart u r sexy goodbye




  3. Nice post Bart


  4. you got to admit pokemon is as fun as shit


  5. ”he would rather spend his time on pokemon”

    that reminded me of when roberto left LT for his roblox clan
    what a loser


  6. Aaron re-joined UMA. :I


  7. I played pokemon 2 times br0, and I didnt quit I retired


  8. Aaronstone’s the new Lord Pain howd that come about here right now?????


  9. I can make you owner there too Aaron


  10. This isnt Xat soo why remove that addd


  11. Cring rage cring rage raged


  12. WV is full of army hoppers LAWL


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